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11 January 2009

Ongoing Israel-Gaza Slaughter ~~ The Movie(s)


Photo below, proudly reproduced by 'This Old Brit' with express kind permission.

PALESTINIANS-ISRAEL/, originally uploaded by pinkturtle2.

NO ifs.

NO buts.

You have GOT to go to GERT's.

*(Cross p[osted across at 'appletree')

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what?

9:56 pm  
Blogger Gert said...

Anonymous [of 9:56, " So what?"] probably went to the wrong demo I'm guessing. Thanks for the acknowledgement, it's too much honour, no, really...

Keep going. NO quitting!!

11:04 pm  
Anonymous martha said...

So what?

Here's're should seek help.

12:58 am  
Anonymous smokey said...

The Gerts link comes up that it doesn't exist. Is it the Oz net or is the link stuffed?

10:47 am  
Blogger Richard said...

Smokey, That seems to be happening on & off. Sometimes it works & sometimes it doesn't - I don't know why.

Two other routes that are working fine,
A/ He's on my blogroll - to the right of page.

B/ His name is a "live/link" at his comment above, which takes you to his blog profile, from where you can get to his blog.

The second two ways seem to be working fine.

If none of 'em work for you, it looks like a prob at your OZ end.

12:19 pm  
Anonymous gordo said...

This link worked for me:

2:45 pm  
Anonymous smokey said...

Oh right thanks guys. Yes that's fine those other links.

Our net down here is pretty backwards, thought it was that.

8:30 am  

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