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11 August 2007

Ground Zero And Giuliani Latest: Misspoke Or Lied?

It's not for us to label ex New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani a liar, but when New York firefighters say he is, nor is it for us to argue -- even if we believed they were wrong.

Here's a couple of paragraphs we pinched from 'The New York Times' - purely temporarily of course, since unlike some others around here (who shall remain nameless), we're neither crooks nor creeps. Nor do we misspeak and/or lie.

"He is such a liar, because the only time he was down there was for photo ops with celebrities, with politicians, with diplomats," said deputy fire chief Jimmy Riches, who spent months digging for his firefighter son.

"On 9/11 all he did was run. He got that soot on him, and I don't think he's taken a shower since."

Harold Schaitberger, president of the International Association of Fire Fighters, a union that fiercely opposes Giuliani, said he doubted Giuliani misspoke.

"I think he was simply showing what his true character is — a self-absorbed, self-deluded promoter who got caught and is now just simply trying to backtrack," Schaitberger said.
Strong stuff, eh?

And there's more;the firefighters weren't alone in fingering this smarmy schmuck and his serially sickeningly shameless, puke inducing phoniness and pathetic self promotion.

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards offered his own criticism of the former mayor.

"That's all we need is another person trying to exploit the tragedy of 9/11," Edwards said while campaigning in Las Vegas.

"What he ought to be talking about instead is trying to explain why the firefighters and the first responders didn't have the equipment ... to get the job done."
Exactly, Mr Edwards. Excellent, Esquire.

Read the rest of this Giuliani 'pants on fire' piece.

And always remember the ancient adage - there's no smoke without fire.


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Anonymous whoever said...

Schmuck's the word alright. I'll tell you this too. The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Look at his and tell me what you see.

11:25 pm  

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