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29 May 2005

The 'George-anizing' of Downing Street ...

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Bang! Bang! Bang! Here's what hit me this morning - straight from the Sunday papers.

  • "Blair bans tradesmen from using front door of Number 10."
  • "End to classless Downing Street."
  • "PM's plan for 'below-stairs types' is just part of his presidential ambitions ..."

Needless to say, exactly as intended, those three 'hooks' grabbed me; I had to read on.

** "He [ Blair] demands a new 'tradesmen's entrance' at the back of Downing Street, where 'below-stairs types' can come and go out of sight."


** "The new service would bring a symbolic end to a 'classless' Downing Street where for centuries everyone used the same entrance."

Jonathan Oliver, political correspondent to 'The Mail on Sunday,' also revealed the following.

** " ... £10 million refurbishment of the Prime Minister's residence -- code-named: 'PROJECT GEORGE'.

The first plans were drafted after President George W. Bush's state visit to Downing Street in 2003. A Whitehalll insider said: "Some of the Americans were a little surprised at exactly how small Downing Street was when they came to visit."

So, some of the Bushcrew were surprised,' eh?

Well, that's certainly no surprise. Welcome to the real 'free world' guys.

Conservative Shadow Foreign Secretary, Liam Fox, literally jumped at the chance to say: " Arrangements that have been perfectly sound for previous Prime Ministers appear to be not good enough for the current occupant ... ". He added, "This plan is more evidence of his [Blair's] presidential ambitions."

'This old Brit' wonders who's set to shell out the £10 million for this. Certainly not George, I'll wager.

Incidentally, as I've mentioned before - the online 'Mail' omits much of it's print-edition copy from it's web site. Unfortunately, including this 'Project George' piece.


** NOW- on a different topic - here's a great link that can be accessed.

It's from today's 'Observer,' and it cheered me up no end. It's all about the 'boom' and the 'bite of blogging - all around the world.

Here's a taster.

** "There is, writes Virginia Postrel in her column on, 'something about blogs [that] makes a lot of respectable journalists hyperventilate. News pros seem terribly threatened by online amateurs." **

"GOOD!" Says 'This Old Brit'. It's about time something woke up some of these 'press-release-re-witers'.

Here's another excerpt.

** "Conversely, good reporting and intelligent commentary is passed from blog to blog and spreads like wildfire beyond the jurisdiction in which it was originally published. This can only be good for journalism in the long run, if only because, as my mother used to say, sunlight is the best disinfectant. " **

Click below to read John Naughton's 'Observer' piece -- in praise of blogs, blogging and bloggers:,6903,1494564,00.html


Blogger JulieDee said...

I had always thought of activists as the Lysol of the issues... but in todays hyperbole rich world of news reporting, maybe that job has fallen to us. Well more like to YOU Richard! After all, one can't get away with claiming that I never stretch a point for very long!

11:51 pm  
Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

Upstairs, downstairs! Yup. What next? Bowing and scrapping? Or how about kow towing?

I do hope the good burgesses of London have the gumption of the good people of Liverpool...they have put feet down before, haven't they?

11:52 pm  
Blogger D.F. Facti said...

Another illusion shattered. I thought Dubya was a regular guy and Tony B Liar his really cool friend with an excellent British accent.

"They feign alike, they spin alike,
At times they even cheat alike --
You can lose your mind,
When cousins are two of a kind."
(Remember The Patty Duke show?)

5:44 am  
Blogger Richard said...

Julie, We're all in the same boat with these so called 'leaders,' so we've ALL got to keep rocking the boat.

1:50 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Elaine, we sure have. And, one of these fine days we will again.

1:51 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Cosmic, I call them the 'Blood Brothers'.

BTW, there's a real blast from the past - Patty Duke. Heh.

1:53 pm  
Blogger JulieDee said...

My Gods Cosmic... Patty Duke, when a lot of money and a bit of child abuse could guarantee you a #1 hit show for 4 years running!

Elaine, I thought knee pads were already required for audiences with His Majesty George II...

7:31 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Julie, I think knee-pads are a great idea -- so long as it's Georgie boy wearing them. ;^)

7:43 pm  
Blogger JulieDee said...

See, that's the problem... WE always get stuck with it! SHEEZE!

5:56 pm  

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