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31 May 2005

Clinton contradictions ...

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When it comes to politicians, contradictions are commonplace. But sometimes, some seem stranger than others.

Last weekend, saw Bill Clinton in the Maldives. As special UN envoy for tsunami recovery, he'd gone to visit various devastated areas of the archipelago.

On Saturday, he met with Maldives President Maumoon Abdul Gayoon, as planned. His next scheduled meeting - with tsunami survivors - was surprisingly cancelled. What followed was more than a little curious.

Some of Mr Clinton's accompanying aides said the sudden cancellation was due to poor weather. Other aides announced that Bill Clinton was exhausted and needed to rest. His former chief of staff, Erskine Bowles said: "He is disappointed. He wanted to go."

However, in New York, UN spokesman Brendan Varma was insisting that the sudden cancellation was due to a weather forecast - predicting 'intermittent rain showers and moderate seas'. Varma added "He is not exhausted. He is doing fine and he is going to continue with his busy schedule of meetings."

Meanwhile, Cherie Hart, a regional UN spokeswoman, was claiming that although Mr Clinton wasn't actually "sick" -- he was "too tired." She added: " [He is] just plain pooped ... ".

Remembering that Bill Clinton had heart bypass surgery just last September - and more surgery to remove fluid and scar tissue, only this March - does make 'This Old Brit' wonder.

Why all the contradictions from the Clinton aides? Why the disagreements among the UN spokespersons? Why so many mixed messages?

Yesterday's 'Independent' had a relevant piece, written by their Washington correspondent, Andrew Buncombe. Click the link below and see what you think. Was it bad weather or bad health?

30 May 2005

Merci, Mesdames et Messieurs ...

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Bravo, for the 'free' French!

They've obviously all read - and understood - the story of 'The Emperor's New Clothes'.

Well, This Old Brit reads lots of stories - including those of the 'Bard'. And, to borrow from one of his best, this cockeyed Euro-Constitution comedy has been a classic case of 'Much Ado About Nothing'.

So, yesterday the French voted "NO". So, what?

Today, the sun still rose. Then it set again, tonight. The cockerels still crowed. Croissants & coffee continued to be quaffed. The Seine flowed the same. Sacre Coeur still stood. Air-France still flew. Notre Dame went nowhere. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

So, a certain 'constitution' that's never existed before - may continue not existing. So what?

It's not as if anything's set to alter, as far as the people are concerned. Except, maybe this message to politicians that they can't fool all of the people all of the time, has sunk in where it needs to.

All too often our so called 'betters' have believed they can 'blind us with science'. They've believed that if they waffle enough - we'll be bound to waver. They've believed that in the main, we're all more vane than sane. They've believed we'd be too embarrassed to admit our ignorance. They've believed that because we didn't 'demand' more detailed explanations, they could deny us any at all. They've believed, that we always believe, that they know what's best for us. Well, we know they don't; now they know that too.

Ninety five per cent of ordinary Europeans didn't [and still don't] have a clue about the proposed written constitution's contents. That's the way the vested interests wanted it. Well, that's the way they got it; they did it their way. But what a shock, eh? In France, the ordinary man & woman in the street - did it their way too.

The only thing the French electorate knew for certain, was who definitely stood to benefit; ie: the 'globalization' gangsters and the 'world-government' w*nkers.

Armed with this certain knowledge alone, the 'free' French voted accordingly.

We should all applaud them. We should learn from them, too.

29 May 2005

The 'George-anizing' of Downing Street ...

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Bang! Bang! Bang! Here's what hit me this morning - straight from the Sunday papers.

  • "Blair bans tradesmen from using front door of Number 10."
  • "End to classless Downing Street."
  • "PM's plan for 'below-stairs types' is just part of his presidential ambitions ..."

Needless to say, exactly as intended, those three 'hooks' grabbed me; I had to read on.

** "He [ Blair] demands a new 'tradesmen's entrance' at the back of Downing Street, where 'below-stairs types' can come and go out of sight."


** "The new service would bring a symbolic end to a 'classless' Downing Street where for centuries everyone used the same entrance."

Jonathan Oliver, political correspondent to 'The Mail on Sunday,' also revealed the following.

** " ... £10 million refurbishment of the Prime Minister's residence -- code-named: 'PROJECT GEORGE'.

The first plans were drafted after President George W. Bush's state visit to Downing Street in 2003. A Whitehalll insider said: "Some of the Americans were a little surprised at exactly how small Downing Street was when they came to visit."

So, some of the Bushcrew were surprised,' eh?

Well, that's certainly no surprise. Welcome to the real 'free world' guys.

Conservative Shadow Foreign Secretary, Liam Fox, literally jumped at the chance to say: " Arrangements that have been perfectly sound for previous Prime Ministers appear to be not good enough for the current occupant ... ". He added, "This plan is more evidence of his [Blair's] presidential ambitions."

'This old Brit' wonders who's set to shell out the £10 million for this. Certainly not George, I'll wager.

Incidentally, as I've mentioned before - the online 'Mail' omits much of it's print-edition copy from it's web site. Unfortunately, including this 'Project George' piece.


** NOW- on a different topic - here's a great link that can be accessed.

It's from today's 'Observer,' and it cheered me up no end. It's all about the 'boom' and the 'bite of blogging - all around the world.

Here's a taster.

** "There is, writes Virginia Postrel in her column on, 'something about blogs [that] makes a lot of respectable journalists hyperventilate. News pros seem terribly threatened by online amateurs." **

"GOOD!" Says 'This Old Brit'. It's about time something woke up some of these 'press-release-re-witers'.

Here's another excerpt.

** "Conversely, good reporting and intelligent commentary is passed from blog to blog and spreads like wildfire beyond the jurisdiction in which it was originally published. This can only be good for journalism in the long run, if only because, as my mother used to say, sunlight is the best disinfectant. " **

Click below to read John Naughton's 'Observer' piece -- in praise of blogs, blogging and bloggers:,6903,1494564,00.html

27 May 2005


M. ChertoffPosted by Hello

I have never, never, never felt so bloody angry. Not in my considerably, long life. Nor, have I ever been so shocked. Nor, have I ever resolved to be so absolutely determined. So help me; I swear.

I am a British subject. I am a free man. I am law abiding. I am a grandfather. And, as I write today's 'Old Brit' blog - I am making a prediction. On second thoughts - make that 'a promise'.

Why? Just take a look at this.

** "The United States wants Britain's proposed identity cards to have the same microchip and technology as the ones used on American documents.

The aim of getting the same microchip is to ensure compatability in screening terrorist suspects.

But it will also mean that information contained in the British cards can be accessed across the Atlantic.

Michael Chertoff, the newly appointed US Secretary for Homeland Security, has already had talks with the Home Secretary," **

The above clip is from a report in today's 'Independent'. I could not believe what I was reading. I am, to put it mildly, incandescent with rage. So are many others I've spoken with. And, so will millions more Brits be, when the enormity of this, sinks in.

This is outrageous. This is unthinkable. This is a scandal. This is intolerable. This is a nightmare. Moreover, this is a recipe for disaster.

What, in the name of God, is going on here?

** Mr Chertoff said compatability and the checking system was intended purely to track down "terrorists and criminals" and the main aim was to provide a "fair and reasonable system". **

Well, here's what 'This Old Brit' says, Mr Chertoff:
" WTF do you think you are?"

Regarding the prediction-cum-promise I mentioned earlier -- millions of Britons will NOT put up with this. Millions of Britons will go to prison before they'll be dictated to by the likes of you - but only if about another hundred thousand or so prisons can be built; in a bloody big hurry, too.

I repeat:

" Michael Chertoff - WTF do you think you are? "

As if Big-Brother Blair's plans for compulsory ID cards for all Britons wasn't bad enough. As if his further plans to charge us £100 each for them, wasn't bad enough. Now, we're also expected to meekly accept this insane idealogue's incendary ideas, too!

I should stop right now. Having a heart attack or thrombosis, won't help turf this 'jerkoff - Chertoff ' creep straight back to whichever dark planet he previously inhabited.

Before I finish though, here's another message - with love from me to you - you ... you ... you ... jerkoff-Chertoff !

"If you somehow, miraculously, managed to physically magic your entire country right here to me - let me tell you, Mr Michael Chertoff -- I would still not visit it.
Not while you and your insane ilk, hold sway!"

Get the full story direct from The Independent, by hitting the link below.

STOP PRESS: Look who my stat software/spyware tells me is reading my blog - right now!!!

**** ---------- Hello, fellahs. I know what you're thinking. Same to you, too!

BTW, aren't you guys [and girls] in the 'U.S. Dept of State' supposed to be busy bringing 'freedom' to the world. Won't you get into hot water wasting your valuable time, energy & resources watching an old codger like me? Eh? Heh. I'm very flattered, just the same. 8^P

26 May 2005

When it's gone it's gone ...

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Credibility is like virginity. When it's gone it's gone. For ever. End of story. No ifs nor buts about it.

Yet, the Blairs and Bushes of the world still try to convince us otherwise. They still think that we still trust them. At least, they still talk and act like that's the case.

Perhaps, men who believe they've actually been born twice, can believe anything -- of themselves. That's as may be. Billions of people all over the world, know better. A liar is a liar. End of story. No ifs nor buts about that, either.

Amnesty International is a global organization -- one that's kept it's credibility. Here's a Brit press-snip, relating to Amnesty's newly released annual report.

** Britain and the US are betraying the cause of human rights in pursuit of their "war on terror", Amnesty International says in its annual report published yesterday. **

Strong stuff, you may think. But, it gets stronger. See this other excerpt, below.

** Irene Khan, Amnesty's general secretary, launching the report, accused the two governments of condoning torture while trying to keep their consciences clear. **

And, it's not just the US and UK being named & shamed. The 'usual suspects' are there too. Including, Russia, China and Israel -- to mention but a few. ( Birds of a feather, maybe? )

Richard Norton-Taylor wrote a relevant and revealing piece in today's 'Guardian'. Here's another quick snip.

** The UN was paralyzed because of China's imports of oil from Sudan and Russia's arms exports to the country.

The US could not garner support in Africa for military intervention at least partly because it had spent its "moral currency" in Iraq
...... **

Hit this link to read the article in full:,13743,1492350,00.html
Then visit Amnesty's own site, for further reading :

25 May 2005

Today, it's personal ...

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Dateline - Wednesday 25th May 2005
Istanbul - Olympic Stadium - Turkey.
~~ # ~~
~ V ersus ~
**** LIVERPOOL - F.C. ****
2005 / 2006
No doubt everyone can guess why there's not been a lot of time spent blogging today.
We're talking about my home city team here ! Whoopee!!!!

24 May 2005

Bush, Blair and Uzbekistan ...

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Eric Margolis belongs to an endangered species - journalise wise. He's one of the North American continent's few remaining, true foreign correspondents.

He's also an author and a damn good defence analyst. He's been around for a long time and reported both on & from, a lot of different places. He's seen a lot, he knows a lot - and he happily shares his knowledge. He is, to coin a phrase, the real deal.

I'll confess I don't always like what he writes - mostly because the truth all too often, hurts. Particularly, if it's UK and/or US double standards he's exposing - again. However, I've never known him lie. Take, for example, his latest online article - "Uzbekistan's Tyrant."

Here, he once again tells it how it really is - regarding the Uzbek despot, Islam Karimov and his associates; Tony Blair and George W. Bush.

Oh, yes - and regarding more Caspian oil - more US military bases - more torture - more instability - more killings and more dirty dealings. To mention but a few.

Human rights and political [in]justice get a mention too. Remember them?

Remember the ex UK Ambassador to 'Kashtent'? The one Tony Blair so recently had booted out? He was the brave British diplomat of principle who dared blow the whistle on horrendous human rights' violations - and more.

If you don't remember or maybe never even knew, then click the link below to read the full article:

23 May 2005

Medicaid Madness ...

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New York Senator, Charles Schumer, recently said the following :

** "It is just mind-boggling to think that Level 3 sexual offenders can get Viagra, which may indeed help them perpetrate other horrible crimes." **

Senator Hilary Clinton's mind seems equally boggled. As does Alan Hevisi's; he's the New York State Comptroller.

They should add This Old Brit's name to their boggle-list, too. The sooner the better.

Here's a clip from a relevant BBC report that I read today.

** "Mr Hevesi said states in the US are required by law to include Viagra in Medicaid programmes covering prescription drugs when medically necessary.

He said some of the recipients of the erectile dysfunction drug had been convicted for sex offences on children as young as two years-old." **

Senator Schumer, added:

** "It is just mind-boggling to think that Level 3 sexual offenders can get Viagra, which may indeed help them perpetrate other horrible crimes.

"And what we know about Level 3 offenders is this: They almost never change. They're almost never rehabilitated." **

I'd say, the pressure these people are bringing to bear on US federal government, is both highly commendable and highly desirable. Wouldn't you?

Click on the link, for more:

22 May 2005

Is the Senator having a laugh?

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Some say humour doesn't travel. 'This Old Brit' begs to differ. Funny is funny - in anyone's language - period.

So when I heard US Senator Norm Coleman's latest - I couldn't help but smile. I mean - he is kidding - isn't he?

I can imagine how glad he was to see the back of [UK MP] George Galloway. What a perfect platform the former gave the latter, eh? Inadvertantly, obviously.

Now, could a similar s.o.b. situation soon be sailing the Senator's way? Take a peek at this, from today's 'Independent'.

** "The Jordanian businessman at the centre of claims that George Galloway secretly bought oil from Saddam Hussein has a major contract to sell US military technology in Iraq, The Independent on Sunday can reveal." **

Oh, you may think, what a tangled web we weave. Eh?

Here's some more from the same report:

** "Fawaz Zureikat has been accused by a US Senate committee of orchestrating illegal oil deals with the Iraqi dictator allegedly on behalf of Mr Galloway, ... " **

It gets more interesting:

** " It has now emerged that a firm run by Mr Zureikat, 51, and other members of his family, has the exclusive rights to sell highly sensitive military encryption technologies made by a US firm in Iraq.

Their company, Middle East Advanced Semi-conductors, was awarded the contract in January 2004 by the US firm Transcrypt to sell its specialised chips to the Iraqi military, police and government.

The same chips are heavily used by the US army, other major US federal agencies and other secret military clients in the Middle East." **

And there's more:

** "Last night, Mr Galloway's spokesman claimed the revelation about Mr Zureikat's military contract suggested he was a far more credible and substantial figure than the US Senate Permanent Sub-Committee on Investigations had alleged.

A spokesman for the committee's Republican chairman, Senator Norm Coleman, said that the contract was irrelevant to its investigations ... "

Irrelevant ? Really ? Try telling that to the troops.

Er ........ redolence of rodent, anyone?

Read the full piece by the Independent's Severin Carrell -- then decide for yourself.

Clink on this link:

21 May 2005

'No-Go' for U.S. T.V.

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** "Something extraordinary has happened to American TV since September 11," says Curtis. "A head of the leading networks who had better remain nameless said to me that there was no way they could show it. He said, 'Who are you to say this?' and then he added, 'We would get slaughtered if we put this out.'"

"Surely a relatively enlightened broadcaster like HBO would show it? "When I was in New York I took a DVD to the head of documentaries at HBO. I still haven't heard from him." **

That's the teaser. Here's the headline.

~ * The film US TV networks dare not show * ~

Next - the credits.

** Adam Curtis has recut his explosive war on terror documentary The Power of Nightmares into a feature film - and is taking it to the festival. But he's no Michael Moore, he tells Stuart Jeffries. Thursday May 12, 2005. The Guardian **

How's that for some serious name dropping? And there's more.

** " ...... his film has no leading ladies who could disport themselves in backless numbers or lantern-jawed himbos to vogue fatuously before the snappers. Unless, of course, two of his chief protagonists, Osama bin Laden and Paul Wolfowitz, could be prevailed upon to pose together for the world's press ... " **

If your interest's not aroused yet, I doubt it ever will be. If you'd like to learn more -- click on the link at the bottom.

But first, here's a couple more snippets.

** " .... two men who would prove massively influential to the establishment of Islamic terror groups and to the neo-Conservative American tendency that now dominates Washington were both in the US.

One was an Egyptian school inspector called Sayyid Qutb whose ideas would directly inspire those who flew the planes on the attacks of September 11. Qutb's summer visit to Colorado revolted him so much - he could see nothing there but decadent materialism - that he went home thinking that modern liberal freedoms were eroding society's bonds and that only a radical Islam could prevent its destruction.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, an obscure political philosopher called Leo Strauss was developing a similar critique of western liberalism (though without the Islamic answer to individualism's purported ills).

He called on conservative politicians to invent national myths to hold society together and stop America in particular from collapsing into degraded individualism. It was from such Straussian reflections that the idea that the US's national destiny was to tilt against seeming foreign evils - be they the Soviet bloc or, later, fundamentalist Islam - was born." **

( snip )

** "politicians such as Bush and Blair have stumbled on a new force that can restore their power and authority - the fear of a hidden and organised web of evil from which they can protect their people.

In a still-traumatised US, those with the darkest nightmares have become the most powerful and Curtis's film castigates the media, security forces and the Bush administration for extending their power in this way. "It has really touched a nerve with people who realise something is not quite right with the way terrorism has been reported."

For these reasons, one might well think that The Power of Nightmares would provide a usefully chastening corrective to the prevailing orthodoxy if it were shown on US television. But it seems extremely unlikely that it will be." **

( snip )

Re; red highlighting of last sentences of both first & last paragraphs. Surely, the United States is still a democracy? Surely, America is still the Land of the Free?

Erm, ......................... isn't it?

Click for the full article:,15927,1481970,00.html

20 May 2005

Presidents? ... Read 'This Old Brit' ? ...

Horst Kohler

I often read the [Tory] 'Daily Mail' if I'm in the mood for a laugh. Today was such a day.

Like lots of wannabe 'with-it' publications, it invariably misses the cut. Today was such a day.

Pay, and there's usually plenty in the print edition. Read the free online version, and get pretty much what you pay for. Comprendo?

There's no available link, so trust me on this. If you read my German piece yesterday you'll soon get what I'm saying. Here's what the Mail said.

** "Britain's obsession with the Nazi period is to blame for a negative view of Germans."
So said German president, Herr Horst Kohler, while addressing a Berlin conference yesterday.
[ The conference was aimed at fostering improved Anglo-German relations. (Heh!) ]

He went on to say that he thought the British education system was a major factor in continuing tensions between the two countries.
The Brits "concentrate too much on the Third Reich" period whenever dealing with German history, he claimed.

Moreover, according to Mr Kohler -- research showed that one third of young Brits believed Germans were "arrogant, impolite and of course, lacking a sense of humour".

He didn't reveal to which country's research he referred. [Try saying that yourself, when you're not sober.]

"I'm sure there are examples for all these but it's equally true that generalizations are wrong," he added.

Then, he called for other periods of Germany history to be introduced to the British education curriculum.

He didn't say whether or not the 1914-1918 period would be more appropriate and/or more acceptable.

Well, Mr Kohler's completely convinced me. He, at least, is a German with a sense of humour.

Well, he certainly made me laugh.

By the way.

Seeing as we're speaking of laughing -- and of the Daily Mail -- today it said a bit about Blair's pain in his back. Huh!

I call it Karma, Tone.
You've been a real pain in the arse to millions of us - for years.


19 May 2005

The Master Race? Again? ...

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This is not fiction. This is not history. This is now. This is news.

This is the 21st century. And this is the modern fatherland; this is Germany - today - Thursday, 19th May, 2005.

This is the first step on a slippery slope. This is madness. This is evil. This is an outrage -- of international proportion. It must be recognised as such; immediately.

The fact that planes are to be used rather than, perhaps more 'traditional' trains, matters not. At the end of most of these poor people's journey, lies death; via persecution, untold pain & suffering, massive deprivation and worse. Of this sorry scenario, we must all be acutely aware.

This should not be allowed to happen. Not to anyone. Not anywhere. Not ever. This should be stopped.

Even as I write, I still can't quite believe it. "Deutschland uber alles ?" Germany over all ? Again ?

So many voices should be raised and heard, that this can not continue. The first and most vociferous of those voices should come from the millions of decent, civilised German people themselves. History must not be allowed to [ nor even appear to] begin repeating itself.

What you are about to read below, is from a 'leak'.

This piece is written jointly by by Daniel Howden and Eva Kuehnen. It's from this morning's British, national daily paper, The Independent.

First, I suggest you sit. Then, read this -- and weep.

** Germany is accused of racism as 50,000 Roma are deported

Germany is deporting tens of thousands of Roma refugees to Kosovo despite clear threats to their safety and dire warnings from human rights groups that they will face "massive discrimination" on arrival.

The first of hundreds of planeloads of deportees will arrive at the Slatina airport in Kosovo today, blazing a trail for up to 50,000 people who are to be sent back.

Leaked documents obtained by The Independent reveal that the German government took the controversial decision to eject thousands of Roma refugees and other minorities in November of last year, regardless of the risks they may face on returning home.

At a meeting of German state legislators, officials made it clear to central government that the Roma were unwanted and should be deported as soon as possible, starting with those costing the state money in welfare payments.

The confidential paper shows that a majority of state leaders "call on the interior ministry to enforce the quickest possible return of the refugees [to Kosovo]... It would therefore be in the interest of the public authorities, which are in a tense situation - to prioritise the return of those who receive social welfare."

Once back in Kosovo the refugees can expect no aid either from Germany or the United Nations, which administers the province. **

It's not very often that words fail 'This Old Brit' -- but this morning they almost have. Here, take another look. Here's another snip from the same article. See it for yourself. Do adequate words come easily? Profanities, notwithstanding.

** The conditions that await the returnees from Germany are clear from the situation in that divided town, once home to the province's largest Roma community. According to a Yugoslav census carried out in 1991 in Mitrovica, the Mahala ghetto was home to 8,516 Roma.

Today, the area on the south bank of the river is a spectre of the formerly bustling community. All that remains of hundreds of family houses are the concrete joists.The few hundred Roma who remained live in "terrible conditions" in a camp in the Serb enclave on the north side of the river.

Where are the 'world's policemen' now? Could it be that they really are the crooked cops so many of us have long suspected?

Where is the new Pope?

My questions are rhetorical. This scandalous situation is a fact.

Today, it is the Roma.

And, tomorrow?

Surely, " ..... even the stones cry out."

Click on the link below. But, only if you have a strong stomach.

18 May 2005

Special "Thanks" Supplement ...

James WolcottPosted by Hello

Blimey! This old Brit's been blitzed. Really. Talk about Tsunami; or maybe shock and awe.

Gawd, I thought I'd seen everything, but oh, how wrong I was. I didn't know what had hit me. Nor did my site's stats' counters. Thousands & thousands of 'hits' in a single day -- and it's still going on. Site-hits in so many time zones. Visitors from so many countries, spread over so many continents.

To mention but a few:

United States - inc - Alaska & Hawaii. United Kingdom. Eire. Canada. Mexico. Seychelles. Brazil. British Virgin Islands. Costa Rica. Colombia. Venezuela. Argentina. Uruguay. Chile. Antigua & Barbuda. Iceland. Sweden. Denmark. Norway. Lithuania. Finland. Estonia. France. Luxemburg. Germany. Belgium. Switzerland. Morocco. Netherlands/Holland. Portugal. Spain. Canary Islands. Austria. Italy. Sicily. Slovakia. Russian Federation. Poland. Romania. Ukraine. Czech Republic. [ Croatia. Serbia. Montenegro - all former Yugoslavia]. Hungary. Bulgaria. Greece. Palestinian (Occupied) Territory. United Arab Emirates. Egypt. Iraq. Saudi Arabia. Iran (Islamic Republic Of). Israel. Lebanon. Cyprus. Turkey. India. Pakistan. Nepal. Mauritius. Senegal. South Africa. Kazakhstan. Singapore. Hong Kong. Malaysia. Japan. China. Taiwan. Thailand. Indonesia. Republic of Korea. Dominican Republic. Philippines. Vanuatu (South Pacific Islands). Australia. New Zealand.

No wonder I'm gobsmacked. Awesome's an understatement. **(N.B. The above list is now being continually updated/added to.) **

'Organisation' catergorised visitors include: many US and UK universities / colleges & other'education' establishments, the US Library of Congress, several worldwide government depts/offices, uk.pol(police), us.military,, US Senate Seargent-at-Arms, US Dept of Defence and The Pentagon!

So, a sincere super-sized thank you, to James Wolcott / Vanity Fair. You're a scholar and a gentlemen, sir. Without your mention and link, this would not have happened. You're one of a dying breed. I salute you. You're a genuine journalistt.

Elaine Supkis and your unique blog, "Culture of Life News 11" -- it would be criminal not to mention you. Well, a criminal I'm not -- so I will. If it hadn't been for your help, support and encouragement from day one -- how many would know now, what they didn't know then? I've said it before and I'll say it again -- I'm indebted, Elaine. My thanks.

To those who responded directly via my own "How THIS Old Brit Sees It" blog, and through Elaine's blog's link - goes appreciation aplenty.

My long time cyber friends, soul mates and kindred spirits at "Tap Alternate Politics" forum -- heck -- what can I say? Whenever I've needed any of you, for any reason at all, there you've always been. When I first began spreading the word about Galloway and the expected Senate shenanigans et al -- to whom did I first turn? To Tapans, that's who. One of the loveliest lots of 'un-ugly' Americans any foreign friend could meet. I'm proud to know you.

The same goes for many here at home in the UK. Some, who phoned, I've already thanked. Others who left messages, while my line was so busy -- in telephone-talk: " I'll get back to you."


** Eh? What's that I hear someone say ? This blog's starting to sound like some sort of Emmy acceptance speech? It's time to lighten up a little? OK, OK! You're the boss[es].

Thank you, Pretzeldent Gorge Slush, Dickhead Chainee, Donald Bumpsfelt, Concertina Lice, Colon-full-of-it-Bowel, John Asscrapped and Arsehole Schwartzwhatever. Indeed, thanks are due to so many of your pathetic plonkers of pals, that it's difficult to list them individually. So, neo-cons and Neanderthals. Fundies and their fellow freaks. Phonies, everywhere. Etc, etc. Thanks for bloody nothing! May you live in interesting times.

Thanks too, to Tony-the Liar-Blair. You've been the most marvelous motivator I've never met. Few fellow Englishmen could have commanded my concentrated contempt, like you have. Truly, Tone, not even Cherie babe. Not for all the flash-flats to be bought in Bath -- or was it Bristol? Heh. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Know what I mean? Say no more. Huh. Some socialist, you are, eh?

** There will now be a few hours intermission. This Old Brit has some r/l things to do, some places to be and some people to see. But don't go away; I'll be back.

17 May 2005

The World's Worst ...

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OK, stand by your beds. Now hear this. The world's worst, when it comes to crooked Iraqi oil smuggling, is America. The worst by far. And that's no idle or malicious conspiracy claim; it's official!

Well, so say some US Senators sitting on the Senate Permanent Subcommittee On Investigations, during the current investigation into [ pre invasion] Iraqi sanctions busting. So, just how much more 'official' would you like it?

Below, is just one quick clip & paste example of how the world today [Tuesday, May 17th] is being told the truth. The truth about rampant, big-buck racketeering on a serial scale, by the United States of America.

Whether or not this revelation gets the massive MSM coverage and outraged public response it merits, remains to be seen. But, never let it be said that 'This Old Brit' didn't do his usual damnedest, to help spread the full story.

Sitting comfortably? Got the popcorn? Then here we go.

** "The United States administration turned a blind eye to extensive sanctions-busting in the prewar sale of Iraqi oil, according to a new Senate investigation.

A report released last night by Democratic staff on a Senate investigations committee presents documentary evidence that the Bush administration was made aware of illegal oil sales and kickbacks paid to the Saddam Hussein regime but did nothing to stop them.

The scale of the shipments involved dwarfs those previously alleged by the Senate committee against UN staff and European politicians like the British MP, George Galloway, and the former French minister, Charles Pasqua.

In fact, the Senate report found that US oil purchases accounted for 52% of the kickbacks paid to the regime in return for sales of cheap oil - more than the rest of the world put together.

"The United States was not only aware of Iraqi oil sales which violated UN sanctions and provided the bulk of the illicit money Saddam Hussein obtained from circumventing UN sanctions," the report said. "On occasion, the United States actually facilitated the illicit oil sales. " **

The above excerpt comes from 'The Guardian'. There's a link at the page bottom, to the full story of all the dirty, double dealing that's been happening -- for years. There's another one to the BBC report on the same, sorry story. Bombshells -- both. At least, that's how they should be seen.

Next taster -- this time, from the BBC.

** " The US turned a blind eye to the former Iraq regime's $8bn trade in smuggled oil, a new US Senate report says.

The report says the US was well aware of both the smuggling and the kickbacks Iraq solicited from players in the UN's oil-for-food programme." **

I wonder if all this was meant to be blurred by rehashed claims George Galloway was the arch villain, eh? Along with the claims that the French [of course] were ' at it' as well. Oh, and how could I forget -- Anan and his UN crew, too. As well as the Russians, remember.

Oh, yeah. Sure. Uncle Tom-bloody-Cobley, and all.

Click on the links below, for more 'smoking gun oil ' stuff.,2763,1485649,00.html

15 May 2005

Queen Elizabeth's Parliament ...

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This coming Tuesday, 17th May, sees the Queen's annual 'parliamentary' speech -- wherein she announces 'her' government's plans for 'our' future.

However, it's important to understand, the possessive use of "her" is extremely misleading in this context. In reality, it's her government only in the same way it's my government, or yours. It's the political party in power that holds all actual 'power'. It is their government deciding, implementing and enforcing. As a 'figurehead,' the Queen is probably no more informed than her subjects are - before she receives her script.

Consider the reasonably recent revelations of Paul Burell, the late Princess Diana's butler. When, in the aftermath of her untimely death, he requested [by proxy] and was granted, a private audience with the Queen.

"Paul," he claims she said. "There are forces at work in this country, of which 'we' know nothing." Pointedly, this particular Burell claim was never denied. Nor has it ever been. Neither by the Queen herself, nor by the much wider officialdom of 'The Palace'.

All State occasions, like the upcoming opening of parliament, are presided over by the reigning monarch in a purely traditional and ceremonial way. Great wealth & privilege, and pomp & ceremony ... yes. Influence & respect ... maybe. But true, legal power ... no; our monarch has none. Indeed, since the mid seventeeth century and the English civil war[s] and ensuing revolution, neither has any other British monarch. Oliver Cromwell saw to that.

( ** Incidentally, it never ceases to amaze This old Brit, exactly how overlooked, or forgotten, or even unknown -- the English revolution, still is. Almost every Briton knows, to a varying degree, at least something of the American, French and Russian revolutions -- yet, little of their own. ** )

Today, Blair's third New-Labour government's latest plans make extremely interesting reading. What the current monarch thinks of the plans she is set to announce, isn't known. She'll merely do her duty. She'll simply read aloud, in public, a speech prepared by the politicians. What others think, remains to be seen.

The link below offers a taste of what's set to come to this country. A good insight too, into the intended further Americanization of this Britain; this green and pleasant land; this sceptered isle; this Blair's-Britain.

So much for Blair's brand of socialism.

Radical changes? This old Brit certainly thinks so. Desirable and/or acceptable changes? Judge for yourself.

Click for a preview and analysis of the Queen's forthcoming speech. And, God save us all.

13 May 2005

George Galloway ...

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How many times can one man be crucified? By how many different, baying mobs? In how many different ways? And, how many times can such man come back?

The story of George Galloway, ex-New Labour MP and serial thorn in Bush & Blair's sides, may well provide the answers. Though not before this extraordinary political maverick's saga reaches it's final chapter -- which remains, as yet, unwritten. Let's hope when it is, the last word goes to Galloway -- NOT to Bush nor Blair. Long may their [self-inflicted] worst nightmare continue.

In today's 'Guardian' is what's possibly the least 'agenderised' and 'fairest' article on Galloway, I've seen. Penned by media commentator, Roy Greenslade -- amongst may other things -- this genuinely honest journalist freely admits the following.

** He [ Galloway ] has regularly sued for libel and, worse still in the eyes of journalists, has always won, sometimes handsomely. I must declare an interest here: I have also lost to him in a libel action; but, unlike many who have suffered similarly, I bear him no grudge. **

Oh, that I had either the time or the journalistic ability to write as well as Greenslade. Oh, that I had just one miniscule, milli-per-cent of Greenslade's readership. No matter; nowadays there's not that much need. Thanks to the modern miracle of the web and the bite of the blog, I can bring to an even wider readership, his every relevant word. To further whet your appetite, here's another clip & paste -- this time, his opening paragraphs .

** I come not to praise George Galloway but - unlike almost the entire media - not to bury him either. There will be many who snort contemptuously when I say that Galloway is now more sinned against than sinning because he has become so unpopular with both the media and political elites that they regard him as outside the normal rules of the game.

Indeed, to defend him places the defender beyond the pale too. But the victim of what has all the hallmarks of a media feeding frenzy deserves a fair hearing, not only for his personal benefit, but for those he now represents -
and in order to confront journalists with their own misguided agendas.

In quick succession since his election victory last week in Bethnal Green and Bow, Galloway has been subjected to a television mauling by Jeremy Paxman, a radio sandbagging by the MP he defeated and a raft of newspaper headlines about a set of reheated allegations which he has not only strenuously denied but which ended with him winning a major libel action.

In spite of Galloway's court victory and the accumulated evidence in his favour, the BBC saw fit to lead its news bulletins yesterday with the story of supposedly "new" accusations that he received money from Saddam Hussein's Iraq through its oil-for-food programme. Yet the only difference between the claims made against Galloway by the Daily Telegraph in April 2003 and a US Senate subcommittee this week was that they were based on (already published) documents allegedly retrieved from Iraq's oil ministry rather than its foreign ministry - and not, as wrongly claimed, that they covered different periods.

In all other essentials, the allegations made by the Senate committee are the same as those originally outlined in the Telegraph articles that resulted in Galloway being awarded £150,000 in libel damages and £1.2m in costs, though an appeal against the high court ruling in his favour is still outstanding.

During the case Galloway successfully rebutted every point in the Telegraph story that led its journalists to conclude that he had profited from Saddam's government. So it's hardly any wonder that Galloway has found himself repeating his former denials. **

To read this full, 'fair and balanced' article, which I can't recommend highly enough, click on the link at the bottom. Then, if you're genuinely interested in helping a much maligned man like Galloway, please email links to this blog, to as many friends as possible.

If certain vested interests still think they'll always have things their own way, they're wrong. When we all work together, ordinary/regular people like ourselves can give them a short, sharp shock.

So, if you're as sick of the slimy 'spinners' as "This Old Brit" is -- please pass this on. If you're sincere in your search for truth; if you're tired of our lousy leaders' lies; if you're determined to ditch both them and their dirt; if you're positively puking at all their propaganda; if your blood is boiling; if your convictions are matched by your courage -- please, act today.

Get those emails out, now! The Galloway-U.S. Senate, charade looms large. It's only days away. Please, let everyone know, in time. Forewarned is forearmed.

In anticipation, I thank you for your help. I'm sure many others do/will, too.

* Link to the full Guardian/Greenslade/Galloway (must-read) article, below:,9115,1483078,00.html

12 May 2005

Don't ask ...

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Ever had one of those days? Well, today I certainly did. It came, and it went. That's about the best I can say about it. That's why today's blog isn't really a blog at all. Confused? Ha! Me too. I'm tired and mad as hell -- as well .

Here's how it went. First off, an obscenely early start. Second off, travel by public transport [yuk] to keep an appointment, on time, at the gastro-clinic; seven miles away. What a pity the clinic folk didn't keep to the appointment time, like I did. It ran a couple of hours late. Which almost meant me missing another appointment -- in the afternoon -- with the chiropodist.

If I hadn't gone without lunch, I would have missed it. Grrrr! And, all this racing around, at MY age. In MY state of health. I mean; I ASK you! Grrrr!

To make matters worse, it just happened to be the nicest, hottest day we've had this year. Know what I mean? The best yet! And there I am -- stuck in a succession of stupid places I did NOT want to be. Missing what I've been waiting for all year; a chance to sit sunning myself in the garden. Grrrr!

Well, eventually I did get back home. Eventually, I did have something to eat. Incidentally, a nice big, home-brewed pot of tea, too. Heh -- Brits and their tea, eh? Anyway, it was great out there in my little garden. Out in the sunshine. Happy as Larry. Lovely!

THEN, I fell fast asleep. Yep -- out in the sun -- the hottest sun this year. For far too long. Lovely -- NOT! Ever see anyone with a face like a ruddy, great lobster?

So, now, here I sit -- covered all over in cream. Forehead, sore as hell. Nose, throbbing like God knows what. Neck, red, red raw. Eyes, streaming, stinging and smarting. Head, banging away like mad.

I must be crazy. I'm way old enough to know better. I should have more sense. Silly old beggar. Maybe I should see a doctor.

Wait a minute. See another doctor? Again? Jeeze! What the hell am I saying? That's were we came in isn't it?

Arrgghh! Lemme outta here.


11 May 2005

Tsunami Scandal ...

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As if the recent Tsunami, in which almost 300,000 people perished, wasn't a big enough disaster in itself, salt is being rubbed into the still open wounds of survivors. What's happening - or rather what's NOT happening - is a shameful scandal, bordering on criminalty. The millions of sympathetic global citizens who, so willingly & generously, donated money to so many Tsunami related appeals, should be outraged. Indeed, whether giver or not, every single one of us should be.
On a day when so much publicity is given to a memorial service held in London's St Paul's cathedral, it pains me to report the reality of the continued suffering of Indonesians.
On a day when 300,000 rose petals [ one for each victim ] fall from atop St Paul's dome onto a great gathering, including our Queen and our Prime Minister, my blood boils.
On a day when so many decent human beings bow their heads, during two minutes silence, in rememberance and respect -- right thinking people everywhere should ensure that truth will out. Truth, such as I append below.

** Indonesia's post-tsunami recovery is at a near standstill and millions of people will be relying on aid from non-governmental organisations and international agencies for months, the head of the country's reconstruction body said yesterday. **

So said London's "Guardian" newspaper -- a mere 24 hours ago.

Unbelievable, indefenceable, unforgivable, incredible ; just a few of the words which spring to mind.

Here are more excerpts from yesterday's "Guardian."

** Kuntoro Mangkusubroto, appointed last week to run the rehabilitation and reconstruction agency for Aceh and Nias, said there was "no sense of [government] urgency" in Aceh and that "close to zero" of promised government funds had been disbursed. **

** "It's shocking. Very limited things have been done for the poor people," Mr Kuntoro, a former energy minister, said. "There are no roads being built, there are no bridges being built, there are no harbours being built. When it comes to reconstruction ..... zero." **

** Mr Kuntoro blamed a lack of coordination between government ministries and parliament for the failure to release any of the £325m earmarked for this year. **

Perhaps, Messrs Bush & Blair could bring some pressure to bear where it's obviously needed. Maybe, by gently whispering words like "regime change" in some of the right Indonesian, governmental ears. Hm, maybe ......... but I won't hold my breath.

Click on each of the links below to read and compare the real report regarding the current Tsunami shambles, with the 'infotainment' offering.

1. ) Real info:,15671,1480144,00.html

2. ) Info-tainment:

10 May 2005

Golden Brown ? ...

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Like many traditional Labour voters, for a long time I saw Gordon Brown as a light at the end of Blair's 'New' Labour tunnel. Latterly, I've had serious second thoughts. Each passing day, the Golden-Boy-Chancellor's image, tarnishes further. Now the election's over, the hurley-burley of the campaign smoke-screen, no longer obscures reality.

Last month saw UK high-street spending slump dramatically. Down 4.7% on the previous April's figure, it was the worst drop in 10 years -- likewise, the latest monthly drop in production. Now, with massive job losses at MG Rover and Marconi, and increasing lay offs by IBM and other manufacturers, things don't seem set to improve. ABN-Amro, the big City bank, predicts this is just the start of things yet to come. According to them, over half a million more jobs may go in the next three years.

The end of Britain's 'economic miracle' of sustained growth, seems close. Apparently, even the 'City' has been been caught napping. Philip Shaw, chief economist of Investec, is reported in today's Daily Mail as saying our economy's performance has become "appalling". Shaw says he's revising down his own economic growth forecast to "substantially below" Brown's prediction for 2005/6.

One influential man who says all this comes as no surprise to him, is the Director General of the British Chamber of Commerce, David Frost. [ No. Not TV's David Frost.] Unfortunately, Mr Frost didn't shout loud nor long enough, as far as millions of UK voters [ including 'This Old Brit'] are concerned.

Respected 'City' editor and financial commentator, Alex Brummer, today spoke of Brown's March budget. He said, " ... the rose-tinted prospect of rapid growth, low inflation and interest rates and stability in public finances," presented then, has already "given way to gloom and despair." Weight is added to this by Consumer Affairs Correspondent, Sean Poulter, who writes that the 'Land Registry' registered a massive 35% drop in house sales in the last 12 months.

Gordon Brown's halcyon days are over. For the first time in many years in the UK, the 'r' word is being whispered; recession.

No wonder Blair called a General Election before he had to -- he knew what was coming. No wonder Brown put aside his 'perma-spat' with his boss, to help him campaign. Brown knew what was coming too -- better than Blair did.

"Et tu, Gordon?"

09 May 2005

Afghanistan Update ...

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I wonder if Pooty-Pooh asked Bush how things were in Afghanistan, as they drove that silly little car around Moscow? I doubt it. But, I'll bet he's glad as hell it's not his problem any more.

I wonder too, why neither the White House Press corps, nor the US media in general, ask much about Afghanistan nowadays? I also wonder, why US politicians shy away.? And, I wonder why the majority of the US public seem to suffer Afghan-amnesia? I guarantee, it's still to the forefront of the minds' of the families of troops still over there.

But, that's me; I wonder about many things. It's one of the side-effects of my disabilities.

Maybe I should explain my disabilities. I was one of those people born with both a brain and a conscience.

Things gradually got worse as I got older. First, I got a half decent education. As the years went by, I began to travel -- quite extensively. I met and mixed with, all kinds of people. Foreigners, even. Some of them actually spoke a foreign language; some spoke several. Many had different cultures, aspirations, beliefs, religions, politics, values, standards and so on.

Wow! Spooky! Just like the movies, eh?

Can you believe some of them weren't even white? Yeah, really. Mindblowing, isn't it? A veritable multiplicity of skin pigmentation; brown, black, olive, yellow and all sorts of shades between. Many were poor and hungry, downtrodden and exploited, misinformed and manipulated, used and abused, and misled and lied to by their honourable leaders. [Isn't that unusual? ] Maybe, worst of all, most of them dared to be honest, decent, everyday ordinary/regular, working folk. Phew! Can you credit that, eh?

So far, no one's come up with cures for my ailments. Not for me the luxuries some others take for granted. Try as they may, the powers that be still haven't managed to 'get me into good shape'. I'm no nearer to becoming a sociopath or an ignoramus than I ever was. Amazing, isn't it? I mean, in this, the 21st century. You know, these high-tech, ultra-civilised, socially & medically enlightened times -- these times of so many 'freedoms.'

Anyhow, I'll risk being accused of having only 'self-inflicted' injuries, I'll come right out and confess. I'm compelled to continue learning. I'll admit it; I can't help it; it's become a habit; one I just can't kick. How else could I explain finding & speaking the truth so often? Let's face it -- I'm hooked?

But, back to business.

The war in Afghanistan is over; it has been for a long time. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Blair and their ilk, told us all so -- so it must be right. Right? Yeah -- the Afghan war is over -- like slavery is over. Like the dark ages are. Like feudalism is. Like inequality is. Like fascism is. Like bigotry and persecution are. Right? ............... Huh!

Witness this piece from today's edition of a UK, national daily newspaper -- "The Independent." Read the excerpts I've copied & pasted, first -- then hit the link shown below, for the full article.

** In the first, a US unit and Afghan police were ambushed by fighters. Six American soldiers were injured including two who had their legs blown off.

Helicopter gunships and A-10 attack aircraft strafed the guerrillas. Then, after nightfall, a Spectre aircraft raked them with fire from chain guns. Two days later, the military announced 44 "enemy" had been killed including Chechen and Pakistani al-Qa'ida fighters.

Also in the south, in Kandahar province, an Afghan National Army patrol and their American trainer were ambushed by the Taliban. Ten were killed and an American soldier was wounded. In subsequent air attacks around 20 guerrillas were killed.

Surprised? You will be; probably shocked too. Perhaps you'll even be sickened. Here's a bit more:

** The US still has nearly 17,000 combat troops in the country, mostly in the south and east, and 5,000 British soldiers are expected to start taking over many of their operations at the end of this year.

For over three years the Taliban have fought a guerrilla war from bases on the Pakistan side of the border. Hundreds of fighters have died, mainly boys recruited in schools who are often slaughtered by heavily armed US forces.

The war, long overshadowed by Iraq, has resulted in the deaths of around 140 US troops, and it costs the US around $10bn (£5.3bn) a year.

Here's the link:

08 May 2005

V E - DAY ...

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Sir Winston Spencer Churchill and General Dwight D. Eisenhower -- along with around 50 more million war-dead -- must be turning in their graves. It's Sunday 8th May 2005 - the 60th anniversary of VE DAY (Victory in Europe) -- and the once proud UK and US find themselves saddled with the 'Blood-Brothers,' Tony Blair and George W. Bush. Think: Laurel & Hardy from Hell.

Speaking of 'thinking' -- old 'Winnie' and 'Ike' are more likely spinning, than turning. From giants to pygmies, in sixty short years. Some victor's spoils, we inherited, eh? The world's historians, when they write of our current times, won't be able to resist it; "The Great Leap Backward".

In the last few weeks, so much has been written by so many. I'd be hard pressed to better most of it - so I wont even try.

Instead, may I simply make a suggestion? Whether you need enlightening or reminding -- visit the special, BBC online pages. They are linked below. They contain other VE DAY links -- to several relevant written, visual and audio reports. It also includes links to 'wider' WW2 portals.

*** An excerpt from one BBC link:

" 1945: Rejoicing at end of war in EuropeThe Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, has officially announced the end of the war with Germany.

In a message broadcast to the nation from the Cabinet room at Number 10, he said the ceasefire had been signed at 0241 yesterday at the American advance headquarters in Rheims.

Huge crowds, many dressed in red, white and blue, gathered outside Buckingham Palace in London and were cheered as the King, Queen and two Princesses came out onto the balcony.
Earlier tens of thousands of people had listened intently as the King's speech was relayed by loudspeaker to those who had gathered in Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square.

Winston Churchill made a broadcast to the nation, and in his wonderful and dramatic way told us that war was over ...

1. )

People's War memories »



07 May 2005

It's OK if you're Saudi ...

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Towel-headed, Ay-rabs is evil! At least, that's what the wider world constantly hears being preached, from the gospel according to Bush. That is, unless they're Saudi-Ay-rabs, of course.

In a week when deaths amongst his Iraqi policemen & soldier allies pass the 2,000 mark, and their wounded toll touches 4,000 - Dubya starts spouting again.

This time it's Syria's turn to take flack. They're a threat to America, Bush says. Then he goes on about the usual WMD stuff. Syria's either got then, could be going to get them, may have thought about them, could have read about them, might have had a dream about them -- or yar-dee-bloody-here-we-go-again-dar. Whatever. It's still as big a load of lies, as ever.

In spite of the fact Bushcrew keep insisting the murderous 'insurgents' are not the nice, ordinary Iraqi people -- but fanatical foreign infiltrators -- what does he do? Rather, what does he do that makes any sense? Well, sense to anyone but his most dimwitted, brainwashed, Rethuglican, Neanderthals, that is.

I'll tell you one thing the barmy bugger does. He pretends he knows nothing about Syria just having announced it has recently captured, and is holding, around 150 wannabe insurgents. These are fundamentalist, would-be fighters who Syria has recently caught trying to sneak across the Iraqi border. These are exactly the extremist-nutter-types who are, and have for so long, wreaked the mayhem in Iraq.

The Bush maladministration stays silent on all such successful, Syrian border swoops. It's difficult to understand why, you may think. Well, it's not that difficult really. Not if you live anywhere in the world where you can read genuine 'free press' reporting. Not if your choice of TV news viewing isn't limited to Fox and/or CNN.

Instead of being hard to figure, it's straightforward & simple. The guys who Syria is now serially snatching -- smoking guns et al -- are invariably all Saudi-Ay-rabs.

Silly, old Syria, eh? Haven't they heard? Don't they know? It's OK if you're Saudi.

Oh, shit! ...

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On the day Tony Blair won a third term, as if that wasn't in itself crappy enough news, I read what follows below. Although the relevant couple of column inches were in the print version of today's Daily Mirror [6th May] this story can't be found in the online edition; you'll need to take my word it's true. When you read it I'm sure you'll agree it just HAS to be true; neither myself nor anyone else could have dreamed-up such stupid, shit.

* "New taxes on horse dung sparked fury among farmers yesterday," the piece begins. "Some stables and livery yards will have to pay nearly £500 to store droppings for use as manure - as it will be deemed industrial waste. They will be charged £252 for loads up to 50 tons and £482 for anything bigger."

The Mirror explains it's all down to the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs -- aka 'Defra'. They've brought out these cazy new tax rules, due to come into force on 1st July.

"You wonder what the problem is," said Duncan Brown of the Association of British Riding School's in Penzance, Cornwall. "Manure's been spread for as long as land's been farmed."

A National Farmers Union member, was far more forthcoming. "It's another example of Defra bullshit, " he said. " How will they enforce it? Send in Manure inspectors? Send in shit-sniffer dogs?"

When asked to comment, Defra pooh-poohed any public concern. Seemingly, they refused to reconsider or to look further into the matter, and kept a poe-face when insisting: "It's important manure is dealt with appropriately and safely."

Says this reporter: "Oh, really? No shit?

I ask you, is it any wonder so many country folk are accusing Blair's tax-men of 'doing the dirty' on them? In my opinion, the whole sorry mess simply stinks!

06 May 2005

Begining of the end, for Blair ...

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Britain's general election took place yesterday. My dream was that Labour would retain power; albeit with a greatly reduced majority. And, that the Liberal Democrats would do well. Ideally, I hoped they'd get enough parliamentry seats to give them a very strong bargaining position. Well, it seems my dreams came true. As a bonus, Michael 'Dracula' Howard, the Conservative leader, has today announced he's standing down.

There are still a few results pending; it's all over bar the shouting though. The overall outcome isn't going to change. Tony Blair's ever growing, Pinocchio-nose, proved to be too easy a target. A target so big, it had become virtually impossible to miss. The British voting public took aim, fired and -- BANG -- bulls-eye!

A Conservative victory would have brought no better a government for the UK, than Blair & his crony's had. Almost certainly, a worse one, in fact. Charles Kennedy's Liberal Democrats were never going to come out number one -- well, not this time. The majority of UK voters understood this. That's why this year has seen, probably the most sophisticated, tactically-fought election, ever.

The bottom line is, no matter what spin the Blair boys & babes are bound to spout -- their dear Tone has lost his party almost 100 seats -- inside 15 hours! That means almost 100 of their parliamentary party mates woke up this morning -- sacked/fired/kaput! Unemployed, jobless, on the dole, kicked off the gravy train; call it what you will.

The British people have shown they still hold considerable power. They've shown they don't ALL have defectively short memories. They've said loud & clear that they'll no longer have their intelligence insulted.

With 62 seats, it's not since the nineteen twenties, under Llyod George, that the Liberals have been in such a strong position. Interestingly, it was the then newly emerging, new-fangled Labour party who were the 'third party' in those days; the Liberals ruled.

My own constituency's Labour MP, the arse licking, Blair-Babe, Clair Curtis Thomas, managed to hold her seat, but her share of the vote was down 6.5%. The Lib Dems grabbed a 4.5% increase from that loss.

Special congratulations must go to ex Labour MP, George Galloway. He was the first MP [of any party] brave enough to stand up in Parliament and call Blair a liar, straight to his face -- long before Michael Howard did. What a price Galloway paid, though. The 'Dept of Dirty Tricks' sprung into overdrive. M16 helped Blair's government do it's worst. In Galloway they found a man who took the gloves off; a bare knucle, politcal street-fighter if ever there was one. He couldn't be allowed to go on the way he was -- daring to take on and expose the stinking 'system'. Not for him the old school style, debating society. He said it how it was. He pulled no punches. Had he been in America, he'd have been 'Wellstoned' -- take my word for it.

For his pains, he was vilified then crucified. All manner of allegations of treason, etc, were hurled at him by the Blair bunch. Documents 'proving' he was on Sadam's payroll were 'found' - in the rubble of Iraq. Documents which were later proved to be forgeries. They'd been 'found', just like the infamous passport atop the WTC , 9/11 rubble. The Iraq 'find' was made 'accidentally' by a journalist, who just happened to work for the shadowy 'establishment's' [un]official organ -- The Daily Telegraph. Later, after assasinating Galloway's character and horribly humiliating the man himself, he was denied the Labour whip, and kicked out of the party.

Well, he went away, licked and healed his wounds, then planned his revenge. He started a new, virtually one-man-band, party -- the anti-war party "Respect". Last night, he returned to parliment, in triumph. He ousted a sitting New-Labour MP; a real Blair-Babe. In his acceptance speech, he was as bold as ever: " This is for Iraq, Tony Blair," he said. He also railed about "All the lives you[Blair] have lost. All the lies you have told." Adding:" The best thing the Labour Party can do -- is sack [fire] you!"

I'm certain, that only for fear of invalidating/spoiling their votes, millions of others would have attached exactly those sentiments to their poll papers yesterday.

It's been a hectic few days; it's been a veritable, whirlwind of a 48 hour period. There's still lots I've not mentioned. Watch this space .......................

Oh, I almost forgot; one more thing. Thanks for all your help, George Bush. We couldn't have hoped to bloody Blair's nose, nor clipped his wings the way we have, without you. Thank you for being such a brilliant 'uniter'. Ha!

04 May 2005

Cherie and I ...

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I blew it today; I missed my big chance. Cherie Blair and I were only feet apart -- really! Problem was, I was sat inside a bus, looking through a window trying to see what a kerbside commotion was about. Then, I did see. Cherie Blair was there -- in the middle of it all. If I hadn't been heading to a doctor's appointment, I swear I'd have jumped off that bus at the very next stop.

Just a few hours away from the general election, and here she was; slumming it, back in her old neighbourhood. The neighbourhood she grew up in -- just a five minute walk from my house. The neighbourhood where, this year, the Conservatives have put up a brand new candidate hoping to oust our incumbent Labour MP. An incumbent who's a noted, toadying, can't-see-any-wrong-in-him, Blair-babe. I refer, of course, to the millionaire's-mansion-dwelling, so-called socialist, Ms Claire Curtis-Thomas.

Tony Blair's New Labour party must be worried -- sending their 'First Lady' all the way up here to Merseyside; a world away, from Downing Street. And well they might be. The Tories now have a 'local girl' to fight for our local seat. I should quickly add, I no more want to see her win, than I do Cherie's husband's lackey.

The Conservative's new girl on the block, Debi Jones, is, to coin a phrase, a political virgin; it's her first time standing for parliament. But, she's very well known and well loved around here. She's a long time, local radio show hostess cum home grown celebrity. She's lived in the area with her family, all her life. Her father's well known too; he runs a decent sized local business.

Anyhow, I'd been on the bus only a few minutes when I noticed a considerable gathering of people, up ahead. A traffic mini-gridlock was apparent too; involving a bus heading toward us, that had stopped in the middle of the road to disembark passengers. The bus bay was blocked by a police car and a much bigger, much flashier car. Both, illegally parked and causing considerable chaos.

Our bus driver alerted us first. He's been muttering [ to himself and anyone else listening] about stupid, inconsiderate parkers -- and how he had a timetable to keep to. The usual, British "bloody" coupled with "stupid policemen" was distinctly heard coming from his direction -- several times.

Eventually, we got moving again. "Ha! Look who it is!" he yelled, as we approached the gathered crowd. "It's Cherie Blair!"

Everyone strained to see. " Typical! One rule for them and one rule for the rest of us!" our driver continued. "She'll be helping people get killed here in the middle of the bloody road, next -- as well as in Iraq."

We'd not built up much speed and the driver slowed even more so we all could get a close up view. As we passed Cherie, the whole bus spontaneously burst into animated, discussion[s]. Some of them quickly became fairly heated, as [disappointingly] there seemed as many pro-Blair's as anti-Blair's aboard.

Call me nasty if you like, but I swear that as fast as Tony's Pinoccio-nose grows, so does Cherie's ear-to-ear grinning mouth. Gawd, what a gob that girl's got!

Thinking about it now, some hours later, maybe it's as well we were separated by bus window glass. Had we not been, maybe I'd have said too much. Maybe I'd have ended up taking another ride today; a ride in a police car.

I cheered up a bit, later on at the surgery. The doctor said my latest test result was excellent. Now, if only tomorrow's result is just half as good.

03 May 2005

Ladies ...

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First it was Laura Bush with her wise cracks, now there's another 1st lady grabbing the headlines -- this time, literally. Witness the weirdo antics of Lucy, wife of Mwai Kibaki, President of African, Kenya. [Both, pictured above.]

Brandishing a copy of the Kenyan newspaper, 'The Daily Nation' -- at midnight last night she stormed the offices of 'Nation Media Group' to stage a personal, all-night, 'sit-in' protest. And, her protest was anything but a peaceful one, according to a BBC report today. Here's a snippet:

* She was angry over reports of how she had interrupted a farewell party for outgoing World Bank Kenya director, saying the music was too loud. She slapped a cameraman and seized mobile phones and notebooks.

Mrs Kibaki said reports about her and her family were "unkind". "If you think Kenyans are blind, and not intelligent, you cheat yourselves," she said. "They know who are the people you support in this country. But you don't have to ruin the lives of others by being so nasty."

Speaking on World Press Freedom Day, cameraman Clifford Derrick said he was "terrified at the way she was behaving" when she slapped him "hard" for refusing to give her his camera.

Apparently, the 1st Lady in question is well known at home for being a real tough cookie, and as someone definitely not to be trifled with. Ironic, isn't it, that the newspaper piece she took such exception to, concerned other wild behaviour of her's?.

She'd three times arrived at her celebrity neighbour's home, demanding the volume on a hi-fi be lowered. On one visit, she personally tried to disconnect the neighbour's electricity supply. On another, she arrived surrounded by a posse of armed guards, and at one point phoned the local police station demanding the neighbour's immediate arrest.

It's not known what her husband thinks of all this. Heh. I'm not surprised. President or no President; just one wrong word .... and .... and .... well .... can you imagine?

Incidentally, talking about ladies and words and all, did you see Condoleeza Rice's recent TV news performance? The usually ice cool, 2nd Lady of America seemed to get a little flustered, from what I've heard. Well, either she got flustered or she's been getting lessons in gobbledygook, from her boss.

She was asked about her lack of a husband. "I don't see these as choices somehow," she said. "I see them as the way life has unfolded. Life has unfolded the way life has unfolded .... I believe it's unfolded as it should have. And I'm awfully glad that it's unfolded this particular way."

So there we are then; clear enough?