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20 October 2007

Tony Blair: See The Wolf 'Sans' Sheep's Clothing ...

Oh, bolli bleedi blood bugge bother!

It seems everybody is beating us to it, lately.

We were all set to get stuck into a story to show up that two-faced twerp, Tony Blair for the slimy sort of schmuck the seedy shyster is -- always was, and (we'll wager) ever more shall be.

See said pathetic prat's pic below. It beats a thousand words.

Although ... on second thoughts, maybe it's best we don't say that.

You'll soon see what we mean if you swiftly swoop across to 'Sparrowchat' and read what a different dear old mature Brit (ex-pat, in Illinois), has written regarding the most recent of the posing/posturing poodle's (well paid?) puke provoking, performance.


See said op-ed yourself.

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Anonymous RJ Adams said...

Sorry to steal your ideas, Richard, but I was closer than you to this one. Thanks for the link. I also appreciate your substitution of 'old' for 'mature', though the former was undoubtedly the more accurate.

4:07 am  
Anonymous kiwi said...

Who was running the 'shows' in those days? Was it Harold Wilson (Premier)? And Nixon (President)?

5:13 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read that he didn't get "paid" for this speech - just got a hefty "all expenses paid" deal. I also read that this was his introduction to the big money speech giving business. Same report said he'll be in the £50,000 per speech league ~ plus hefty expenses.

And you can bet your life it won't be long before his name starts appearing on plenty of big corporate letter-heads - you know, giving an air if extra repectability and credibility to the usual supects, as a none-executice director and such.

Not to mention of the course the all the other big bucks he'll start making (as they do) because of insider information. Think oil prices and the like ~ knowing what's brewing in advance and being able to buy and sell stock & shares at exactly the right time.

But what's new? That's the way these pin stripe suited crooks operate.

12:21 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Btw, did everyone know that ex PM, John Major got the job of - Manging Director of Carlyle Group 'European Operations'?

12:27 pm  

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