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04 October 2007

Kudos To Brave Old Jimmy Carter In Kabkabiya, Darfur, Sudan ...

Three cheers and Kudos, Jimmy Carter, past US President, internationally recognised and respected 'elder' world statesman and Nobel Peace Prize winner.
Jimmy Carter confronts Sudan officials

Associated Press Writer

Former President Jimmy Carter confronted Sudanese security services on a visit to Darfur Wednesday, shouting "You don't have the power to stop me!" at some who blocked him from meeting refugees of the conflict.

The 83-year-old Carter, in Darfur, Sudan as part of a delegation of respected international figures known as "The Elders," wanted to visit a refugee camp. But the U.N. mission in Sudan deemed that too dangerous.

Instead, Carter agreed to fly to the World Food Program compound in the North Darfur town of Kabkabiya, where he was supposed to meet with ethnic African refugees, many of whom were chased from their homes by militias and the Arab-dominated government's forces.

But none of the refugees showed up and Carter decided to walk into the town — a volatile stronghold of the pro-government janjaweed militia — to meet refugees too frightened to attend the meeting at the compound.

He was able to make it to a school where he met with one tribal representative and was preparing to go further into town when Sudanese security officers stopped him.

"You can't go," the local chief of the feared Sudanese secret police, who only gave his first name as Omar, ordered Carter. "It's not on the program!"

"We're going to anyway!" an angry Carter retorted as a small crowd began to gather around.
Can anyone at all imagine the White House's current cowardly AWOL incumbent behaving as bravely? Anywhere? Ever?

Carter accused the international community of neglect for taking too long to mobilize over Darfur.

"Because of Iraq, this crisis had been simmering at a lower level," he told the AP.

However, he said he disagreed with Bush and others who called the killings in Darfur a genocide.

He [Carter] also vowed to hold world powers to their pledge of ending this "crime against humanity."

Read the rest of this AP report right here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's always struck me as a crying shame that even after all these years, so many Americans still blame Carter for the Iran hostage debacle.

Of course, for the US 'establishment' to formaly admit that he was 'set up' via things like the Iran Contra scandal, and by evil coniving (politicaly motivated and paid by opposition politicians) conmen like Ollie North.

12:08 pm  
Anonymous xxx said...

Anonymous, that was a perfect example of 'They eat their own'. No wonder they like to keep the true story under wraps -- even from 'their own'.

8:18 pm  
Anonymous whoever said...

Jimmy Carter was the last truly honourable US president.

One has to wonder though, when (if ever) will there be another one.

From the list of candidates lined up so far for presidential runs, I for one certainly can't spot one.

Can anyone else?

12:20 am  
Anonymous dutch said...

Hey Brit,

According to NPR over here, there were a lot of camp residents stuffing notes in the pockets of the investigators when the government escorts weren't looking, even though they didn't dare talk to them openly.

I am always amazed at the kind of respect paid to Carter in the rest of the world, while Americans way too often buy the Repubnik line that he was weak and incompetent.

He was blindsided and there really should have been treason trials over it.

1:45 am  
Anonymous Hydrocodone said...

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