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28 July 2009

Fox fails again


The folks at Fox News, who have been telling us for almost a decade that Iraq is the central front of the War on Terror, can't even place the country on a map.

Note, though, that Fox isn't the only news outlet where ignorance reigns when it comes to the Middle East. Just before the 2004 election, while President Bush was busy eking out a narrow victory by riding a wave of fear and loathing of Muslims, Newsweek published a photo of Iranian tanks massing "
at the border with Israel". The photo and caption served as a non-sequitur illustration of a story about Israel spying on the United States.

And people wonder how & why Americans gave a second term to the Worst President Ever.

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Anonymous kiwi said...

Nothing surprises me any more. I repeat, nothing.

3:08 am  
Blogger Nevin said...

:) :) :) no comment!

7:59 pm  
Anonymous R J Adams said...

Don't expect the average American to know the geography of the Middle East. Most of them would struggle to pinpoint European nations in any atlas. They all know where Disneyland is, though (at least, the one in the US).

10:27 pm  
Anonymous Tazmanian said...

Why they gave a second term to GW etc.... 'cos they're dim.
They still protest against attempts to give them healthcare for goodness sake.

1:06 pm  

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