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28 August 2009

Your Moment of Zen: parrot hunting edition

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02 August 2009

Israel's revolting racist regime's crimes continue in Jerusalem

Palestinians evicted in Jerusalem

Palestinian officials say the families lived in the houses for over 50 years

Israeli police have evicted nine Palestinian families living in two houses in occupied East Jerusalem.

Jewish settlers moved into the houses almost immediately. The US has urged Israel to abandon plans for a building project in the area.

Israel occupied East Jerusalem in 1967 and later annexed it, a move not recognised by the world community.

The evictions have been condemned by the United Nations, the Palestinians and also the UK government.

The US said the evictions were not in keeping with Israel's obligations under the so-called "road map" to resolve the Israel-Palestinian conflict.


The operation to evict the 53 Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah district of the city was carried out before dawn on Sunday by police clad in black riot gear.

It followed a ruling by Israel's Supreme Court that Jewish families owned the land. Israel wants to build a block of 20 apartments in the area.

The evictions were quickly condemned by the United Nations.

The incumbent Israeli supremacist government continues to show itself to be as guilty as hell of outrageous, outright, persecution.

And/or racism. And/or apartheid. And/or long time, serial denial of basic human rights for innocent Jerusalem, Arab families.

Moreover, anyone who attempts to tell anyone at all anything different is at best, hopelessly misinformed and/or unbelievably naive and/or incredibly ignorant.

At worst, they're flat out unforgivable, damned bloody liars.

And, anyone even considering calling us anti-Semitic, obviously knows a lot less than squat about us personally.

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