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10 October 2007

Unity Resources Group: More Private Security 'Contractors' Kill Innocent Christian Civilian Women In Iraq

Seems to be a lot of this sort of stuff about, lately.


Setting the US stars & stripes alight, that is.

No bloody wonder.

Big bold brave, armed to the teeth, 'ass-kicking' arseholes of overfed & overpaid macho-men hiding behind masks -- wantonly murdering unarmed defenceless, Christian women civilians in Iraq.

Brazenly, in broad daylight and in front of witnesses -- because they believe that as ruthless mercenaries private security contractors they're untouchable. Both above and beyond the law - of any land.

Because they're ultimately employed (and being bunged US citizens' sweated & slaved for tax dollars), by George BushCo's good ole (personal) Uncle Sam.

The scumbags should choke on them.

In fact, we firmly believe that this world would be a far better place if the very next breath breathed by any of them - were their last.

We wonder if they're proud of themselves. We wonder if their mothers & fathers are. And we wonder if their wives, girlfriends, kids, sisters, brothers, friends & families, kith & kin, colleagues, neighbours, whoever, are too.

And we wonder something else as well.

We wonder if there's a single, solitary, honest US citizen - anywhere on earth - who still wastes time wondering & pondering -- 'Why do they hate us'?

Read this and weep, alongside so many civilized others.

BAGHDAD - Weeping mourners called for justice Wednesday at a funeral for two Armenian Christian women killed while driving in Baghdad — the second shooting of civilians involving a security firm linked to U.S. government-financed work in Iraq in less than a month.

The funeral Mass for Marou Awanis and Geneva Jalal, who died in Tuesday's shooting, was held at the Virgin Mary Church. Awanis' three daughters cried and other female relatives wailed over the caskets, adorned only with a golden cross.

Iraqi authorities blamed the deaths on guards working for UNITY RESOURCES GROUP, a security company owned by Australian partners but with headquarters in the United Arab Emirates.


Police said they collected 19 spent 5.56 mm shell casings, ammunition commonly used by U.S. and NATO forces and most Western security organizations. The pavement was stained with blood and covered with shattered glass.

Majid said the convoy raced away after the shooting. Iraqi police collected the bodies and towed the car.
"Raced" away, after the shooting, eh?

The sniveling, stinking shits. The soulless, scabby scumbags. The sheer, homo-sapien sewage.

Creeps. Cretins. Criminals. Callous, crazed cold blooded killers.

And, of course, cowards. Cowards with a capital 'C'.

Read on.

A second policeman, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he feared retribution, said the guards were masked and wore khaki uniforms. He said one left the vehicle and started to shoot at the car, while another opened fire from the open back door of an SUV.

Awanis' sister-in-law, Anahet Bougous, said the woman had been using her car to drive government employees to work to raise money for her three daughters after her husband died during heart surgery last year.

An Iraqi investigation of the Blackwater shooting on Sept. 16 was ordered by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and called for the company to pay $8 million in compensation to the families of each of the 17 victims. The commission also said Blackwater guards had killed 21 other Iraqis since it began protecting American diplomats.

Unity also has come under scrutiny before.

In March 2006, the company issued an statement of sympathy after one of its guards was blamed for shooting a 72-year-old Iraqi-born Australian, Kays Juma, at a Baghdad checkpoint.
If and/or when you return to the right frame of mind to read the rest of this soul destroying, brain-numbing, heartbreaking, horror report -
you'll find it right here.

For shame.

In the name of all that's Holy - and/or Unholy - when will the nightmare end?

Even the stones cry out.


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Blogger Twilight said...

Apparently it's not only the merceneries, Richard.

See this article - it's sickening in the extreme:

It's not the done thing to criticise the troops in the area where I live - but....for Pete's sake.... how can anyone find it possible to justify stuff like this?

It warns later in the piece -" If you've just eaten, stop reading now". I hadn't just eaten, but it still made me feel physically sick.

11:04 pm  
Blogger Twilight said...

Link didn't copy correctly - sorry

11:06 pm  
Blogger Twilight said...

Third time lucky?

The article is called "Scapegoating Blackwater" by Ted Rall

at Common Dreams omn 10 October

11:08 pm  
Anonymous phil said...

Too true it isn't just the mercenaries, twilight.

The saddest thing of all, to my mind, is that the men who run [and criminally profiteer from] these disgusting businesses really ARE untouchable. They don't just think they are. The KNOW they are.

And they know there will never be a shortage of slimeballs eager to work for them.

It's not the end of civilisation as we know it ~ because that's already happened ~ it came about very shortly after the original 'shock and awe'.

12:36 am  
Anonymous bluey said...

Richard, it looks like some of these sick sobs may have been Aussies.

See here - plus picture of bloodied car.

1:11 am  
Blogger D.K. Raed said...

The mask is off these Blackwater creeps & underneath is a death's head. I wish I could report more americans are even aware of the true extent of this private army. I'm afraid they will remain unaware until they start seeing them patrolling OUR streets.

7:38 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

dk raed,

Many US citizens have already experienced Blackwater patrolling (and more) their city streets -- it started in Nola, post Katrina. From what I know, they're STILL there keeping folk from returning to their own homes - on pain of threats.

Richard highlighted this report from John Pilger not long ago.

11:44 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul Bremner not only granted immunity from prosecution in Iraq to these mercenary groups, but also to US soldiers. The men who join groups like Blackwater are psychopaths, plain and simple. They join such groups because they know they can satisfy their blood-lust to kill with total impunity. In a non-paramilitary environment, they are all potential serial killers.
Scapegoating Blackwater? Don't make me laugh!


1:51 pm  
Anonymous whoever said...

What kind of 'peoples'' goverment actually endorses and actively enables and encourages such highly profitable enterprizes such as these?

Surely the people vote in governments for exactly the oppositie reasons -- to PROTECT them from such violent criminals.

And what kind of politicans (of any strip) meekly stand back and let these things continue?

Don't bother answering. I think we all know the answers.

Politicians who also ultimately personally profit from such high crimes ----- against humanity.

2:03 pm  
Anonymous martha said...

There's no way of "reasoning" with these gun happy types..............

other than by fighting fire with fire .............

and if anyone thinks there's another way ........... they're mistaken..............

yep......... it's come to that ........ things ARE that bad .... and things are going to get worse ................. unless ...........

2:07 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Small (US) Town Stands Up To Blackwater.'


2:53 pm  
Anonymous xxx said...

I say pitchfork time is way overdue.

1:41 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget the flaming torches, xxx.

There has to be flaming torches.


12:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just happened across this blog. I am a Christian, a pacifist, and a citizen of the United States.

This appears to be an odd combination (having read all these grievances). And I wanted to point out that when George W. Bush was elected (in 2000) only 51% of the nation voted for him - just enough. Also, when a poll was issued throughout the United States before the Iraq War started in 2003, again only half (perhaps less) wanted military action.

I'm not trying to make excuses. What is happening is ungodly, sickening, and needs to stop. I just want to point out that there are United States citizens (in fact, 1 of ever 2) that never wanted this violence in the first place.

I am terribly sorry for all the pain. Terribly sorry.

May love and peace reign,
Dave Michaux

8:56 pm  

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