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19 October 2006

GOP Secret Location HQ Revealed ...

We just couldn't resist posting this perfectly priceless picture.

So we hope the folks at Firedoglake where we found the photo, will accept our sincerest apologies for pinching it -- once they realise the theft would never have taken place at all had we not wished to share in their efforts toward the furtherance of such a genuine good cause.

A cause that they themselves hold so close to their own hearts.

And, a huge hat-tip & a half to our old friend from California, Mister Michael Scott for his timely tip-off in the first place.

Ta, Mike, mate.



Anonymous whoever said...

That's a hoot Richard. I wonder where firedoglake dug it out?

6:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing can stop an idea that's time has come. Ya think?

I hope!

12:36 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

5:46 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Richard, How does it feel to be an unthankful soul for the freedom you have today to talk your chit? If it wasn't for the USA you may not even be around or may be under the rule of a Nazi Germany. Your just a moron like the rest of the unthankful mini brains running around protesting and talking insane babel. Have a good day mate even if you don't deserve one.

7:33 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

Hey anonumous, Don't confuse the USA or a large percentage of it's people with the cabal that have taken away so many people's freedoms, in the USA itself and elsewhere. Or do you genuinely not know the difference? If you don't, it's you who's a moron who dosen't deserve a good day and you who should shut up talking insane babel.

1:30 pm  
Blogger bootlian said...

It always makes me laugh whenever anyone brings up that kind of WW2 talk, but pointedly never mentions the proven criminal "trading with the enemy" sucessful prosecution of Bush's grandfather.

If it had not been for those traitors (including the other side of Bush's family, the Harrimans)and war profiteers - the war against Nazi Germany would not have gone on so long.

It was the money (and steel) being supplied by that mob that enabled Hitler to go on for so long - and to kill many who would otherwise have survived.

Another thing - The USA didn't singlehandedly defeat the Nazis - they could not have done it without Russia and ourselves here in the UK - though some Americans love to think that they alone won WW2.

1:40 pm  
Anonymous whoever said...

You are soooo right, bootlian. If Hitler hadn't been propped up so long by Bush-Harriman-Co (and their then pals) God knows how many victims would have survived - including God knows how many concentration camp victims.

An earlier "finality" to WW11 would probably have gone a long toward nipping "the final soloution" in the bud.

But pinheads like that guy shouting his mouth off, never do "joined-up" thinking. Probably because they can't - it's beyond them - it isn't simple, straightforward and black&white, enough for them.

2:05 pm  
Anonymous Charles said...

But that was "OLD" USA, anon. And you, (like plenty of others who probly weren't even born then) are trying to bathe in the relected glory of your elders and betters.

4:27 pm  
Blogger Sophia said...


Hopefully that will be their real HQ in a while.

2:23 am  
Anonymous Rosemary said...


I know you've been considering the need to install "post moderation." Well, maybe you don't need to do that after all. Your regular posters are pretty good at handling these bozos.

But continue to keep at least the other screening technigue in mind. We are all getting used to it.

9:38 am  

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