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08 May 2005

V E - DAY ...

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Sir Winston Spencer Churchill and General Dwight D. Eisenhower -- along with around 50 more million war-dead -- must be turning in their graves. It's Sunday 8th May 2005 - the 60th anniversary of VE DAY (Victory in Europe) -- and the once proud UK and US find themselves saddled with the 'Blood-Brothers,' Tony Blair and George W. Bush. Think: Laurel & Hardy from Hell.

Speaking of 'thinking' -- old 'Winnie' and 'Ike' are more likely spinning, than turning. From giants to pygmies, in sixty short years. Some victor's spoils, we inherited, eh? The world's historians, when they write of our current times, won't be able to resist it; "The Great Leap Backward".

In the last few weeks, so much has been written by so many. I'd be hard pressed to better most of it - so I wont even try.

Instead, may I simply make a suggestion? Whether you need enlightening or reminding -- visit the special, BBC online pages. They are linked below. They contain other VE DAY links -- to several relevant written, visual and audio reports. It also includes links to 'wider' WW2 portals.

*** An excerpt from one BBC link:

" 1945: Rejoicing at end of war in EuropeThe Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, has officially announced the end of the war with Germany.

In a message broadcast to the nation from the Cabinet room at Number 10, he said the ceasefire had been signed at 0241 yesterday at the American advance headquarters in Rheims.

Huge crowds, many dressed in red, white and blue, gathered outside Buckingham Palace in London and were cheered as the King, Queen and two Princesses came out onto the balcony.
Earlier tens of thousands of people had listened intently as the King's speech was relayed by loudspeaker to those who had gathered in Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square.

Winston Churchill made a broadcast to the nation, and in his wonderful and dramatic way told us that war was over ...

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