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07 May 2005

It's OK if you're Saudi ...

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Towel-headed, Ay-rabs is evil! At least, that's what the wider world constantly hears being preached, from the gospel according to Bush. That is, unless they're Saudi-Ay-rabs, of course.

In a week when deaths amongst his Iraqi policemen & soldier allies pass the 2,000 mark, and their wounded toll touches 4,000 - Dubya starts spouting again.

This time it's Syria's turn to take flack. They're a threat to America, Bush says. Then he goes on about the usual WMD stuff. Syria's either got then, could be going to get them, may have thought about them, could have read about them, might have had a dream about them -- or yar-dee-bloody-here-we-go-again-dar. Whatever. It's still as big a load of lies, as ever.

In spite of the fact Bushcrew keep insisting the murderous 'insurgents' are not the nice, ordinary Iraqi people -- but fanatical foreign infiltrators -- what does he do? Rather, what does he do that makes any sense? Well, sense to anyone but his most dimwitted, brainwashed, Rethuglican, Neanderthals, that is.

I'll tell you one thing the barmy bugger does. He pretends he knows nothing about Syria just having announced it has recently captured, and is holding, around 150 wannabe insurgents. These are fundamentalist, would-be fighters who Syria has recently caught trying to sneak across the Iraqi border. These are exactly the extremist-nutter-types who are, and have for so long, wreaked the mayhem in Iraq.

The Bush maladministration stays silent on all such successful, Syrian border swoops. It's difficult to understand why, you may think. Well, it's not that difficult really. Not if you live anywhere in the world where you can read genuine 'free press' reporting. Not if your choice of TV news viewing isn't limited to Fox and/or CNN.

Instead of being hard to figure, it's straightforward & simple. The guys who Syria is now serially snatching -- smoking guns et al -- are invariably all Saudi-Ay-rabs.

Silly, old Syria, eh? Haven't they heard? Don't they know? It's OK if you're Saudi.


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