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03 September 2007

Bits About High Street Stores - Bargain Buy Clothes - And Sweatshops ...

If you ever shop for clothes in any of these high street stores;



Marks & Spencers.


Asda -- owned by -- Walmart.



H & M.

... here's something you should must see.

Okay, here's a headline from today's press.

The sweatshop high street - more brands under fire

Karen McVeigh -- Monday September 3, 2007 -- The Guardian
And here are some shocking snippets from the story.
Two of Britain's major high street retailers launched inquiries last night into allegations that factory workers who make their clothes in India are being paid as little as 13p per hour for a 48-hour week, wages so low the workers claim they sometimes have to rely on government food parcels.

Primark, the UK's second biggest clothing retailer, and the Mothercare, the mother and baby shop, were responding to a Guardian investigation into the pay and conditions of workers in Bangalore, India, who supply several high-profile UK and US fashion brands.
Workers and unions claim the conditions in the factories led to two tragic incidents this year.

In February, a young woman hanged herself in the toilets of one factory, Triangle Apparels, owned by Gokaldas Exports. A report by a number of Indian NGOS alleges that she was verbally sexually harassed and repeatedly refused permission for leave on the day she died.
... a nine-month pregnant woman from Shalina Creations, a factory supplying Gap, went into labour at work and subsequently lost her baby. Rathnamma, 27, a mother of two, claimed that she was refused immediate leave on March 29 this year, after going into labour. When she asked to go home, the production manager made her fill in forms that took an hour and a half, she said. "I was in such pain, I could hardly stand up."

When she finally made it outside the factory gates, she collapsed, she said, and gave birth to the baby in the street. A passerby helped her into an auto ricksaw, but when she got home, she discovered the baby was dead.
Hit this link to read the rest of this report.

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Anonymous tommy mack said...

I moved from buying at M&S over to BHS a few years back. When M&S stuff started sporting so many foreign labels, so the quality became obviously worse.

But the prices didn't reflect that. They still don't. For me, they can keep it on their rails, and I'll keep my cash in my wallet ..... till I see what I want in BHS.

As for the other places, I hardly ever use any of them ... least of all for buying clothes.

1:05 am  
Anonymous bluey said...

While I'd never argue that Capitalism works - it does unfortunately have it's unacceptable faces, and this type of exploitation is one of them.

This kind of thing is more a case of 'greed' than Capitalism.

4:20 pm  
Anonymous bluey said...


I meant to say I'd never argue that Capitalism DOESN'T work. Sorry for that, Richard (and folks). I don't want anyone to think I gone 'commie' - heh. :-}

4:26 pm  

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