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24 October 2007

Europeans' Message To US Military: Shove Your Missiles Where The Sun Don't Shine ...

US might delay missile defense

PRAGUE, Czech Republic - The Bush administration has told Moscow it may delay activation of a proposed U.S. missile defense system in Europe until it has "definitive proof" that Iran poses a missile threat, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Tuesday.

A senior Russian official repeated the Kremlin view that the U.S. misreads Iran's missile potential. And in Washington, President Bush asserted that a U.S.-linked missile defense system is urgently needed in Europe, illustrating the depth of the divide between former Cold War adversaries.

"We need to take it seriously — now," Bush said of the possibility Iran will gain the ability to attack Europe.
(snip) [Read the rest of the report.]

Oh, really?

Really and truly, Roberto?

For God's sake, Gatesey, give us a bloody break.

Someone - such as yourself - should show your BushCo boss precisely what/who the European people themselves see as their greatest threat. And, as you know as well we all damned well do -- it definitely isn't Iran.

Nor is it Russia. Nor is it China. Nor is it North Korea.

No way, Jose.

When asked who they considered the greatest threat to this precious planet's safety & stability, the overwhelming majority of men and women over here made it perfectly plain - they said straight out - 'It's the USA'.

See said survey's findings, facts and figures in full.

And the BushCo-bullshit-spewers want we regular Europeans to believe we'd be better off with a moutain of their missiles stuck in our midst?

Yeah, sure.

Well, we say stick 'em in (and up) your own midst, Mr Bush.

Preferably, sideways, sunshine.

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Anonymous gordo said...

Notice how he weasels this one: we're going to delay until we're sure there's a MISSILE threat, not a NUCLEAR threat.

When you look at the expense of the program, it really can't be justified by saying that there's a threat from conventional missiles. But that's a problem for the Bush administration, because they've painted themselves into a rhetorical corner. If they certify that Iran is a nuclear threat, they can't mess around with useless missile shields. They have to attack.

So they say that the system is meant to deter conventional missiles, and that Iran is a missile threat, despite the fact that the only time they've launched rockets across their borders, it was at PKK guerrillas. It's clear that they'll say anything to ensure that their buddies at Raytheon and General Dynamics get their billions for this boondoggle.

11:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Billions is right. That's the name of the game. At any rate, as far as our corrupt leaders go. Especially the Bushes - war profiteering, trading with the enemy - runs in the family. Heard of Dubya's gramps?

Google the Harrimans and Walkers.

3:18 am  
Anonymous Peter England said...

Gordo and anon, you're both soooo right.

Re: the poll. I wansn't canvassed myself but had I been, I'd have voted likewise in an instant, as would almost everyone else I know.

11:07 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rick, I don't know if you have seen this, but it concerns your blog being tapped into by those unwelcome 'visitors' the last couple of times:

under 'Russia orders the destruction of all Windows computers...'.

You'll need to scroll down a bit.


1:43 pm  
Anonymous martha said...

*Well, we say stick 'em in (and up) your own midst, Mr Bush.

Preferably, sideways, sunshine.*

Ha. I love it. What a way with words.

"Preferably, sideways, sunshine."


8:59 am  

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