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20 May 2005

Presidents? ... Read 'This Old Brit' ? ...

Horst Kohler

I often read the [Tory] 'Daily Mail' if I'm in the mood for a laugh. Today was such a day.

Like lots of wannabe 'with-it' publications, it invariably misses the cut. Today was such a day.

Pay, and there's usually plenty in the print edition. Read the free online version, and get pretty much what you pay for. Comprendo?

There's no available link, so trust me on this. If you read my German piece yesterday you'll soon get what I'm saying. Here's what the Mail said.

** "Britain's obsession with the Nazi period is to blame for a negative view of Germans."
So said German president, Herr Horst Kohler, while addressing a Berlin conference yesterday.
[ The conference was aimed at fostering improved Anglo-German relations. (Heh!) ]

He went on to say that he thought the British education system was a major factor in continuing tensions between the two countries.
The Brits "concentrate too much on the Third Reich" period whenever dealing with German history, he claimed.

Moreover, according to Mr Kohler -- research showed that one third of young Brits believed Germans were "arrogant, impolite and of course, lacking a sense of humour".

He didn't reveal to which country's research he referred. [Try saying that yourself, when you're not sober.]

"I'm sure there are examples for all these but it's equally true that generalizations are wrong," he added.

Then, he called for other periods of Germany history to be introduced to the British education curriculum.

He didn't say whether or not the 1914-1918 period would be more appropriate and/or more acceptable.

Well, Mr Kohler's completely convinced me. He, at least, is a German with a sense of humour.

Well, he certainly made me laugh.

By the way.

Seeing as we're speaking of laughing -- and of the Daily Mail -- today it said a bit about Blair's pain in his back. Huh!

I call it Karma, Tone.
You've been a real pain in the arse to millions of us - for years.



Blogger Richard said...


I've checked without clicking on either of your links. Your blog - it ain't a real one - and your IP is dubious.

No way I am silly enough to click on any of your stupid spam links - of which you've now posted several across my blog site.

I'd strongly advise EVERYONE else against visiting any of your links either.

By all means though, waste YOUR own time boosting MY hits here @ 'This Old Brit'. I say again - by all means.

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Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

Richard, to eliminate him, just click on the wastebasket icon on the comments window. This is when you click on "comments" yourself.

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Blogger Richard said...

Thanks, Elaine. I hadn't realised I could delete posts so easily. As you can now see - phhfftt! - he's gone.

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Blogger JulieDee said...

Yes darling, insta-spam-be-gone!

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