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12 May 2005

Don't ask ...

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Ever had one of those days? Well, today I certainly did. It came, and it went. That's about the best I can say about it. That's why today's blog isn't really a blog at all. Confused? Ha! Me too. I'm tired and mad as hell -- as well .

Here's how it went. First off, an obscenely early start. Second off, travel by public transport [yuk] to keep an appointment, on time, at the gastro-clinic; seven miles away. What a pity the clinic folk didn't keep to the appointment time, like I did. It ran a couple of hours late. Which almost meant me missing another appointment -- in the afternoon -- with the chiropodist.

If I hadn't gone without lunch, I would have missed it. Grrrr! And, all this racing around, at MY age. In MY state of health. I mean; I ASK you! Grrrr!

To make matters worse, it just happened to be the nicest, hottest day we've had this year. Know what I mean? The best yet! And there I am -- stuck in a succession of stupid places I did NOT want to be. Missing what I've been waiting for all year; a chance to sit sunning myself in the garden. Grrrr!

Well, eventually I did get back home. Eventually, I did have something to eat. Incidentally, a nice big, home-brewed pot of tea, too. Heh -- Brits and their tea, eh? Anyway, it was great out there in my little garden. Out in the sunshine. Happy as Larry. Lovely!

THEN, I fell fast asleep. Yep -- out in the sun -- the hottest sun this year. For far too long. Lovely -- NOT! Ever see anyone with a face like a ruddy, great lobster?

So, now, here I sit -- covered all over in cream. Forehead, sore as hell. Nose, throbbing like God knows what. Neck, red, red raw. Eyes, streaming, stinging and smarting. Head, banging away like mad.

I must be crazy. I'm way old enough to know better. I should have more sense. Silly old beggar. Maybe I should see a doctor.

Wait a minute. See another doctor? Again? Jeeze! What the hell am I saying? That's were we came in isn't it?

Arrgghh! Lemme outta here.



Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

Too many poltergeister in your garden disguised as gnomes.

2:07 am  
Blogger Richard said...

Huh! Disguised as cat-crap, more like, Elaine.
I forgot to mention the cat-crap.
Even though I love the fury little lovies as I do, I swear to God, I'll 'swing' for that one next door!

2:22 am  

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