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06 October 2007

Re:Haditha, Oliver Stone, Abu Grahib, My Lai Massacre And Mass Murderer William Calley Alive And Well In Atlanta ...

Anyone here from Atlanta, Georgia?

Have you seen and/or do you recognise and/or know this (lame excuse for a) man?

He's a cretin called Calley and he's shown above as he is today.

Remember the rat?

With bayonet fixed, the young platoon leader instructed his men to round up everyone, regardless of their age or sex, and herd them into a partially filled, 5ft-deep irrigation ditch. "Take care of these people!" he barked.

Those five words lit the fuse for a massacre. If there was any ambiguity in their meaning, the platoon leader removed it by bludgeoning an old man into the ditch with his rifle-butt, then machine-gunning him and at least 21 others as they cowered beside him.

Over the next five hours babies were bayonetted, teenage girls were raped or forced to their knees to perform sex acts before being mutilated and killed - and their watching parents and grandparents were summarily shot as they begged for mercy.

... a day that far overshadows the brutality at Abu Ghraib prison and the killing of 24 civilians by U.S. Marines in Haditha in western Iraq.

Ringing any bells yet?

Yea or nay, read on.

Of course, many Americans would prefer not to remember My Lai at all. They want to draw a veil over this most shocking episode in the humiliating, decade-long fiasco that was the Vietnam War.

Their collective amnesia was never stronger than it is today, when young servicemen are once again dying on foreign soil, for a similarly ill-defined - and seemingly unwinnable - cause.

But arch-liberal film-maker Oliver Stone is determined that the savagery to which some American soldiers lowered themselves in Vietnam must never be forgotten -- [See Pinkville].

He believes that now, more than ever, the White House hawks need to learn from the past.

Sadly, however, William Calley - who has never demonstrated the slightest desire to make his peace with the Vietnamese people - was not even willing to discuss it this week.

Unless, of course, he received a fat fee.

"Meet me in the lobby of the nearest bank at opening time tomorrow, and give me a certified cheque for $25,000, then I'll talk to you for precisely one hour," he drawled nauseatingly.

When we showed up at the appointed hour, armed not with a cheque but a list of pertinent questions, Calley scuttled away from the line of fire. It was an option the man who led the My Lai Massacre never afforded to his innocent victims.

Read the rest of this damning 'Daily Mail' story.

In fact, read, learn, inwardly digest and remember.

Always, remember.

* See also our earlier (March anniversary), piece on My Lai.

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Anonymous me said...

I for one will always remember, Rick.

Good for you for doing your bit in reminding folk of what should not be forgotten.

And good for you for never being weak enough not to name and shame.

2:59 pm  
Anonymous martha said...

I find it telling that your post on Debra Cagan (and her appearance) drew so many comments but (so far) hardly anyone wants to talk about this convicted American war criminal.

1:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dumb commy brit------they shold give the guy a medal ----- he should wasted more dirty commy gooks

10:48 pm  
Anonymous NO WAR EVER said...

They refuse to teach about the Viet Nam war in high schools. Even though so many were drafted & shafted upon return if they returned at all and walk the streets of the United States traumatized and battle scarred. The government would like to pretend it never happened. The person who left the "gook" comment is the kind of person who needs to know that if they live in the United States of American they are responsible for war crimes of their countries leaders unless they take a stand against them. The blood is on our hands. You have obviously bought into the Red conspiracy so convenient to governments and war profiteers. Speaking of war profiteers wonder how that Bush family tree shapes up with old grandpa Bush refusing to stop his commercial ties with Nazi's after the fall of Hitler's Germany. The people MUST REMEMBER AND WE MUST KEEP THIS FROM REPEATING. As for that piece of shit murdering bastard he deserved the life sentence originally handed down to him by the people of the United States. The Military needs to be stripped of its ability to divert sentences given by the people. They protect war criminals and then spread hate as the before mentioned racial slur spouting commenter attests to. Men women and children. . . infants these are not our enemies. The war mongers must be over come by the peace makers. We must demand of all nations that the people be represented. We are all men women children and infants we all want peace. Some have been coaxed by fear to believe that war is a way to peace that violence will stop forces which want to end their way of life. . . sound familiar? Perhaps it is the rhetoric of a current U.S. president whose color coded terror warnings are just as much a smoke screen as the Red scare ever was.

7:56 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Brit has a lot to say, good for you! What are his comments about what his contry has and is doing in South Africa. It is easy to pick you battles by how popular they are when you know for a fact that you will get pats on the back. I feel the biggest problem is we cannot move on and look to the future. I guess the best thing to do is let tragic things that happen in our lives govern our attitudes to the point that we are depressed all of the time, but then there is Prozac for that. Now I am not saying that we forget what happened, we need to remember so it doesn't happen again. Also lets quit helping other oppressed countries it is not our problem what is happening to them, their women, men and children are being killed by some Dictator or Ruler; it's not our problem. How about showing some of the pictures of what Idi Amin did in Uganda. Yeah I am a Hawk not a Dove but give a solution to the problems in the world. The My Lai incident was inexcuseable I do not in anyway condone it, but try and think about the bigger picture.

9:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those who forget the past are destined to relive it; and we are. Nixon let this man free, God has other plans. As an educator it sickens me to know my college students don't know what Agent Orange is never mind William Calley. Forgiveness is one thing FORGETTING is quite another. What is our government doing to help the survivors now in Vietnam? Calley will get his, but has anyone stopped to think about the generations left with damaging defects from Agent Orange, environmental destruction, etc? Calley doesn't care, but do we? -the wife of a Vietnam Vet (USMC)

4:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For those Americans who want to shrug Calley off as just a young soldier thrown into a horrible nightmare and who maybe snapped or something like that, I give you this hero,_Jr.

An American helicopter gunship pilot who trained his heavy machine guns on HIS FELLOW AMERICANS and ORDERED THEM (even though they OUTRANKED HIM) he ORDERED THEM to not blow up the hut which they had just filled with bleeding, agonized, terrified men, women and children and elderly. And he airlifted them in his helicopter to a hospital.

If this HERO (a real one, not the fake ones that BushCo dream up) could plainly recognize evil when it appeared in front of his eyes and - risking COURT MARTIAL and possibly worse - forcibly stop that evil from happening (it was Hugh who called-in word of the massacre to his superiors, who shortly after ordered Calley and the other serial killers to stop torturing and butchering their victims) - gosh long sentence. I'm so nauseated by Calley's living freely in Atlanta (just a few hours' drive from me as I type these words) - if Hugh could see it AND STOP IT then don't you think Calley knew EXACTLY what he was doing? He wasn't just some poor kid who gosh just snapped & didn't know what was going on around him, the poor kid. No.

He plainly enjoyed it. No different than Ted Bundy or the BTK killer in Wichita. Except BTK's serving multiple consecutive life sentences. Maybe we should start a Serial Killer Registry & put Calley on it. Oh wait. That's what we're doing here! Good!

Wait til Oliver Stone's film comes out. Imagine being Calley THEN. Everyone will know EXACTLY who and what this piece of filth is.

I'm sorry for being American. I'm sorry for the evil my country has perpetrated and continues to perpetrate. I'm sorry.

2:41 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He recalled seeing a small boy, about three or four years old, standing by the trail with a gunshot wound in one arm. The boy was clutching his wounded arm with his other hand, while blood trickled between his fingers. He was staring around himself in shock and disbelief at what he saw. 'He just stood there with big eyes staring around like he didn't understand; he didn't believe what was happening. Then the captain's RTO (radio operator) put a burst of 16 (M-16 rifle) fire into him.'

2:57 pm  

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