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31 October 2006

Parliamentary Investigation Into Iraq War - Another Bloodied Nose For Blair ...

Today could have turned out to be a brilliant day for Britain. And, a brilliant day for millions of caring, concerned, civilised British citizens of conscience too -- including of course yours truly, Richard & This Old Brit.

Alas, it was not to be. Not today anyway.

However, here via the BBC is part of what did happen.

Once again, Tony Blair has narrowly avoided a defeat over the biggest single issue to have battered and even defined his premiership - Iraq.

After a heated and sometimes emotional Commons debate, and despite the Tories lining up with other opposition parties and Labour rebels, a move to force a fresh inquiry into the war was defeated.

But the vote - which was close but not as bad as it might have been for Mr Blair - was another graphic reminder, if any was needed, of the divisions the war has sparked on the Labour benches and the bitterness still felt by some towards the prime minister's actions.

Blair, being the bombastic bastard he's become, probably believes he's won another battle. But the question that is begged is this; what manner of a bollixed, no-brainer of man is it who belligerently battles on regardless - when almost everyone else realises that the war is already over? And that both he and his bloodthirsty buddy, barmy G.W. Bush, lost it -- a long time ago.

So, he and his governmental henchmen scraped through by just 25 votes, eh?

Some sort of super victory, eh?

Something special to celebrate, eh?

Especially if one remembers that Blair's overall majority in the house is actually 66. And that at the election before the last one, it had been 167. And that prior to that, it was once as high as 179.

Well, then. What the hell, we wonder, will it take to get through to Tone-the-twit?

What will it take to tell him that he's a loser? And a lousy loser at that.

Here's more from today's BBC report re;parliament.

Defeat would not have required Mr Blair's resignation, but it would have represented a significant new blow to his authority in his last months as premier and as he continues to face pressure from many on his own side to quit Downing Street long before the May deadline he appears to have in mind.

As it is, he may have won the day, but once again Iraq has emerged as the biggest issue on which Tony Blair is constantly being judged.

Read the rest of the report right here.


29 October 2006

Delusion And George 'Dubya' Bush ...

Here at home in Britain one would be hard pushed to produce a more conservative publication than the Daily Telegraph.

Yet, today it told everyone this.

The road to delusion

By Niall Ferguson, Sunday Telegraph

Last Updated:11:30pm BST 28/10/2006-Page 1 of 7

Next week, George W Bush faces his last, critical electoral challenge. Niall Ferguson assesses a failed presidency.

In the aftermath of George W Bush's re-election as president two years ago, his campaign manager, Karl Rove, amused himself and his boss with a battery-powered "Redneck Horn". At the touch of a dashboard button, the device would yell insults in a raucous Southern accent, providing automated road rage for "red state" Republicans.

The toy's abusive messages ranged from the relatively mild "Slow down, dumbass!" to "Hey, hogneck, who taught you how to drive?"; "What the hell was that manoeuvre?"; "Are you freaking blind?" and "You're a goddam moron!" How they all laughed in the White House, if the Bush administration's renegade court historian, Bob Woodward, is to be believed.

Today, however, the joke is on them. For the Redneck Horn could now just as easily be used by ordinary Americans to express their frustration not merely with Mr Bush but with the entire Republican Party. With a little over a week remaining until the congressional mid-term elections on November 7, some opinion polls indicate that "You're a goddam moron!" is precisely the message voters intend to send the White House.

Certainly, "freaking blind" sums up the majority view of the administration's policy in Iraq. And, after the bewildering scandals that have ended the careers of three Republican congressmen in the space of six months, Americans have any number of reasons to ask their elected representatives: "What the hell was that manoeuvre?"

And that's not this extremely telling tale in total. See some more of the same as you scroll.

After all, some issues can still be counted on to rally the Republican "base" in America's sprawling exurbs. Yes, they hate gay marriage. No, they don't mind torturing terrorist suspects. And no, they'll never vote for a Democrat.

But the crucial question is: Will they vote at all? Forty-eight years ago, in a very similar political situation, less than 20 million votes were cast for Republican candidates in the mid-terms.

That was little more than half the number who had voted for Eisenhower two years before. Could today's GOP end up being FUBAR in the same way? Only a dumbass – or a hogneck, or a moron – would rule it out completely.

Niall Ferguson is Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History, at Harvard University.

Read all of this article here.


28 October 2006

America's Approaching Elections ...


Realizing how rapidly some rather important American elections were approaching, prompted Richard to reminisce.

From among resulting related recollections, Richard recalled this famous 'Daily Mirror' front page.

Then, Richard remembered another (very, very), relevant image.

Get the picture(s)?

See what Stalin said?

See what Richard's saying?

* (Hat-tip for pic-tip, to Gordo at Appletree).

27 October 2006

Google, Blogger, Buggering Bloggers About, And More ...

* Free speech online 'under threat' *
So sayeth the B.B.C.

Google has been criticised for its stance on China

Bloggers are being asked to show their support for freedom of expression by Amnesty International.

The human rights group also wants web log writers to highlight the plight of fellow bloggers jailed for what they wrote in their online journals.

The organisation said fundamental rights such as free speech faced graver threats than ever before.

The campaign coincides with the start of a week-long UN-organised conference that will debate the future of the net.

Watching words

"Freedom of expression online is a right, not a privilege - but it's a right that needs defending," said Steve Ballinger of Amnesty International. "We're asking bloggers worldwide to show their solidarity with web users in countries where they can face jail just for criticising the government."

Read the rest of the relevant report, right here.

One thing which we're already well aware of, is that 'blogger' - since being bought by 'Google' - has gotten worse, not better.

And we know for a fact that besides ourselves, many more bloggers are currently being driven round the bend (well, nearly), as 'blogger's own master-site has been 'down' for almost as long and almost as often as it has been 'up'.

Which brings we particular pair of 'browned-off-with-blogger' old buggers, around to this.


* Chat rooms monitored.

* Blogs deleted.

* Websites blocked.

* Search engines restricted.

* People imprisoned for simply posting and sharing information.

The Internet is a new frontier in the struggle for human rights.

Governments, with the help of some of the biggest IT companies in the world, are cracking down on freedom of expression.

Amnesty International, with the support of The Observer UK newspaper, is launching a campaign to show that online or offline the human voice and human rights are impossible to repress.

Read more on the campaign and sign a pledge on Internet freedom.


26 October 2006

Just Imagine ...


Next, switch your speakers on, and then, imagine this.

Now, you make up your mind.

Since we've nowt else to say today.

Sometimes -- less is more.


25 October 2006

Paranoia Or Not - It's Paraguay Again - Okay?


Okay, okay we're gonna come clean.

We're gonna hold our hands up and confess.

We're just a bunch of conspiracy coincidence theorists.

And ...

the fact that the C.I.A. decided to * update * their 'Paraguay page' -- in The C.I.A. World Fact Book -- just last Tuesday -- 17th October -- don't mean shit, Sherlock.


Get it?

Got it?


Good. Thank God for that.

'Bout bloody time, too.

Message ends.


In the interests of international nausea, please swallow this blogpost once read.


23 October 2006

What Would Bush & Blair Know About War?

Daily Mirror columnist, Tony Parsons, is a person we've periodically panned in the past. Since sometimes when he pontificates just a tad too much he can come across as a prize-sized pain in the arse.

But he does have some good great days; thank God.

Today was one of his best.

Talk about on top form.

How's this for openers?


23 October 2006

GEORGE Dubya Bush says that Iraq is just like Vietnam - but how would he know?

When he had a chance to fight for his country in Vietnam he chose to lay on the floor of a bar in Dallas sucking on a bottle of tequila instead. It was a long way from Saigon.

Bush was the right age for Vietnam, but he ducked the call to arms by signing on for the soft option of the stay-at-home National Guard. Or was it the Mouseketeers?

We are cursed by a generation of leaders who have never heard a shot fired in anger. And that, more than anything, has made Iraq possible.

Would Bush have been so gung-ho about invading Iraq if he had, seen the reality of war in Vietnam, instead of the unreality of happy hour in downtown Houston?

Would Tony Blair have been so keen on sending other people's sons off to fight if he had actually seen a man die?

Wow. We wish we'd written that.

And this.

But what do we expect? Unlike John F Kennedy, or Churchill, or indeed my old man, they have no idea of the reality of war.

Bush the drunk, Blair the lawyer - what do these pampered men know about anything apart from their own privileged little worlds?

This too.

But how can a spoilt baby boomer like Blair make decisions about when to go to war? Little wonder he can't even look the loved ones of our dead soldiers in the eye.

And Bush is even worse. The leader of the western world had a chance to fight for his country and chose to crawl into a bottle.

Now head on over here, to see some more of the same.


22 October 2006

EUREKA ! UPDATE: Bush And Co And Paraguay ...



We've sussed it out.

This is what it's all bloody well about.


First, it's all the oil and gas.

Second, it's space.

And now the wankers want the world's water!

The Guaraní Aquifer, located beneath the surface of the original four Mercosur countries (Argentina, Brazil, ** Paraguay ** and Uruguay), is one of the world's largest aquifer systems and an important source of fresh water for its people[1].

Named after the
Guaraní tribe, it covers 120,000 km², with a volume of about 40,000 km³, a thickness of between 50 m and 800 m and a maximum depth of about 1,800 m. It is estimated to contain about 37,000 km³ of water (arguably the largest single body of groundwater in the world), with a total recharge rate of about 166 km³/year from precipitation.

It is said that that this vast underground reservoir could suppy fresh drinking water to the world for 200 years.

Due to an expected shortage of fresh
water on a global scale, which environmentalists suggest will become critical in under 20 years, this important natural resource is rapidly becoming politicized, and the control of the resource becomes ever more controversial.

Read the rest, right now.


21 October 2006

Pondering: Bush And Co And Paraguay ...

Reading a report about Bush buying up land to build a (personal?), place in Paraguay set us off searching for some more.

Here's taste of what we're talking about.

Bush Buys Land in Northern Paraguay

Buenos Aires, Oct 13 (Prensa Latina)

An Argentine official regarded the intention of the George W. Bush family to settle on the Acuifero Guarani (Paraguay) as surprising, besides being a bad signal for the governments of the region.

Luis D Elia, undersecretary for the Social Habitat in the Argentine Federal Planning Ministry, issued a memo partially reproduced by digital, in which he spoke of the purchase by Bush of a 98,842-acre farm in northern Paraguay, between Brazil and Bolivia.

And then we found the Rumsfeld photo; click here for an official photographic essay showing some more of the same.

Next to show up on our search was this -- about half the Bush-twin, brat-pack, Jenna. Seemingly, she rather recently took off on a trip to Paraguay, too.

Jenna Bush in Paraguay for UNICEF Plan

Tuesday October 10, 2006 4:01 AM

Associated Press Writer

ASUNCION, Paraguay (AP)

President Bush's daughter Jenna came to this poor, landlocked South American country to take part in a UNICEF program for young professionals volunteers, the U.N. children's fund said Monday.

UNICEF released few details about the program involving the 24-year-old, citing security concerns. She is planning to stay in the country for 10 days.

``The visit is strictly private in nature,'' UNICEF said in a one-page statement released by spokeswoman Natalie Echague.

Find the full Jenna story here.

Then, still studiously searching, we stumbled on this Paraguayan news site (requiring [free] registration), carrying several related reports.

We also sniffed out this (fishy smelling story), from last summer, regarding a US military presence in Paraguay.

Cast an eye across a quick cut & paste from the piece.

Washington Secures Long-Sought Hemispheric Outpost

Press Release - Council On Hemispheric Affairs 07/22/05

This analysis was prepared by COHA Research Associates Mary Donohue and Melissa Nepomiachi.

On June 1, 2005 the Paraguayan National Congress entered into an agreement with Washington that allows U.S. troops to enter into Paraguay for an 18-month period. The troops will help train Paraguayan officials to deal with narcotrafficking, terrorism, government corruption and domestic health issues.

The agreement grants the U.S. troops legal immunity from possible offenses committed during their stay. Washington has long sought similar immunity for its troops in the Southern Cone, but Argentina and Brazil have firmly restricted granting such judicial liberty to U.S. troops. Bolivian officials and its press are also speaking out against the agreement, fearing the U.S. presence as a means to control the petroleum and natural gas sources in their country.

Though Asunción and Washington claim that the U.S. has no intentions of establishing a permanent base in Paraguay, history shows a strange resemblance between the current situation in Paraguay and the development of the Manta base in Ecuador from a “temporary” facility into a major base.

Paraguay and the United States recently entered into an agreement that allows U.S. military personnel to enter Paraguay to train officials in counter-terrorism and anti-narcotrafficking measures. According to the Head of Social Communication of the Paraguayan Armed Forces Col. Elio Flores, these U.S. Special Forces units will be working with the National AntiDrugs Secretariat, the Presidential Escort Regiment and the Air Transport Brigade.

The U.S. will also provide financial assistance to help stabilize Paraguayan agencies which will be collaborating with U.S. authorities and institute a military-led initiative to provide health care services to the country’s poor in the northeast region of Canindeyu. Jose Ruiz, Public Affairs officer for the U.S. Armed Forces Southern Command office, told COHA that “some military training will be operational in nature,” and the goal is to better equip Paraguayans to deal with the threats of narcotrafficking, terrorism, government corruption and poverty.

A contingent of 500 U.S. troops headed by seven officials arrived in Paraguay on July 1 with planes, weapons, equipment and ammunition. This group is the first of at least 13 U.S. units set to enter Paraguay until the agreement expires December 31, 2006.

This agreement grants U.S. soldiers complete legal immunity from some of their actions while they are in the country, affording them the same privileges as diplomats as well as leaving them free from prosecution for any damages inflicted on the public health, the environment or the country’s resources.

According to Servicio Paz y Justicia (SERPAJ) Paraguay, the Paraguayan National Congress passed this resolution allowing for the entry of U.S. forces with no debate, behind closed doors and with the public largely unaware of the entire transaction.

Of course we can't help but concede that the whole caboodle could be complete coincidence, with an absolute lack of any links or dots crying out for connection.

But by the same token ...

Well, one can't help but wonder, can one?


20 October 2006

Interested In Iran, Iraq, US, UK, War And More? So Go Get A Gander At Griffon ...

We can't count the number of times in the past when regular reader/contributor 'Griffon' has supplied us with some super-special cites and links.

And while we've always appreciated, acknowledged, praised and thanked him for his selfless & tireless efforts along with his dedication and determination, here are a couple recent revelations which should certainly stand on their own.

So now we're about to take a back seat and bring to the attention of any who may have missed some of Griffon's 'specials' - hiding somewhere in our comments section - since they're terribly topical and simutaneously, immensely important.

First, about the US, Iran, war and more.

Griffon said...

"Like desperate gamblers in a losing streak, Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld have nothing to gain and everything to lose by NOT attacking Iran with nuclear weapons.

"Voting against nuclear war with Iran

by Prof. Jorge Hirsch

This makes chilling reading.

And yet again, another great one from Griffon.

Griffon said...

And a little English and US history if you're still up for it.

The madness of it all!

The War in Afghanistan: Drugs, Money
Laundering and the Banking System

by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya


Were we right or wrong -- regarding one great guy called Griffon ?


19 October 2006

GOP Secret Location HQ Revealed ...

We just couldn't resist posting this perfectly priceless picture.

So we hope the folks at Firedoglake where we found the photo, will accept our sincerest apologies for pinching it -- once they realise the theft would never have taken place at all had we not wished to share in their efforts toward the furtherance of such a genuine good cause.

A cause that they themselves hold so close to their own hearts.

And, a huge hat-tip & a half to our old friend from California, Mister Michael Scott for his timely tip-off in the first place.

Ta, Mike, mate.


18 October 2006

For Spaced-Out Barmy BushCo; Now Even The World Is Not Enough ...

As if holding the title of undisputed champion, warmongering wankers of the world wasn't enough, it seems that the spaced out BushCo now want to invade, occupy and rule outer space.

So long as, one can only suspect, they don't expect to experience any close encounters of the insurgency kind.

Particularly, not with any alien Afghans nor extraterrestrial Iraqis and more especially, neither with any Mars based, marauding, murderous Muslim mutants -- be they real or merely imagined.

For, let's face it, even with over one hundred thousand boots 'on the ground' BushCo's patently pathetic, terra firma failures now border on the farcical. In fact if their abysmally abhorrent actions in both these global geographic areas weren't so heinous, they'd more likely be bordering on the barking bloody hilarious.

So go gaze upon this if you will. No telescopes are needed.
US adopts tough new space policy

The document outlines US military and commercial ambitions in space

The US has adopted a tough new policy aimed at protecting its interests in space and deny "adversaries" access there for hostile purposes.

The document - signed by President Bush - also says "freedom of action in space is as important to the United States as air power and sea power".

The document rejects any proposals to ban space weapons.

But the White House has said the policy does not call for the development or deployment of weapons in space.

However, some military experts warn that by refusing to enter into negotiations on space weaponry, the US is likely to fuel international suspicions that it will develop such weapons.

Then there's much more here; all easily visible to your own naked eye.


Do Bush And Blair Realise Their Iraq Invasion Has Become A Damned Disaster ?


Sounds to us like a sensible, straightforward and simple enough question to ask.

Wouldn't you also say so?

Well, whatever.

See what some others have said on the same subject.

How the big wheels in the Bush administration have turned full circle

*The CIA Man*

"Iraq is now what Afghanistan was in the late-1970s and throughout the 80s into the 90s, and that's an insurgent magnet, if you will, a mujahedin magnet, only much, much worse."

Michael Scheuer, Former Head of the CIA's Bin Laden Unit

*The Neo-Con*

"The US objective in Iraq has failed... Our mission has failed because Iraqi animosities have proved uncontainable by an invading army of 130,000. And the administration has, now, to cope with failure."

William Buckley, Conservative Editor of The National Review

*The General*

"The commitment of our forces to this fight was done with a casualness and swagger that are the special province of those who have never had to execute these missions - or bury the results."

Retired Marine Lt Gen Gregory Newbold

*The Administration Man*

"We didn't have enough troops on the ground. We didn't impose our will. And as a result, an insurgency got started and... got out of control."

Colin Powell, Former Joint Chief of Staff and US Secretary of State

*The Adviser*

"There'll probably be some things in our report that the administration might not like... I personally believe in talking to your enemies. Neither the Syrians nor the Iranians want a chaotic Iraq."

James Baker, Former US Secretary of State

Today's 'Independent' ran an interesting piece pointing out the latest episodes of the plights of the now internationally infamous Blood Brothers, Bush and Blair.

Seems as though saying "shambles" would be an understatement, eh?

Take a little look via this link.


16 October 2006

Israeli President Moshe Katsav: Are Prosecutions Pending ?

Suddenly, it seems the world now has one more President who presently ain't particularly popular.

Apparently, plenty of Israel's people are pretty pissed with the presidential poser pictured above -- including his own police and press.

Katsav avoids parliament opening

Mr Katsav has said he was the victim of "public lynching"

Israel's President Moshe Katsav has decided not to attend the opening of parliament, according to media reports.

The news comes just hours after police recommended that he face charges for rape and wire-tapping.

A number of deputies had threatened to walk out of the Knesset if he attended.

Mr Katsav denies claims that he forced two female employees to have sex with him, along with all other allegations which police have been investigating.

Click here for the rest of the BBC report.


Well, judging by what the the cops are saying one can't help but form the initial impression that they're pretty well convinced, already.

It also appears as if the press aren't exactly pleased with the aforementioned Mister Moshe Katsav, either.

Israeli press turns on Katsav

Israeli newspapers are united in their assessment that President Moshe Katsav is in great difficulty after Israeli police recommended charges against him including rape, fraud and wire-tapping.

While one commentator concedes that Mr Katsav is innocent until proven guilty, there is a general feeling that his position has become untenable.

Read some more Israeli press reaction.


14 October 2006

Terry Lloyd, British War Correspondent Killed Unlawfully By American Troops


There's not a lot we want to add to this story from today's Daily Telegraph, since we see it as self explanatory -- except to say it's been an open secret since almost the outset.

Please read and then pass on, particularly if you're outside the UK and agree with This Old Brit that this shocking & shameful story should reach as wide an international audience as possible.

We thank you most sincerely.

ITN man shot dead by US troops was killed unlawfully, says coroner

By Stewart Payne

(Filed: 14/10/2006)

Terry Lloyd, the ITN (Independent Television News) war correspondent covering the 2003 invasion of Iraq, was unlawfully killed by American forces, a coroner ruled yesterday.

They called for the American soldiers responsible, and their commanders, to be identified and put on trial.

Andrew Walker, the assistant deputy coroner for Oxfordshire, giving his verdict, said he would write to the Attorney General and the Director of Public Prosecutions "to see whether any steps can be taken to bring the perpetrators responsible for this to justice".

The American military refused to allow any of its soldiers or officers to give evidence to the inquest and provided footage of the shooting that had a crucial 15 minutes edited from it.

Read the rest of this report, right here.


12 October 2006

Blair's British Army Boss Bombshell: He Wants His Troops Out Of Iraq ...

There's news, there's big news and then there's absolutely bloody bombshell, mind-blowing news.

Here's a Daily Mail headline heralding some of the latter sort.

News ...

Army chief declares war on Blair: 'We must quit Iraq soon'


Last updated at 22:46pm on 12th October 2006

Well, does that seem big enough news for you?

The head of the Army is calling for British troops to withdraw from Iraq "soon" or risk catastophic consequences for both Iraq and British society.

In a devastating broadside at Tony Blair's foreign policy, General Sir Richard Dannatt stated explicitly that the continuing presence of British troops "exacerbates the security problems" in Iraq.

See also: Sir Richard Dannatt: A very honest General

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, Sir Richard also warns that a "moral and spiritual vacuum" has opened up in British society, which is allowing Muslim extremists to undermine "our accepted way of life."

The Chief of the General Staff believes that Christian values are under threat in Britain and that continuing to fight in Iraq will only make the situation worse. His views will send shockwaves through Government.

You bet they will.

Now, get a good gander at this.

Sir Richard, who took up his post earlier this year, warned that "our presence in Iraq exacerbates" the "difficulties we are facing around the world."

He lambasts Tony Blair's desire to forge a "liberal democracy" in Iraq as a "naive" failure and he warns that "whatever consent we may have had in the first place" from the Iraqi people "has largely turned to intolerance."

In one of the most outspoken interviews ever given by a serving soldier, Sir Richard also reveals ...

Well, why the hell are you waiting?

Here's the link --- just hit it.


Share Our Retreat From Bumbling, Bungling Bush ...

Seeing George Bush bumble & stumble his way through a so called press-conference today, as stupidly as always, somehow seemed to send us almost into a dose depression. In fact it almost drove us to despair.

But, only almost.

Since given the grit that we've got, we decided we damned didn't want to go there

So, what did we set about doing to see if we could send our spirits soaring? Well, sort of soaring -- in the artistic-licence sense, if you see what we mean.

We cast our minds back to September. And to our super-duper sojourn in sunny old Turkey -- as we perused, probably for the umpteenth time, some of our holiday snaps.

Wanna see some?

So, shall we start with some sunsets?

Okay, so lets see something in the light of day.

That's all for now folks!

See you again soon.

So long as that barmy bugger Bush isn't on the box again, blowing our bloody minds.


10 October 2006

Letter From An Old Brit: Dear Despot Bush ...

We wish we had written what follows.

But we didn't so we can't take any credit.

All kudos/congrats/credit/etc belongs to a different old Brit -- Mr Terry Jones -- aided & abetted by our great British newspaper 'The Guardian'.

Anyway, we decide to do the next best thing to actually penning the piece ourselves.

So here goes:

Dear President Bush,

I write to you in my capacity as secretary of the World League of Despots.

It is with great pleasure that I am finally able to extend an official invitation to you to join our ranks.

For many years, we have watched your efforts to fulfil the requirements necessary to join our number.

From the start, we were greatly impressed by your disdain for democratic principles - the way you wrested power from the democratically elected candidate in the 2000 election, and again in 2005 when you managed to swing what was clearly going to be a victory for your opponent.

Contempt for human life has always been a priority requirement for membership of the league, and I and my fellow adjudicators were well aware of your record as governor of Texas when you quadrupled the number of state executions.

But your record since seizing power has surpassed even our expectations.

The thousands of innocent people in Iraq, who have died so that you could fulfil your declared political objective of establishing "an American force presence in the Middle East", attest to your eligibility to join our ranks.

So how's that for starters?

Since it certainly isn't the end of it.

This is.



08 October 2006

Bread And Circuses And Have A Nice Day ...

Since This Old Brit isn't so hot today - like millions more elsewhere - this Sunday's serving is short and sweet.

Still, the sentiment's simple to see.



Have a nice day.


07 October 2006

Wanna Bigger, 'Better', Wider War ? Or Maybe Worse ?

We bet not many of you read about this earlier in the week. We wonder why.

But better late than never, eh?

In a scenario reminiscent of the Cold War era, US and Canadian fighter aircraft intercepted Russian Tu-160 planes off the Alaska coastline:

U.S. and Canadian fighter aircraft intercepted Russian planes off the Alaska coast, but it was not considered a hostile incident, the North American Aerospace Defense Command said on Friday.

NORAD said the aircraft never violated U.S. or Canadian airspace... But fighters were launched because the Russians had entered a zone around North America in which NORAD considers uninvited aircraft to be potential threatening.

The Tu-95 Bear heavy bombers had been participating in an annual Russian air force exercise near the coast of Alaska and Canada, NORAD said. It did not specify how many Russian planes were involved. (Reuters, 2 October 2006)

And there's lots, lots more where that came from; all in addition to the related report from The Centre For Global Research, which we wrote about recently.

Look at this for example:

It is essential that people across America and around the World take cognizance of the dangers of a Middle East war directed at Iran and act decisively to challenge the US military agenda and reverse the tide of war.

The World is at the crossroads of the most serious crisis in modern history. The US has embarked on a military adventure, "a long war", which threatens the future of humanity.

This article documents recent developments, focusing on military deployment and preparations in the event of a US led war on Iran. This text follows a number of earlier reports published by Global Research pertaining to the War on Iran (See Iran dossier, Nuclear War dossier, Lebanon dossier )

We suppose some will say we're spreading alarm and despondency. So what? Stuff 'em. Somebody's got to say what needs to be said. Somebody's got to shed some light on the shocking scenario already underway, even as we 'speak'.

Read on.

The militarization of the Eastern Mediterranean (on land and sea) is under the control of several NATO member countries including France, Germany and Turkey. This military build-up is conducted under the facade of a UN peace-keeping mission (UNIFIL) pursuant to UN Security Council Resolution 1701. In this context, the war on Lebanon must be viewed as a stage of the broader US sponsored military road-map, which targets Syria.

In September, Germany dispatched a fleet of eight ships including 2 frigates, with up to 2,400 personnel aboard. The German navy will be in charge of the multinational naval force, which has an official UNIFIL mandate "to prevent arms shipments to Hezbollah". The German naval force will operate out of the Lebanese port of Limassol.

In early October, Turkey dispatched several warships, which will join the multinational naval force under German command. While Turkey is part of the UN international force (UNIFIL) is a close military ally of Israel. Greek, Bulgarian and Italian warships have also been dispatched to the Lebanese coast.

France has dispatched armored vehicle and infantry units.

Sounding scary enough for you yet?

So, see some more of the same.

Moreover, barely acknowledged by the Western media, both China and Russia have conducted war games in Central Asia, in collaboration with their coalition partners. In late September, Russia conducted air war exercises over a large part of its territory, extending from the Volga to the frontiers of Alaska and North America. These war games prompted the scrambling of NORAD fighter planes.

Military exercises involving the participation of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan under the Collective Security Treaty Organization, (CSTO) were launched in August. These war games, officially described as part of a " counter terrorism program", were held barely a week before those conducted by the Iranian military. (See Michel Chossudovsky, 24 August 2006)

Broadly coinciding with both the Iranian and CSTO military exercises, China and Kazakhstan also conducted military exercises in August under the auspices of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Iran is an observer member in the SCO.

Okay, so much for the now traditional (almost bordering on obligatory), quick clips & pastes.

If you can bear, for even a few minutes, to tear yourself away from the farcical, Foley-fag-fuss-fest in the US and/or the stupid, Straw-veil-spat in the UK -- you may well learn something worth knowing. Something much more worthy of your worry -- like maybe a million times more worthy.

This is a MUST read.

"Cold War Shivers": War Preparations in the Middle East and Central Asia

- by Michel Chossudovsky - October 6, 2006 -

And when we say MUST READ, we definitely do not mean maybe. Since suddenly we're seriously speaking of the clear & present danger of a (western inspired), whole, world-wide war.


05 October 2006

All Change In Afghanistan ...

This is newly promoted, Brit 4 Star General, David Richards. He's today taken over command of the NATO force that's just taken over the job of trying to clear up the shit still engulfing Afghanistan.

Here's a bit about it all.

NATO has taken charge of Afghanistan's eastern provinces, which have been under the control of US forces since the Taleban were ousted five years ago.

The alliance's International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) already commands troops in the north, west and south of Afghanistan, as well as Kabul.

Officials say the move will make the force more efficient, as it seeks to secure Afghanistan for reconstruction.

Afghanistan represents the biggest ground deployment in Nato's history.

Some 10,000 US troops have come under the command of Gen David Richards from the UK.

The addition of US troops brings the total number of troops under NATO command in Afghanistan to about 31,000.

Read today's relevant report right here.

So ... forgive us for asking ... and erm ... excuse us if we sound sorta stupid, but WTF ... ?

Awrh, on second thoughts ... never mind .... forget it.


04 October 2006

Now Russia's Not Happy ... Not With NATO ... Nor With Certain Others.

So who the hell, we wonder, really is ruddy well happy right now?


Certainly not President Vladimir Putin and pals by the sound of it.

Have you heard or read about this?

Russia objects to NATO expansion

Lavrov has linked the tension with Georgia to NATO influence

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, has told Europe's democracy watchdog that there is no reason for NATO to expand further towards Russia.
Then this snippet from the same story shows us something else Sergey says.

Georgia's stated aim of joining NATO in 2008 is a major cause for concern for Russia and part of the current tension between Russia and Georgia, correspondents say.

In July, US President George Bush voiced his support for Georgia's bid to become a NATO member, when he met Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili in Washington.

Mr Lavrov has implied there is a link between the US and NATO and Georgia's recent detention of four Russian army officers on accusations of spying.

Although the four have been released, Russia has imposed sanctions on Georgia. "The root cause of the situation is the consistent connivance on the part of some countries ...

Soviet spies, sanctions, NATO expansionism, the EU, the US and President Bush -- all strung together in the same story.

Sounds interesting, eh ?

So, read
this relevant report.

Then see what you think of
another recent and related piece, from which we clipped this quote.

Moscow has ignored a call from the EU to lift the transport and postal ban imposed on Georgia, and may go even further.

One possible new sanction is the adoption of a bill that would prevent Georgians living in Russia from sending money home.

Estimates vary but it is believed that at least one million Georgians - both Georgian and Russian citizens - currently live in Russia.

Georgia's own population is about five million, and many families depend on remittances sent by relatives from Russia.
Oh, what tangled webs may be being woven?

Wheels & deals? Within wheels & deals ?

Sometimes some folk simply have to wonder -- especially, certain cynical old Brits -- if you see what we're saying.

Eh? What?


03 October 2006

North Korea Nuke Test; The International 'Nuts And Bolts' In A Nutshell ...

Should anyone really be surprised that North Korea's now said publicly that it's planning to test a nuclear bomb?

Well, we'd say nobody should. Wouldn't you?

Here (via the BBC), is some of what the North Koreans have said themselves.

N Korea statement on nuclear test

This is a summarized version of a statement released by the foreign ministry of North Korea, also known as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, DPRK, announcing plans to test a nuclear weapon.

The US daily increasing threat of a nuclear war and its vicious sanctions and pressure have caused a grave situation on the Korean Peninsula in which the supreme interests and security of our State are seriously infringed upon and the Korean nation stands at the crossroads of life and death.

The US has become more frantic in its military exercises and arms build-up on the peninsula and in its vicinity for the purpose of launching the second Korean war since it made a de facto "declaration of war" against the DPRK through the recent brigandish adoption of a UN resolution.

At the same time it is making desperate efforts to internationalize the sanctions and blockade against the DPRK by leaving no dastardly means and methods untried in a foolish attempt to isolate and stifle it economically and bring down the socialist system chosen by its people themselves.

The present Bush administration has gone the lengths of making ultimatum that it would punish the DPRK if it refuses to yield to the US within the timetable set by it.

Under the present situation in which the US moves to isolate and stifle the DPRK have reached the worst phase, going beyond the extremity, the DPRK can no longer remain an on-looker to the developments.

The DPRK has already declared that it would take all necessary countermeasures to defend the sovereignty of the country and the dignity of the nation from the Bush administration's vicious hostile actions.

You can read the rest of the statement summary right here.

And here you can see what the United States, South Korea, Japan, Russia, France and the UK respectively have said in response.

Finally, you might find it furthers you education/understanding to learn here exactly how certain countries stand regarding their dealings with the extraordinarily inscrutable and super-secretive, North Korean state.


02 October 2006

US Set Attack To Iran Sooner Instead Of Later?

Our gratitude goes out ( for perhaps the gazillionth time), to regular reader and remarkable researcher Griffon, for a great 'Global Research' report heads-up.

Here's the header:

The March to War: Naval build-up in the Persian Gulf and the
Eastern Mediterranean.

by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

October 1, 2006

Here's a clip & paste from said piece.

The types of military units and weapons systems being deployed in the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea by the United States are considered to be best suited for combat against Iran, also with a view to keeping the Straits of Hormuz open for oil tankers. This also includes forces that would be able to secure bridgeheads on the Iranian coastline. These U.S. forces consist of early warning units, recognizance, amphibious elements, maritime search and rescue units, minesweepers, and rapid deployment units.

U.S. Strike Groups: Cargo intended for War?

The U.S.S. Enterprise a U.S. Navy flagship is under deployment to the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea. This includes all the warships and vessels that compose Carrier Strike Group 12 (CSG 12) Destroyer Squadron 2 (DESRON 2), and Carrier Air Wing 1 (CVW 1). The stated objective for the deployment of the U.S.S. Enterprise, a nuclear powered aircraft carrier, and other U.S. Navy vessels is to conduct naval security operations and aerial missions in the region. The deployment does not mention Iran, it is said to be part of the U.S.-led “War on Terror” under “Operation Enduring Freedom.”

{Snip} ... to some more of the same sort of scary stuff:

While this deployment is said to be related to ongoing military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the warships are carrying with them equipment which is not intended for these two war theaters. Minesweepers and mine-hunters have absolutely no use in landlocked Afghanistan and are not needed in Iraq which has a maritime corridor and ports totally controlled by the Anglo-American alliance.

Other warships in the Enterprise Strike Group include the destroyer U.S.S. McFaul, the war frigate U.S.S. Nicholas, the battle cruiser U.S.S. Leyte Gulf, the attack submarine U.S.S. Alexandria, and the “fast combat support ship” U.S.N.S. Supply. The U.S.N.S. Supply will be a useful vessel in confronting the Iranian forces in the Persian Gulf in close-quarter combat. Speed will be an important factor in responding to potentially lethal Iranian missile and anti-ship missile attacks.

The U.S.S. Enterprise carries with it a host of infiltration, aerial attack, and rapid deployment units. This includes Marine Strike Fighter Squadron 251, Electronic Attack Squadron 137, and Airborne Early Warning Squadron 123. Squadron 123 will be vital in the event of a war with Iran in detecting Iranian missiles and sending warnings of danger to the U.S. fleet. Special mention should be made of the helicopter squadron specialized for combating submarines traveling with the strike group. “Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 11” will be on board the U.S.S. Enterprise. The Persian Gulf is known to be the home of the Iranian submarine fleet, the only indigenous submarine fleet in the region.

The Eisenhower Strike Group, based in Norfolk, Virginia, has also received orders to deploy to the Middle East. The strike group is led by the
U.S.S. Eisenhower, another nuclear battleship. It includes a cruiser, a destroyer, a war frigate, a submarine escort, and U.S. Navy supply ships. One of these two naval strike groups will position itself in the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea while the other naval strike group will position itself in the Persian Gulf, both off the Iranian coast.

Catching our drift?

Appetite whetted?

Interest aroused?

Then what are you waiting for?

Read this remarkable report in it's entirety -- right here.