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14 January 2009

From New York USA : Israel's "Final Solution" to "The Palestiniam Problem"

It may well be that even after seeing this you still can't believe it.

Huge hat-tip to a good American friend, Doug Watt.

Doug also gave us this.

The UpTake
is opening up a call for Opinion/Editorial videos. To kick this off, we bring you all the first video by Dennis Trainor, who will be providing a regular voice to our media palette. We do not have a name for the show yet, and look forward to hearing ideas for the show's name from our audience. We also hope that more people feel inspired to send us "video op/eds" and will be providing guidance in the near future on how to submit your own opinions to our site.

For more about Dennis, here is what Steve Grove, the head of news and politics at YouTube had to say about him:

"I first met Dennis when he started his channel on YouTube under the moniker "Davis Fleetwood". Playing the role of an angry hermit in the basement of his home, Dennis' character was a unique bird to the Internet community - combining the satire of a Lenny Bruce with the performance style of an Andy Kaufman, all the while offering an acerbic social commentary that resonated with a large audience on the site. "Davis Fleetwood" soon became one of the most prominent voices in YouTube politics, posting daily videos that were thoughtful, provocative, and darkly humorous.

When YouTube teamed up with CNN to host a part of presidential debates, we tapped "Davis" to come to the debate and produce commentary from the scene on YouTube's behalf - and a question he'd submitted online was posed to Dennis Kucinich in the live televised debate. It must have been a sign - within weeks, Dennis had been hired by the Kucinich campaign to do reporting and commentary for the campaign. To my knowledge this was the first time a video blogger had been plucked from YouTube and hired by a presidential campaign. Demonstrating he could shift from theatre to politics, Dennis produced some great online and on-air video content for the Kucinich campaign, breathing a fresh perspective into the campaign.

In the new an undefined field of online video, Dennis has proven he knows both how to create compelling work, and how to distribute and promote it.

*(Cross posted across at 'appletree')

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Anonymous martha said...

OMG, Richard!

They bring shame on us all. I hope the rest of the world don't think that all New Yorkers or all Americans or all Jews are this evil.

There are still some of us like the "good guy" on the second video, you know. But what the heck will it take for us to prevail, and to introduce the US to sanity and humanity once more?

2:22 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could scream 'WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!' with the first video... but the second and Marthas comment make me pause.....

My best friend is an Israeli buddhist... I have learnt much from him and love him... but mention Palestine and his words are his fathers and his fathers peace, no giving....

I am up to my ears Richard with pollie speak, meetings, the UN.... each seconds more die.....

God help the Americans because their continued ignorance of what is going on outside there country makes them extremely vulnerable...I can only hope those like Martha can spread the word, raise awareness, before the entire structure is attacked again....

God what a sorry lot we humans are....

Hope you dont mind I cross post this....

6:43 am  
Anonymous Charles said...

What animal like behaviour. I've heard of this kind of thing before but never actually witnessed it with my own eyes.

I also noted NYPD's finest, were obviously quite happy to watch it all happen.

What a shame they don't go as easy on fellow American liberals and progressives. Regular peacefully protesting Democrats, even.

No good will come of this. Mark my words.

10:29 am  

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