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31 May 2007

Signs Of Some Iraq 'Cease-Fire' Sense Suddenly Surfacing ?

Bloody hell, Mr Bush!

Boy, oh, boy!

Better hold on to your hat, sit or fall on a mat, and pour youself some (large) pretzels; preferably, pretty pronto.

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but it seems there's been a sudden, serious outbreak of brains amongst some of your army brass trapped stuck fast locked down serving in Iraq.

US eyes cease-fires to end Iraq violence

Washington - The U.S. military is working more aggressively to forge cease-fires with Iraqi militants and quell the violence around Baghdad, judging that 80 percent of enemy combatants are "reconcilable," a top U.S. commander said Thursday.

However, Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno also warned that he may not be able to make a full assessment of the situation in Iraq by September, as demanded by lawmakers.

Odierno, the No. 2 U.S. commander in Iraq, told Pentagon reporters by video conference that he is pressing his military officers to reach out to the tribes, to some small insurgent groups and to religious and political leaders to push them to stop the violence.

"We are talking about cease-fires, and maybe signing some things that say they won't conduct operations against the government of Iraq or against coalition forces," Odierno said from Camp Victory in Baghdad.

"We believe a large majority of groups within Iraq are reconcilable and are now interested in engaging with us. But more importantly, they want to engage and become a part of the government of Iraq."

Stemming the violence in and around the capital city is key to giving the Iraqi government time to stabilize and move toward reconciliation with the warring sectarian factions. That would then allow the U.S. to begin withdrawing troops.

Odierno said he believes that about 80 percent of the enemy fighters — including key Sunni insurgent groups and Shiite militia — could be brought into the political process.

Now, we want some time to try to take in this super-fresh information before commenting further.

So, while we're endeavouring to read, learn and inwardly digest - we strongly suggest you set yourself the same task.

Maybe you should start by reading this remarkable report in full.


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30 May 2007

Now The US Is Purposely Pushing Russia's President Putin Past The 'Pissed-Off' Point ...

Yeah, yeah, yeah;he hears all your crappy-clap-trap, Dubya.

Lately, emanating mainly via an orifice of ass-kissin', creepy-crony, Condi's twisted, forked-tongued kisser.

And he hears it all loud and clear;he even understands it all -- probably twenty or thirty times more clearly than you ever could.

So don't kid yourself, kiddo.

Your so recently supposed soul-mate, President pooty-poo doesn't for one sodding second believe a single sentence you stammer and/or splutter.

Not at any time; not at any place; not about anything nor about anyone -- and you better believe that, buddy.

Moreover, mister, nor does anyone else who isn't (involuntarily), permanently strapped up in a strongly reinforced, multi-leather-belted, cross-over-sleeved coat that ties at the back.

Keep talking the tough talk, you all hat & no cattle, horseless, pseudo cowboy. While you still can. Before you come a proper cropper.

Someone should show you this, soft lad. Then spell it out to you, stupid. In single syllables, simpleton.

Russia resists missile defense plan

Potsdam, Germany

Russia's top diplomat accused the United States of launching a new arms race as the two nations traded barbs Wednesday over U.S. plans to erect a missile defense system in countries formerly under Moscow's influence.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov complained that the U.S. rationale for the shield is thin and suggested that U.S. assurances to Russia amount to a brush-off.

"All they are saying is, 'Don't worry it's not aimed at you," Lavrov said.

He called the plan a threat to Russia and added, "the arms race is starting again."

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the United States has repeatedly explained its plan to Russia in considerable detail, and stands ready to discuss the matter further.

She tartly noted that Russia has said its own strategic defenses could easily overpower the U.S. system.

"We quite agree," she said.

Lavrov made a dark joke in response.

"I hope that nobody has to actually prove that Condi is right about that," Lavrov said.

On Tuesday, Russia tested a new multiple-warhead, intercontinental ballistic missile, and Putin warned that the planned U.S. missile shield would turn Europe into a "powder keg."

Here's the whole related article. We'd say it's well worth reading.


To be continued, Mr Decidercommanderguy.

Count on it.

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*UPDATE* - Turkish Tanks Trundle Toward Iraq Border ...


All we want to say on this subject right now is that the following developments are not good news.

Not for any damned one.

Turkish army build-up fuels anxiety on Iraq border

By Daren Butler -- 1 hour, 2 minutes ago

GORUMLU, Turkey (Reuters)

Turkey sent more tanks to its border with Iraq on Wednesday in a military build-up that is fuelling U.S. concern about a possible incursion into northern Iraq against Kurdish rebels.

A group of 20 tanks loaded on trucks emerged from army barracks in Mardin near Syria and headed towards the Iraqi border in southeast Turkey, already the scene of a major army offensive against rebels of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

Speculation about an imminent incursion into Iraq has grown since Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said last week he saw eye to eye with the army over possible military action, despite unease in the United States, Turkey's NATO ally, about such a move.

Read the latest (worrying), relevant report from Reuters.


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29 May 2007

Sick & Tired Of US : Turkey Talking Tougher By The Day ...


For far from the first time, it seems Turkey is sending out some strong signals that it's increasingly sick and tired of America reneging on previously made (both privately and publicly), solemn promises.

Particularly, apropos continued (and ever increasing) serious Kurdish/Northern Iraq 'problems'.

And now, possibly -- no, make that probably -- even more particularly apropos this slimy sort of shit ......

Turkey warns US over air violations

Published: 5/29/2007 -- ANKARA

Turkey on Tuesday warned its NATO ally the United States against repeating violations of Turkish airspace at the border with Iraq, threatening unspecified action.

The warning followed violations by two US F-16 warplanes on May 24, which some Turkish media described as a deliberate attempt at intimidation as
Ankara discusses whether it should conduct a military incursion into northern Iraq to strike at Kurdish terrorists based there.

"We warned them not to repeat this... If this happens again... if this takes a different dimension, what we will do is obvious," Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in an interview with the NTV news channel.

He would not specify what action Turkey might take.
Read the rest of Richard's latest 'low-down' right here.

Y'know, if we were a couple of cynical old coots we could quite easily come out claiming some seriously justified concerns regarding (more) downright deliberate, United States 'shit stirring' all around Asia Minor.

But, nawrh, never.

NATO's first and second ranked 'standing armed forces', so seriously 'falling out'?

Nawrh, no way. Just too completely incredible to be contemplated. Right?

Anyhow, what the hell could a couple of quirky old Brit codgers (such as we are), possibly know about 'talking turkey' - proper?



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27 May 2007

What A Wonderful Woman We Found This Holiday Weekend ...


Seeing it's a holiday weekend we're putting all the political paraphernalia and other planet related problems on pause.

But since you decided to drop by at the blog today and are here right now, we want you to try to tell us something.

Where, why and how the hell has this lovely lady - Lara Fabian - lain hidden from us until now?

No matter. We finally found her for ourselves, albeit a bit belatedly;but better late than never.

And if you think Ms Fabian comes across as fabulous in that (silent) photo shot, wait until you see and hear her in the video which follows.

Well, were we right? Or were we right?

What a woman. Talk about talent, eh?


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26 May 2007

Some Liverpool Football Fans In Athens Shame All Civilised Scousers ...

We suppose that every sizable city anywhere in the world is saddled, to a certain degree, with a small section of shitheads it would rather disavow/disown than embrace as 'brothers'.

To which end, witness what we recently received in our in-tray from a good Greek blogger buddy, Dimitris.

It's in connection with the European, championship football final played out earlier this week in Athens, by Liverpool and Milan.

dear rich

i wonder if you are interested to have e look here:

liverpool fans in the center of athens

not a pretty sight dear

anyway i thought u migth be interested

have a lovely day

dimitris / manifestogr

While much of Manifestogr content will probably appear 'all greek' to you, you'll have no trouble at all in seeing what we think, and quite clearly say so (in plain English), via Dimitris' comments' section.

And to all & any interested other nationals (where ever in the world you may be), we most sincerely wish to say: Please, please, please believe us -- the vast majority of Liverpudlians are NOT like those pitiful plonkers pictured. Nor do they remotely resemble such revolting, repulsive, retarded reprobates.

The truth is that our proud old British maritime city is home to many, many thousands of decent, civilised scouser-citizens -- and certainly not solely drink sodden, sad-sack sorts of simpletons, such as are shown shaming us all.

Moreover, you needn't just take our word for it; you could in fact find out for yourself - first hand - if you cared to come calling (in person), on "Europe's Capital of Culture 2008."

The warmest of warm welcomes will await you; as always.

We warrant it.


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25 May 2007

Continuing Iraq Quagmire: Bush Was Warned Way In Advance ...

NO, we're not talking about any 9/11, WTC twin tower conspiracy theories.

We're talking about him knowing well in advance exactly what horrors lay ahead in Iraq if he simply went ahead and did what he'd always wanted to.

Nonetheless, George W. Bush being George W. Bush, he went right ahead anyway.

But don't think that means the man shown below is stupid. For the fact is that this man's far from it.

A madman, maybe. A bad man, maybe. (On second thoughts, for maybe read probably.) But a stupid man, no way.

Read this excerpt taken today from Associated Press Writer, Katherine Shrader's remarkably revealing report.

Report says Iraq problems were expected

WASHINGTON - Intelligence analysts predicted, in secret papers circulated within the government before the Iraq invasion, that al-Qaida would see U.S. military action as an opportunity to increase its operations and that Iran would try to shape a post-Saddam Iraq.

The top analysts in government also said that establishing a stable democracy in Iraq would be a "long, difficult and probably turbulent process."

Democrats said the newly declassified documents, part of a Senate Intelligence Committee investigation released Friday, make clear that the Bush administration was warned about the very challenges it now faces as it tries to stabilize Iraq.

"Sadly, the administration's refusal to heed these dire warnings — and worse, to plan for them — has led to tragic consequences for which our nation is paying a terrible price," said Senate Intelligence Chairman Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va.

Yeah, we know all about the 'terrible price';both in big bucks and bloody bodies.

But maybe we should try to look on the bright side.

You know, start seeking out some sort of silver lining.

Especially, since certain others seem to have succeeded (spectacularly), in their similar personal/particular searches.

Now read the rest of Ms Shrader's important AP report


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24 May 2007

A Bit About A 'Gloves Off' Al Gore ...


Could Al Gore be the best president that America never had?

Well, that really isn't for us to say - but the more we hear about the way he thinks, speaks and writes, the more we admire the man.

And lately, the more Mister Gore does the more he reminds us why we think so highly of Jimmy Carter - and always did.

We've clipped what's coming next from today's Guardian's 'Comment is Free' column.

With the blatant failure by the government to respect the rule of law, we face a great challenge in restoring America's moral authority in the world. Our moral authority is our greatest source of strength. It is our moral authority that has been recklessly put at risk by the cheap calculations of this wilful president.

The Bush administration's objective of attempting to establish US domination over any potential adversary was what led to the hubristic, tragic miscalculation of the Iraq war - a painful misadventure marked by one disaster after another, based on one mistaken assumption after another.

But the people who paid the price have been the American men and women in uniform trapped over there, and the Iraqis themselves. At the level of our relations with the rest of the world, the administration has willingly traded respect for the US in favour of fear. That was the real meaning of "shock and awe". This administration has coupled its theory of US dominance with a doctrine of pre-emptive strikes, regardless of whether the threat to be pre-empted is imminent or not.

The doctrine is presented in open-ended terms, which means that Iraq is not necessarily the last application. In fact, the very logic of the concept suggests a string of military engagements against a succession of sovereign states - Syria, Libya, North Korea, Iran - but the implication is that wherever the combination exists of an interest in weapons of mass destruction together with an ongoing role as host to, or participant in, terrorist operations, the doctrine will apply.

It also means that the Iraq resolution created the precedent for pre-emptive action anywhere, whenever this or any future president decides that it is time. The risks of this doctrine stretch far beyond the disaster in Iraq. The policy affects the basic relationship between the US and the rest of the world.
Read the rest right here.

Then there's this tid-bit, taken from a recent online 'Time' edition.

Not long before our nation launched the invasion of Iraq, our longest-serving Senator, Robert Byrd of West Virginia, stood on the Senate floor and said: "This chamber is, for the most part, silent—ominously, dreadfully silent. There is no debate, no discussion, no attempt to lay out for the nation the pros and cons of this particular war. There is nothing. We stand passively mute in the United States Senate."

In describing the empty chamber the way he did, Byrd invited a specific version of the same general question millions of us have been asking: "Why do reason, logic and truth seem to play a sharply diminished role in the way America now makes important decisions?" The persistent and sustained reliance on falsehoods as the basis of policy, even in the face of massive and well-understood evidence to the contrary, seems to many Americans to have reached levels that were previously unimaginable.

A large and growing number of Americans are asking out loud: "What has happened to our country?" People are trying to figure out what has gone wrong in our democracy, and how we can fix it.

To take another example, for the first time in American history, the Executive Branch of our government has not only condoned but actively promoted the treatment of captives in wartime that clearly involves torture, thus overturning a prohibition established by General George Washington during the Revolutionary War.
You'll find all of this article here.


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22 May 2007

British Jury Agrees: Anti-Iraq-War Actions Aren't Criminal...


Remember that quaint old custom of 'keeping the faith' with Habeas Corpus?

Well, it fills us full of immense pride and enormous pleasure to be able to report today that rumours of said custom's demise may have been greatly ever so slightly, exaggerated.

Witness this carefully considered and duly delivered verdict of 12 true-Brit jurists in a case brought against a couple of fellow countrymen (with consciences), accused of causing criminal damage to American bomber/war planes sited on our sovereign soil.

In case this is still news to you, here's a bit of 'background'.

... Protesters Toby Olditch, 38, and Philip Pritchard, 36, used bolt cutters to enter RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire.

They had intended to clog the planes' engines with nuts and bolts when they were arrested by Ministry of Defence police.

The men pleaded not guilty at Bristol crown court to conspiring to cause criminal damage, claiming the B52s would have been used to commit war crimes in Iraq.

Now behold the bottom line.

Two anti-war campaigners who broke into an airbase to sabotage US bombers at the outbreak of the Iraq war have been cleared of all charges.
Read the rest of this report at the Guardian.


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Blair's 'Big Brother' Britain : 'Informing' May Be Made Mandatory ...


Below is an opening title screen from a 1935, John Ford film.

Below is a clip from yesterday's (London) Times - Monday May 21, 2007.

Secret plans to turn staff into police informers

Francis Elliott, Chief Political Correspondent

Council workers, charity staff and doctors will be required to tip off police about anyone whom they believe could commit a violent crime, under secret Home Office plans.

Civil liberties campaigners last night said that the proposal raised the prospect of people being placed under surveillance and detained even though they have committed no offence.

And a senior Whitehall official, who leaked the plans to The Times, said that it would entail a mass of personal information, including sensitive medical records, being passed around many different agencies — even if there was no firm evidence of any potential risk from an individual.


That's all we're prepared to say today.

But it's not all we want you to know.

Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink.

Know what we mean? Understand what we're saying?

Shhh .. shut up .. keep it quiet .. just click & go! --->

And don't you dare say you weren't warned.


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20 May 2007

White House Warns Bush: Watch For U-Turn With Brown's New Britain ...

Yep, we know.

We can almost hear you saying it -- and you're bang on the button.

It is unusual for This Old Brit to be banging out a double dollop of blog posts on the same day - especially seeing it's a Sunday.

However, it's also unusual to find two such surprising MSM reports surfacing so close together, time wise.

How's this for a dandy of a Daily Telegraph header to hook you with?

Bush gets ready for Iraq U-turn by Brown
We bet that's aroused some interest, eh?

Now read right on.

Gordon Brown is prepared to risk the future of the "special relationship" with the United States by reversing Tony Blair's support for the Iraq war, President George W Bush has been warned.

He has been briefed by White House officials to expect an announcement on British troop withdrawals from Mr Brown during his first 100 days in power.

Details of the talks came as a close ally of Mr Brown called for a quicker withdrawal of British troops.

Nigel Griffiths, a former minister, said: "We should get out of Iraq as soon as is practicable. We should consult the Iraqi government - but they cannot have a veto. This cannot be delayed."

Mr Griffiths, who resigned as deputy leader of the Commons this year over the decision to replace the Trident nuclear weapons system, spoke out as reports suggested that Mr Brown would use an early trip to Iraq to reassess Britain's role and accelerate the withdrawal.

Revelation of the US fears will reinforce expectations in Westminster that Mr Brown will make a decisive break with Mr Blair's support for the war.

One senior official said: "There is a sense of foreboding. We don't know if he will be there when we need him. We expect a gesture that will greatly weaken the United States government's position."

Mark Kirk, a Republican congressman who discussed Iraq policy at the White House last week, said: "The American view is that he's a much weaker political leader than Blair. There's the fear in Washington that he won't be as strong an ally."

President Bush's aides fear that Mr Brown will boost Democrats' demands for a timetable for a US pullout from Iraq and encourage wavering Republicans to defect - leaving the President more isolated.

Senator John Kerry, the Democratic presidential candidate in 2004 who sits on the Senate foreign affairs committee, said Mr Brown would support Democrats' calls for the Iraqi government to meet "benchmarks" for progress or for war funding to be cut off.
Tempted by the teaser-bait?

You should be.

Take this link to the Telegraph to see some more of this stuff.


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Ex US President Jimmy Carter Comes Out Blasting Bush and Blair ...


One invariably fully expects most American neocon, war-hawk types to try trivialising and/or trashing (to say the least), all and any of those remotely critical of the current US BushCo maladministration.

But when a universally acclaimed, world-widely respected, and internationally honoured Noble Peace Prize Laureate steps up to the plate to speak out publicly, about something especially serious surely even some of the most extreme, dedicated die-hard Republicans should stop to think and start listening in earnest.

Particularly when the person 'going public' is none other than a truly admired (almost all over the planet), ex President of their own (once widely well loved), United States of America.

Well, such an (until now), almost unthinkable thing has happened at last.

And thank God, too. We wonder why the world had to wait so long?

Since it's more than about time someone of such statesmanlike stature spoke out publicly and said what needs to be said -- and heard.

So, for what it's worth we're here today to offer our hearty congratulations and to unashamedly show some personal heartfelt appreciation to Jimmy Carter, for speaking truth to power -- regardless.

Now, cast your eyes across a quick clip & paste.

Carter blasts Bush on his global impact

Little Rock, Ark.

Former President Carter says President Bush's administration is "the worst in history" in international relations, taking aim at the White House's policy of pre-emptive war and its Middle East diplomacy.

The criticism from Carter, which a biographer says is unprecedented for the 39th president, also took aim at Bush's environmental policies and the administration's "quite disturbing" faith-based initiative funding.

"I think as far as the adverse impact on the nation around the world, this administration has been the worst in history,"
And he doesn't let only BushCo have both barrels.

"The overt reversal of America's basic values as expressed by previous administrations, including those of George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon and others, has been the most disturbing to me."

Then there's this barbed beauty about our ( set soon to resign ), British Prime Mister, mister Tony Blair.

Carter also lashed out Saturday at British prime minister Tony Blair.

Asked how he would judge Blair's support of Bush, the former president said: "Abominable. Loyal. Blind. Apparently subservient."

"And I think the almost undeviating support by Great Britain for the ill-advised policies of President Bush in Iraq have been a major tragedy for the world,"

Read the rest of this remarkable revelation.


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19 May 2007

'SiCKO' : Michael Moore's Most Recent 'Must-See' Movie;Don't Dare Miss It ...


Maybe you've not seen Michael Moore's latest letter.

It's about his latest marvelous movie; SiCKO.

We'd say that from all we've learned of it so far it sounds as though it's another 'must see'. Especially if, like the man himself, you're American as well as merely mortal.

Here's what Michael recently wrote:

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

"Sicko" is Completed and We're Off to Cannes!


It's a wrap! My new film, "Sicko," is all done and will have its world premiere this Saturday night at the Cannes Film Festival. As with "Bowling for Columbine" and "Fahrenheit 9/11," we are honored to have been chosen by this prestigious festival to screen our work there.

My intention was to keep "Sicko" under wraps and show it to virtually no one before its premiere in Cannes. That is what I have done and, as you may have noticed if you are a recipient of my infrequent Internet letters, I have been very silent about what I've been up to. In part, that's because I was working very hard to complete the film. But my silence was also because I knew that the health care industry -- an industry which makes up more than 15 percent of our GDP -- was not going to like much of what they were going to see in this movie and I thought it best not to upset them any sooner than need be.

Well, going quietly to Cannes, I guess, was not to be. For some strange reason, on May 2nd the Bush administration initiated an action against me over how I obtained some of the content they believe is in my film. As none of them have actually seen the film (or so I hope!), they decided, unlike with "Fahrenheit 9/11," not to wait until the film was out of the gate and too far down the road to begin their attack.

Bush's Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, launched an investigation of a trip I took to Cuba to film scenes for the movie. These scenes involve a group of 9/11 rescue workers who are suffering from illnesses obtained from working down at Ground Zero. They have received little or no help with their health care from the government. I do not want to give away what actually happens in the movie because I don't want to spoil it for you (although I'm sure you'll hear much about it after it unspools Saturday). Plus, our lawyers have advised me to say little at this point, as the film goes somewhere far scarier than "Cuba." Rest assured of one thing: no laws were broken. All I've done is violate the modern-day rule of journalism that says, "ask no questions of those in power or your luncheon privileges will be revoked."

This preemptive action taken by the Bush administration on the eve of the "Sicko" premiere in Cannes led our attorneys to fear for the safety of our film, noting that Secretary Paulson may try to claim that the content of the movie was obtained through a violation of the trade embargo that our country has against Cuba and the travel laws that prohibit average citizens of our free country from traveling to Cuba. (The law does not prohibit anyone from exercising their first amendment right of a free press and documentaries are protected works of journalism.)

I was floored when our lawyers told me this. "Are you saying they might actually confiscate our movie?" "Yes," was the answer. "These days, anything is possible. Even if there is just a 20 percent chance the government would seize our movie before Cannes, does anyone want to take that risk?"

Certainly not. So there we were last week, spiriting a duplicate master negative out of the country just so no one from the government would take it from us. (Seriously, I can't believe I just typed those words! Did I mention that I'm an American, and this is America and NO ONE should ever have to say they had to do such a thing?)

I mean, folks, I have just about had it. Investigating ME because I'm trying to help some 9/11 rescue workers our government has abandoned? Once again, up is down and black is white. There are only two people in need of an investigation and a trial, and the desire for this across America is so widespread you don't even need to see the one's smirk or hear the other's sneer to know who I am talking about.

But no, I'm the one who now has to hire lawyers and sneak my documentary out of the country just so people can see a friggin' movie. I mean, it's just a movie! What on earth could I have placed on celluloid that would require such a nonsensical action against me?

Ok. Scratch that.

Well, I'm on my way to Cannes right now, a copy of the movie in my bag. Don't feel too bad for me, I'll be in the south of France for a week! But then it's back to the U.S. for a number of premieres and benefits and then, finally, a chance for all of you to see this film that I have made. Circle June 29th on your calendar because that's when it opens in theaters everywhere across the country and Canada (for the rest of the world, it opens in the fall).

I can't wait for you to see it.


Michael Moore

P.S. I will write more about what happens from Cannes. Stay tuned on my website,

Well, now you know what the man wants you to do, what are waiting for? Hit his link above, and hit it fast before you forget.

And while you are (virtualy) visiting his site maybe you'll want to get yourself on his mailing list -- since surely by now you should know it makes so much sense.

*N.B. The reader comment Facility has NOT been disabled by us. Blogger acted up all day, losing draft after draft. When finally fixed, comment facilty disappeared. We're trying to 'work on it' - and hoping 'blogger' is too - and that we're dealing with nothing more than one of their technical glitches.


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18 May 2007

A Bit About Gordon Brown - Tony Blair's Parting Present To Britain ...


Due to many millions of international emails requesting enlightenment regarding Gordon Brown (Tony Blair's Scottish successor), which somehow we sadly didn't receive, we've put together this pertinent piece regardless of lack of requests.

Gawd, the things we do for free, eh? Sometimes it seems we're fools to ourselves

So without further ado or farting about, here's the man the Labour Party recently picked (unopposed) to lead New Labour and - heaven help us - to lead this once proud nation.

Rather than run the risk of accusations of bias against the 'chosen' chap in question, we want you to watch something for yourself before coming to any carefully considered conclusions.

Can't be fairer than that can we?

So, sit back and see the man picked for the top Brit political post doing some (particularly unpleasant), picking of his own.

Incidentally, ignore the fat prat on the front bench (left of picture), also sat at smarmy Tony's side. He's just Two Jags Prezza, soon to be departed (though he looks it already) deputy British PM.

And some see the US crew as scurvy?


17 May 2007

World Exclusive:This Old Brit Scoop:'Tony Blair-Jerry Falwell Link' Surfaces ...


This time we'll tell you from the off that title-wise, we are only half joking.


The bald, barmy old Brit soap series' character shown at the link below below is Alf Garnett.

He was played by brilliant, national treasure, British, Jewish cockney actor, Warren Mitchell.

Surely this crazy, comical old coot must rank mighty highly on the usual suspects' list when it comes to pointing to possible role models for the recently - and so suddenly - raptured Jerry Falwell.

The young, long haired blond bloke being berated on the couch is Alf's son-in-law (aka Scouse git), and was played by an English (Liverpudlian), Christian (Catholic), actor called Tony Booth.

That is, "the" Tony Booth -- father of Cherie Booth.

Now much better known by her married name, Mrs Cherie Blair.

Wife of Tony Blair.

Yep, THAT Tony Blair - the soon to be ex British prime minister.

Honest injun, folks.

We kid you not.

Now, watch this and wet yourself -- with laughter.

Here's the (absolutely unmissable), promised link.

You'll love it -- to say the least.

Trust us.



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16 May 2007

Jerry Falwell Leaves His Fortune To Far Less Fortunate Folk ...

Jumping Holy Jehovah, brothers and sisters!

Praise the lord and heaven help us.

We're just joking of course.

Surely you didn't seriously swallow such an obviously sham story title as that, did you!?

About this infamous, fat, phony, fakir of a false prophet?


Maybe Mr FakeFalwell, for once in his life of luxury, spoke the truth when he allegedly was once heard to whisper:"There's one born every minute."

Or was that:"Never give a sucker an even break"?

Or maybe:"Fools and their money are soon parted"?

Well, what do you think he said and/or thought to himself?

Especially, regarding written reports by revered writers in/of The Bible re;rich men having a tougher time trying to get into heaven, than huge humped camels have trying to trundle through eyes of needles.

Eh? (Men?)


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15 May 2007

Iraq War: Repulsive Racketeering Reality ...


We found but a single fault with this fantastic film;it's title isn't even slightly strong enough, for it fails to fully do itself justice.

However, sole minuscule imperfection notwithstanding, forget for a fleeting moment if you will, whatever else you may have thought or believed about this nauseating, never-ending, un-winnable , insane Iraq war.

Because believe us, it is without doubt about a bunch of bad, old American rich men making big, big bucks off the broken backs of and over the bleeding bodies of, brave but misled young American military men & women. As well as equally misguided, used and abused British (and other), US allies.

[And don't forget the (literally), countless numbers of (mainly) innocent Iraqi casualties.]

But, but, but ...


The brave boys and girls in uniform? Fighting for freedom? Killing in a good cause? Dying delivering democracy? They've been betrayed?

You bet they've been bloody betrayed. Big time. Believe it.

What's worse is that they've been betrayed by 'their own'.

That is to say, the obscenely mega wealthy, war racketeering and profiteering criminal class of their own once so respected society.

In other times and in other places such war criminals have deservedly, been judiciously sentenced to be shot. And, we're sure some would say even that fate was far too good for a few of them. Whatever. It is our personal opinion that a similar state of affairs is (or certainly should be), patently apparent today.

But to get back to the film business.

Every thinking man and woman in the world (who is able to), should watch this short video trailer of 'Iraq For Sale'
- then see straight through (within just several short minutes), the brazen, intelligence insulting, shameless smoke and mirrors shit that the Bush-Cheney-Co criminal maladministration is still shoveling down unsuspecting citizen's throats.

Now find out more about Brave New Films, the ones who made this masterpiece .

No wonder 'YouTube' is one of the websites which has so recently been officially put 'off-limits' for all US armed forces in Iraq, eh?

*Hat tip to Michael Scott. Again.*

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14 May 2007

The War on Websites:US Dept of Defence Launches Internet Attack ...

Lots of us knew it was bound to happen sooner or later, since those in power are well aware of the old adage regarding knowledge being power.

No matter what sort of spin now seems set to be spewed forth in attempts to 'explain' the situation -- censorship by any other name is still censorship.

Today it's the turn of the US military, the internet's Youtube, My Space and several other famous sites.

The blogs and/or bloggers' turn to be blocked - if certain 'somebodies' saw fit - could quite easily come as quickly as tomorrow.

And what about the day after that? Who and/or what else could have it coming?

Make no mistake my friends, this could the first latest step on a super-slippery slope.

... the new rules mean many military personnel won't be able to watch those achievements — at least not on military computers.

If the restrictions are intended to prevent soldiers from giving or receiving bad news, they could also prevent them from providing positive reports from the field, said Noah Shachtman, who runs a national security blog for Wired Magazine."This is as much an information war as it is bombs and bullets," he said. "And they are muzzling their best voices."

The sites covered by the ban are the video-sharing sites YouTube, Metacafe, IFilm, StupidVideos, and FileCabi, the social networking sites MySpace, BlackPlanet and Hi5, music sites Pandora, MTV, and, and live365, and the photo-sharing site Photobucket.

Bloody bandwidth banditry?


Bottom line?

What the people don't know about, the people can't do owt about.

The less citizens are allowed to learn, the less citizens are able to attempt to alter.

At least ordinary Americans can now see just how much their freedom really is hated -- and much more importantly, who it is that hates that freedom most.

Can anyone say Censored States of America?

Read the latest re: these alarming revelations -- while you still can.

Oh, and by the way, before we bugger off ... here's another important message ... XXX ////****000.......>>>>>>>!!!!

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13 May 2007

US Set To Talk To Iran, Re: Iraq


Well, well, well.

What d'you know ?!?!

Could we soon be having a super-serious case of mass sanity to contend with?

Iran to meet US for Iraq discussion

Sunday, 13 May 2007,


Have several sensible people with power (elsewhere), suddenly started pulling certain others' strings?

Have certain parties finally figured out that as one invariably ends up talking, things might turn out ten or twenty times better for all concerned simply by doing the talking in the beginning?

Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari had said last week that he expected such Iranian-US talks to happen in Baghdad soon.

During a meeting on Iraq's future in Baghdad two months ago, mid-level US and Iranian officials did meet briefly and discuss Iran. Mid-level officials also met briefly at last weekend's Iraq summit at an Egyptian resort.

On Friday, US Vice President Dick Cheney, on an aircraft carrier about 150 miles from the Iranian coast, warned Iran that the US and its allies would prevent the country from developing nuclear weapons and dominating the region.

Yep, we know, we heard.

In response to Cheney's comments, Hosseini accused Washington of spreading fear in the Middle East.

Right, we heard that too.

So, read for yourself the rest of the 'relevant'.

Now, let's see if we can remember a bit about something else we heard - quite some time ago.

Such as -- the name of the brilliant old Brit who once so famously said:
"To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war."

UPDATE: Iran leader returns Cheney's recent tough talk and threats.

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All About British Military Families Against Blair's Misbegotten Bloody War ...

Seeing as we're still sat here in the wee small hours of Sunday morning, studiously scouring/researching cyberspace (which we know if we were sensible we wouldn't be), we'll keep this short & sweet.

Today we found (for the first time), the following wonderful website which we sincerely wish to share.

The site's title should be self explanatory.

Here, is where words come straight from the heart -- of some families who 'know' -- first hand.

Please pay these fine folk a visit to show them some special support -- in whatever way(s) personally possible.

Perhaps we can even impose on you to 'pass it on'.

Ten thousand thanks.


And good luck.


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11 May 2007

World Bank: Europe Tells Washington - We Want Wolfowitz To Walk ...


How's this for a headline from across the Atlantic?

Europe calls for Wolfowitz to quit
Do we detect signs of dissent in the ranks?

Leaders from European states have told the Bush administration that Paul Wolfowitz must resign from the World Bank in order to avoid a vote of no confidence, it was reported today.

So said the Guardian this morning.

It also said this.

"The administration has been told that its battle to save Mr Wolfowitz cannot be won," a European official told the New York Times. "His relationship with the board is not only damaged. It is broken."
As well as this.

The Bush administration is also coming under Democratic pressure in Congress to dump Mr Wolfowitz rather than confront the Europeans in a no-confidence vote.

"We do not believe the bank's mission or US interests would be advanced by such a vote," said a letter signed by the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, and other top Democrats.

Here's our go-to-the-Guardian link so you can see this story yourself.

We wonder if Wolfie will now bow to the inevitable and voluntarily cash in his chips and walk - or whether he'll wait to be pushed?

Well, whatever/whichever.

It looks like we won't be waiting long before finding out.

However, while you are waiting, what think ye of this from the New York Times?

But what about looking on the bright side? Felix Salmon of Portfolio says this affair may change the selection process of World Bank chiefs, which is currently dominated by the United States.

“This could be the single biggest silver lining to the disastrous Wolfowitz presidency,” Mr. Salmon wrote. “If that’s the case, it’s about time.”

Talk about telling it straight, eh?

Read the rest of the N Y Times' report.


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10 May 2007

Official: Tony Blair Resigns On 27/07/07 ...


Well, now we all know.

We wish we could say it's been nice, Tony Blair, but because we're not liars we can't.

Even if we were to believe what you said today on TV (with what seemed almost like tears lurking beneath your eyelids), as a premier you patently weren't fit for purpose.

For one fleeting moment we almost believed you were about to blow the whole bloomin' gaffe and confess that you completely cocked-up on Iraq -- bloody big time. However, you did get pretty damned close to coughing up the lot didn't you? That much was obvious, mate.

Could it have been anything connected to a thing called conscience? Who knows? And anyway, who the hell cares any more?

It's over. You're history mister.

Now, we wonder what, thanks to you, our country still has coming?

Even if we Brits were, to a man, to forgive and forget 'the lot' -- what about millions of others?

By which we mean of course, so many decent innocent Muslims in general and the many from the middle east in particular.

Time alone will tell, Tone. As no doubt time will also take a toll. On that score, one can quite confidentally count; almost for certain in fact.

But enough of us two for now.

The following from the BBC.

He made the announcement in a speech to party activists in his Sedgefield constituency, after earlier briefing the Cabinet on his plans.

He acknowledged his government had not always lived up to high expectations but said he had been very lucky to lead "the greatest nation on earth".

Well, we won't argue against the last bit, Mr Blair.

"There is only one government since 1945 that can say all of the following: more jobs, fewer unemployed, better health and education results, lower crime and economic growth in every quarter. Only one government, this [* New Labour], one."

It was for others to judge whether he had made mistakes, added Mr Blair, but he said he had always done what he thought was "right."

I may have been wrong. That's your call.

You got that last bit on the button too.

Read the remainder of this BBC report right here.

Including links to video footage of Blair's (semi-swan song), speech and more.


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09 May 2007

US Shame: Slaughter Of The Innocents Continues In Iraq And Afghanistan


So, lets see what's new this Wednesday shall we?

Afghanistan scenes of sadness such as shown below certainly aren't;that's for sure.

Here's something else straight from the same place -- though this is something new.

"I stand before you today, deeply, deeply ashamed and terribly sorry that Americans have killed and wounded innocent Afghan people," US army spokesman Col John Nicholson told reporters in Washington by video conference from Afghanistan.

"The deaths and wounding of innocent Afghans at the hands of Americans is a stain on our honour and on the memory of the many Americans who have died defending Afghanistan and the Afghan people.

"We made official apologies on the part of the US government and payments of about $2,000 for each death," he said, after US officials visited some of the families left bereaved by the incident.

Big bloody deal, eh? Two grand per corpse, eh? Well, that's mighty big of you, big Col John. Bully for you.

For shame. Even the stones cry out.

And in the self same news story we're shown quite clearly that it's distinctly still the same old, same old. Some more slaughtered innocent civilians.

... reported deaths of about 50 civilians last week in fighting in western Afghanistan between US-led troops and militants.

In recent days there have been protests by Afghans in different parts of the country - including Jalalabad - over civilian killings.

The bloodshed has returned to levels not seen since the fall of the Taleban in 2001, and a quarter of more than 4,000 people killed last year were believed to have been civilians.

We say again 'For shame'.

Read the rest as reported by the BBC.

Next. Nothing new in the endless number of nauseating images emanating each day from inside Iraq either. Well, is there?

Like little lambs to the slaughter, innocent Iraqi infants serially blown to Kingdom Come. All courtesy of Bush-Blair Co's so called Coalition of the Willing and their phony War on Terror.

So we'll stubbornly stick to saying exactly the same things again. And again, and again, and again. But first, please pass us the puke pail.

For shame. Even the stones cry out.

But who the hell hears them? Anyone? Anywhere?

Anyhow, have you heard about this it yet?

US attack 'kills Iraqi children'

By James Shaw -- BBC News, Baghdad

An attack by a US helicopter against suspected insurgents in Iraq has killed a number of children at a primary school, Iraqi security sources say.

The attack took place in Diyala province north-east of Baghdad, the sources say.

A spokesman for the US military said there had been helicopter activity
in the area but he was not able to confirm any other details.

See the whole sorry story here;see it and weep.

Yet there are still some senseless sods who still insist on asking stupid questions such as 'Why do they hate us?'

Well, here's one sensible and sincere suggestion for said simpletons.

Why don't they (personally), ask some suffering soul such as this pitiful, petrified Afghan adolescent?

For shame. Even the stones cry out.

* Update: Afghan annihilations again *

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08 May 2007

'Wall of the Fallen' Memorial Full : Pentagon Deploying 35,000 More Troops ...

This is what things have come to.

War memorial running out of room for names

Marker set up by Congress might be reconfigured

By Frank Davies -- McClatchy-Tribune

In a grim sign of the times, the "Wall of the Fallen," set up by House Republican leaders in June, is almost full.

The mounting death toll from Iraq has forced U.S. House staffers to study how to reconfigure the display in the lobby of the Rayburn Building — the largest office building for members of Congress — to squeeze in more names.

According to the Defense Department, 3,736 U.S. service members died in the two wars by the end of April.

New names are added to the display every few months, but none have been added since November.

In the current format, there is space for about 130 more names, but 506 Americans have died since mid-November.

In April, 104 Americans were killed in the war's sixth-deadliest month.



The soldier: The last name listed on the memorial is Lance Cpl. Luke Holler, 21-year-old Marine reservist from Bulverde, Texas, who was killed by an explosive device

Please, respectfully read complete piece.

We weep while we wonder -- when will these bloody wars end?



And as if things aren't awful enough already, today we're told this.

Pentagon tells 35,000: Prepare to deploy

By Lolita C. Baldor, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - The Pentagon has notified more than 35,000 Army soldiers to be prepared to deploy to Iraq

According to the Army, the combat brigades would deploy for up to 15 months. The Army also said that close to 1,000 additional support troops from the U.S. Army Reserves would also deploy in August.

Those would come from two units, an engineer battalion from Fort Thomas, Ky., and a signal battalion from Fort Huachuca, Az.

The 10 brigades are:

... the 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment in Germany; the 4th Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division from Fort Stewart, Ga.; the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Brigades of the 101st Airborne Division from Fort Campbell, Ky.; the 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment from Fort Hood, Texas; the 2nd Brigade, 1st Armored from Germany; 4th Brigade, 10th Mountain Division from Fort Polk, La.; 2nd Brigade, 25th Infantry Division from Hawaii; and the 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division from Fort Hood, Tx.

Read the rest of this relevant report right here.

(Huge hat-tip to our top mate inTexas, ZAN.)


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07 May 2007

Black Death Back In Britain?

The mind abso-bloody-lutely boggles.

Read this tale of terror from today's Daily Mail. Read it and wretch. It's beyond belief.

Black Death bacteria found in bins left uncollected for fortnight
How's that for a headline from hell?

Now see some more snipped from the same shocking story.

Dustbins which are only emptied once a fortnight have been found to harbour bugs from the same family of bacteria that ravaged Europe during the Black Death.

Samples taken during a study of the health hazards associated with fortnightly collections tested positive for a string of potentially deadly bacteria, including bugs from the yersinia family.

In the Middle Ages one particular strain - yersinia pestis - caused the devastating plague which is estimated to have killed 75 million people in the space of just three years.
Aught not alarm bells already be ringing and sirens screeching, right across the realm?

... only last week the issue became a high profile issue at local elections when voters registered their opposition to the scrapping of weekly rubbish collections by toppling councils of all parties.

Officials at the Environment Department know about the study, but still insist there is no risk to public health in fortnightly collections.
Can you comprehend that?

And/or this?

Last month scientists warned that rubbish left out for a fortnight before collection could trigger a string of serious health problems including asthma.

Levels of bacteria and fungal spores produced by decaying waste were ten times higher in streets where the bins are collected fortnightly instead of every week.

And here we all were thinking Britain was about to be cured of the plague of Blair.

Here's the whole of this scandalous story.

Surely, in the name of sanity, someone somewhere in authority has got to get to grips with this shameful shambles.

Since spine chilling shit such as this, simply must be sorted.

And, sorted sometime seriously sodding soon.

If not even effing faster.

Contact you local council/councillor via this link.

And keep on kicking the living crap out of them till they see some sense.

This is THAT serious.


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The American Dream Dynasties Nightmare No-Brainer ...


Some US citizens still say (in all sincerity), that absolutely anyone can become their country's president.

And, we agree entirely that that admirable assumption is a huge part of the American Dream.

But boy, do we have some sad news for those still sound asleep and snoring.

It's becoming increasingly (and painfully), obvious to increasing millions - internationally - that as surely as 2008 is coming closer and closer - closer also creeps famous flip-flopper Hilary Clinton.

Unless, of course, an adequate 'army' of regular Americans cotton on quickly as to exactly what's happening here. And in fact has been, for some several years.

Can anyone say Dynastocracy?

But things need not be that way.

Especially, since it's so crystal clear that there certainly isn't a shortage of quality, deserving Democratic Party candidates to choose from.


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06 May 2007

Tat-tah,Tony Blair; What Took You So Long To Resign?


Who among us would in a million years have imagined reading something as strong as this in such an internationally revered (rightly or wrongly), British MSM newspaper as The (London) Times?

... reflecting on the front page of an evening paper with a big smiling picture of the Prime Minister at his tenth anniversary celebrations: “That f***ing bastard, what’s he got to grin about? He nearly got us killed for no reason anybody can think of” – followed by phrases that cannot be printed in a family newspaper, even in this vulgar age.

Mr Blair’s subservience to the foreign policy of the Bush Administration, most obviously in Iraq, but also in Iran, Israel and Palestine.

Even if operational and diplomatic arguments dissuade Mr Brown from immediately announcing a date for the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq, he can and must distance himself from Mr Blair’s obsequious attitude to US foreign policy.

While Mr Brown may be reluctant, like every British prime minister before him, to break with America, he does not have to do that.

Luckily for him, all he has to do is break with one man, who may still be bear the title of President but is now virtually powerless, isolated in the White House and despised by his own people.

* Emphasis emphatically ours of course.

So here's hoping we've whetted your appetite enough to have you head off fast to feast your eyes on the full report from which we've snipped the above.

You can read the rest right here.

Now, before buggering off back about the rest of your own Sunday business, we want you watch this absolutely beauty of a Youtube user's 'take' on Tony Blair.

Nice to know that question has at long last been answered, eh?

We wonder what took the two-faced, turdy, twit of a twerp so long to say 'So long'?!

No matter;better late than never.


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04 May 2007

Queen Elizabeth 11 Visits Jamestown Fort In America ...


So, we see our 81 year old Queen Elizabeth 11 went all the way across the Atlantic to see the 400 year old remains of Jamestown Fort, in the USA.

Still, we suppose that every so often she simply gets sick & tired of seeing solely her own old (Greek) ruin, H.R.H. Prince Philip.


Well, wouldn't you?

We know we would.

Seriously though, the old dear certainly seems to have a special soft spot in her heart for America, eh?

After all, she's already been there three times --- in the last half century.


We trust mad King George 43 looks after the little old lady while she wallows in his 'homeland' hospitality .

That is to say, we hope he doesn't look after her as lousily as he's looked after his own 'subjects' for the last sad, seven years.


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02 May 2007

Iraq Invasion/Occupation Chaos; Cheney Called The Shots Says Hoon, Ex UK Defence Secretary ...

Geoff Hoon, Britain's ex Secretary of Defence has given an awesome interview to the Guardian in which he eventually comes clean - on quite considerably more than a couple of things.

How does this sound for starters?
A catalogue of errors over planning for Iraq after the invasion, and an inability to influence key figures in the US administration, led to anarchy in Iraq from which the country has not recovered, the British defence secretary during the invasion admits today.

In an exclusive interview with the Guardian, Geoff Hoon reveals that Britain disagreed with the US administration over two key decisions in May 2003, two months after the invasion - to disband Iraq's army and "de-Ba'athify" its civil service.
And amazingly enough he even comes right out and says what so many of us have known (and what many millions more have so strongly suspected), since the start.

That the SOB shown below quite clearly called all the shots that counted as far as the Iraq War (aka illegal invasion, occupation, destruction and more), was concerned.

Now, try this super-tasty teaser for size.

Mr Hoon also said he and other senior ministers completely underestimated the role and influence of the vice-president, Dick Cheney.

"Sometimes ... Tony had made his point with the president, and I'd made my point with Don [Rumsfeld] and Jack [Straw] had made his point with Colin [Powell] and the decision actually came out of a completely different place.

And you think: what did we miss?

I think we missed Cheney."

Okay, teasing time's over.

Read the rest right here.

We guarantee it's riveting.


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