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09 October 2007

How You Can Help The Needy Aged -- Richard Requires Writers ...

This Old Brit wants - nay, needs - some help.

Since while the spirit is certainly still willing -- what with all the researching, reading, writing and travelling we've been undertaking lately - things are starting to take their toll.

We've been hard at it now for around two & a half years -- all on our little old own.

And the truth is that right now -- in a word -- we're 'wilting'.

However, we know for a fact that many members of our 'rag-tag-army' of regular readers, are bloggers in their own right - and bloody good bloggers to boot.

Also, neither we nor anyone else can have failed to notice that there are some pretty good commentators-cum-communicators (and researchers), who regularly help hold this old place's pages together through their valued contributions via the comments section.

Not to mention the many loyal regulars who we know (for sure), simply keep coming, reading then going again -- 'silently', so to speak.

Look, if the likes of us can do it -- then surely anyone can. And/or if any help (that we're able to offer), is ever needed -- then it's yours simply for the asking.

Soooooo ...

If anyone wants to 'give-it-go' and put together a guest-piece (or two or three or more), for publishing on our pages -- then what the hell are you waiting for?

We want to hear from you.

Really. Honestly. Sincerely.

Reach us in the first instance by email at ... thisoldbrit at gmail dot com

We can't wait to hear from you -- literally.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

another brit who can't stay the course----typical-----somebody hide your meds old man?

11:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Old Britt! I'm a regular reader who never took the chance on writing. As you have see from my english, I'm no britt. Please, guess which is the second country in growing popy! (we all know which is the first one, don't we?). You'll find pretty interesting to know that in this country things are geting hard... This country is Myanmar...

7:39 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're welcome to reprint with attribution anything I post over at MercuryRising, Richard. I appreciate your contributions in comments there.

As for the comment directly above, illegitimi non carborundum

--Charles of MercuryRising

4:46 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! Charlie fancy pants, if the old guy can't keep it up then he can't keep it up. That's HIS problem, dude.

Pity HIS mercury ain't rising no more. Ya think? :=)

6:31 pm  
Anonymous a fan said...

I only wish I had time to help, Richard. If anyone deserves supporting on blogger, it's you.

As for the idiots and their snide remarks - I think they need help too.

Keep up the good work for as long as you can. I hope you get as much assistance as you would like.

10:51 pm  

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