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31 October 2006

Parliamentary Investigation Into Iraq War - Another Bloodied Nose For Blair ...

Today could have turned out to be a brilliant day for Britain. And, a brilliant day for millions of caring, concerned, civilised British citizens of conscience too -- including of course yours truly, Richard & This Old Brit.

Alas, it was not to be. Not today anyway.

However, here via the BBC is part of what did happen.

Once again, Tony Blair has narrowly avoided a defeat over the biggest single issue to have battered and even defined his premiership - Iraq.

After a heated and sometimes emotional Commons debate, and despite the Tories lining up with other opposition parties and Labour rebels, a move to force a fresh inquiry into the war was defeated.

But the vote - which was close but not as bad as it might have been for Mr Blair - was another graphic reminder, if any was needed, of the divisions the war has sparked on the Labour benches and the bitterness still felt by some towards the prime minister's actions.

Blair, being the bombastic bastard he's become, probably believes he's won another battle. But the question that is begged is this; what manner of a bollixed, no-brainer of man is it who belligerently battles on regardless - when almost everyone else realises that the war is already over? And that both he and his bloodthirsty buddy, barmy G.W. Bush, lost it -- a long time ago.

So, he and his governmental henchmen scraped through by just 25 votes, eh?

Some sort of super victory, eh?

Something special to celebrate, eh?

Especially if one remembers that Blair's overall majority in the house is actually 66. And that at the election before the last one, it had been 167. And that prior to that, it was once as high as 179.

Well, then. What the hell, we wonder, will it take to get through to Tone-the-twit?

What will it take to tell him that he's a loser? And a lousy loser at that.

Here's more from today's BBC report re;parliament.

Defeat would not have required Mr Blair's resignation, but it would have represented a significant new blow to his authority in his last months as premier and as he continues to face pressure from many on his own side to quit Downing Street long before the May deadline he appears to have in mind.

As it is, he may have won the day, but once again Iraq has emerged as the biggest issue on which Tony Blair is constantly being judged.

Read the rest of the report right here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like most Labor MPs are as spineless as the Dem congress critters.

They should worry. They're enjoying cushy jobs and easy lives, in power or opposition. Makes no difference to them. The pay checks still roll in.

10:32 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

Blair hs NO shame or sense of decency or consience or honour. To mention but a few things. Nor do his cohorts. Nor does anyone who casts any vote ever again for any of them.

4:10 pm  
Blogger Gert said...

There's unlikely to ever be an inquiry, IMHO. They will keep putting it off and will keep using the argument of "British soldiers in harms way" until the last soldier has left Iraq, which could take another ten years. By that time the British Public will have moved on... Classical delaying tactics...

Good post.

5:18 pm  
Anonymous phil said...

I hate Blair. Yes, really. But having said that, I really believe he's scared of upsetting Bush. Yes, really.

Bush and co are gangsters. Yes, really. They stop at nothing. And everyone knows it. You upset them at your peril. Yes, really. Look at what they did to Wellstone;a fellow American. And to others.
The police and even the judiciary are scared of them too, as they know better than most what befalls those who tread on BushCo's toes.

And no, I am not crazy. I am just a realist who is NOT scared to say what I believe.

5:19 pm  
Anonymous whoever said...

Blair? He just a plain old fashioned pathological liar. It's been proven on countless occaisions.

He's a sociopath too. Another one of 'em.

6:30 pm  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

I don't know how everyone voted here specifically but it feels like Labour protecting itself rather than Blair who ceased being an asset some time ago. They know people just want them out and this would loom heavily over Brown as well. So it looks like the soiled Labour party putting itself before what is right and neccessary.

The truth is Blair should have been impeached ages ago anyway, and yes a great many of Labour's MPs are wretched disgusting creatures so it's no surprise.

I don't personally go with the Blair as a poodle of Bush thing too much, I would sense that Blair's admiration for American power, at least ideologically, is more due to the neocon putsch that America is under but I could be wrong there. Very interesting you bring up Wellstone Phil.

2:18 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:01 am  

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