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26 August 2007

Paedophiles / Pedophiles / Perverts: Help Richard Bust These Bastards ...

This is serious - so I'm keeping it as short & sweet as poss.

I want help to bust what I believe is possibly (at worst) a paedophile/pedophile ring or (at best) a group of sick perverts with unhealthy/univited interests in young girls.

Here's the bones of it.

I recently posted on the web a photo of my 12 year old granddaughter. Today I find it's been "favourited" by a certain individual on an internationally known/used photo website.

I immediately took the required action to remove granddaughter's photo from said individual's 'control/use' - and to simultaneously prevent person from even 'viewing' any more of my family photos.

When checking out/following up for myself on this matter .... I find other individuals are - shall we say - "involved".

Also, it seems each of those individuals then have their own "involvees".

Bottom line:

I want/need many bloggers -- especially the BIG bloggers -- ie;those with the required common sense, nouse, interest, integrity, resources, ability, credibility, readership, clout, decency and downright determination ... to help investigate and/or expose these pieces of excrement.

I also want/need as many readers as possible to help get this 'cry for help' out there, where I want/need it to go/be.

Please reply/respond either by comment here or by email, via profile page.

Note though, that no further info on this will be forthcoming from me for anyone who I am not 101% certain of -- identity and/or credibility wise.

Think on it. It could be your kid(s) or grand kid(s).

In fact it may have happened already, but you're not yet aware of it.

Thanks in advance.

Please don't let me down.

I can't do what needs to be done, on my own.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm doing what I can ~ but read this. A fat lot of use, eh?

2:41 pm  
Anonymous Griffon said...

G'day Richard,

If you follow this lead (and I hope you do) you will unravel a very long piece of string.
The bottom line is that paedophilia is an entrenched part of our society, particularly the ruling part of our society. I'm talking about the establishment churches, schools, corporate business, government, police and security agencies.

It is used as a reward and an inducement to corruption. It's organised which makes the news linked to by "anonymous" very troubling.

There are, of course, many perverts not hooked into the network and they are allowed to go about their business unfetted. Tabs are kept on them through the internet which one day may be usefull for the PTB.

If paedophilia wasn't encouraged then we wouldn't see the blatant sexualizing of our children on TV shows and advertising and in magazines. The churches and the government both have the clout to end it tomorrow but they don't. That has to tell everybody something.

10:22 am  
Blogger Moon Rattled said...

Richard, you might want to report the sites to the police as well. I believe InterPol keeps tabs on international scum rings.

7:01 am  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

Please email me Richard - I want to help you...( I have been having trouble getting my comments to post to your blog- and I don;t know why)....but I definently want to help you....this is enigma4ever of Watergate so so sorry that you are going through this...

9:09 am  
Anonymous RJ Adams said...

Just read your post, old 'un. There's a lot of nasty folks out there. If there's anything I can do on Sparrow Chat, just let me know. I hope you're all ok, especially your grand-daughter.

1:08 am  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

it is so vile, Richard, that something so innocent as posting your dear granddaughter's picture could create such a filthy backlash by these evil perverts.
My deepest sympathy and I do hope you find help to sort them out.

4:40 am  
Anonymous The Panzerman said...

Just read the blog, wish I could help but dont know how to.
I was molested as a kid and loathe these scumbags (I am now 64)
Is there any site where one can name and shame these pieces of crap??

The panzerman

11:03 am  

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