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13 August 2007

Karl Rove Resigns ...

Karl is Kaput

Rove resigns.

So long, you smarmy, slimy SOB.

We wish we could say it's been nice.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You made my day. 8-)

Who might get his old job though?

9:06 pm  
Anonymous Rex said...

Good question anon. Also maybe someone can tell me (I don't understand the US political system very well) if Rove could enter the race for Presidential candidacy?

11:29 am  
Anonymous mark1147 said...

Rex --

So long as Rove remains unindicted, he's technically eligible to run for any public office. And even indictment (being charged with a crime) isn't always a legal bar to candidacy. (Conviction for a felony, however, would rule him right out.)

However, with his reputation I don't think Rove would get very far -- not even in a race for town dogcatcher, much less one for chief executive. For the foreseeable future, at least, his name is mud -- box office poison in political circles.

Unless there's some nasty behind-the-scenes work some Mr. Big Politico needs done by a clever lad like Rove. (And even then, Mr. Big would be taking a huge risk of his own in hiring him, so foul is Rove's name after 6 years of his scorched-earth politics.)

10:14 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

Mark, many thanks for that info ... and your insight ... it's appreciated.

1:02 am  

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