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14 September 2007

Turkish Trip -- Report # 1 ...


Thanks, everyone. All your good wishes & thoughts are appreciated. Really.

As expected at this time of year in Turkey - everything is perfect, weather-wise.

Today, Friday, is the second day of Ramadan. On Wednesday night it was almost impossible to get a proper night's sleep - though it obviously wasn't unexpected.

As is always the case, the drummers heralding the first day of Ramadan march the streets drumming, drumming, drumming and yet more drumming - almost throughout the entire night.

No real problem though -- we simply slept more soundly on Thursday night.

How the heck the more devout (less secular), Muslims manage to go from sunrise to sunset with sustenance - we'll never be able to figure out. Sheesh. Especially when working right through the day -- in these temperatures. They don't even have a siesta - as the Spaniards sensibly do. And, it gets even hotter here than Spain does.

So far we've not downloaded any photos from the camera but hope to do so this evening. Thereafter of course, there should be plenty more to share over the coming 9/10 days. So watch this space.

FWIW - useless information time: we're two hours ahead of UK time, and between five and eight hours ahead of US & Canada time.

Lazy day today. Afternoon at poolside planned. Afterwards - who knows? Depends how much time we've spent in the water and how knackered (or not), we are later this evening.

Tomorrow it's a drive into the mountains to see an old long abandoned village -- the name of which escapes me right now. No matter - reports and pics will follow - eventually.

Okay. Guess what's coming up next?

Chi time!

Chi is Turkish for tea, btw. And, boy do the Turks love their Chi. Maybe even more than we Brits do - hard as that may seem to be.

Bye for now. Be back on the blog soon - with some pics. So don't go away.

Stick with us. Stay tuned



Anonymous gordo said...

The Ramadan season gives you a wonderful opportunity to be obnoxious. When you eat lunch in a restaurant, be sure to make loud yummy sounds when your waiter is in earshot: "Mmmmm! Oh, yes! I didn't think food could taste so good! I haven't had a bite since breakfast, and I was absolutely famished! Mmmmm!"

10:14 pm  
Anonymous Tazmanian said...

I think the abandoned village is called Kayakoy or something like that. I understand it dates from an exchange between Turkey and Greece.

10:35 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ramadan karim to you both, and I hope you have a wonderful time. I'm sure gordo wrote 'tongue in pen', but to eat in front of a fasting Muslim is spiritual grace for them.

Have fun, enjoy, and don't forget the postcards!


12:30 pm  
Blogger Sophia said...

You are seven hours ahead of Canada/US time (southeastern coast).

9:47 pm  

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