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05 January 2009

Israel letting loose with white phosphorous upon Gaza's Palestinian civilians

Remember when America actually admitted it flat out lied about using white phosphorous as a weapon (of mass destruction), against the civilian population of the city of Fallujah, Iraq?

At first it was claimed that it was used merely to "illuminate the battlefield". Later, when challenged by the free press of the wider world, the United States changed it's tune. They then claimed to have used it simply to create smokescreens : purely to protect their attacking, invader/occupier, largely inexperienced, ill trained and ill disciplined troops

Incidentally, white phosphorous as anti-personnel weaponry was first used by the United States during WW2.

But ... boom, bloody, boom .... dear old Blighty-Britain had already beaten them to it ... as far back as 1916 during WW1.

Yep, really. Admittedly, not in anything like the massive (much more spohisticated & destructive) amounts now used in Israel's and United State's shells and bombs. Nevertheless ......

(Pause to puke)

Now, in Gaza, America and Britain's mutual accomplice in committing war crimes, the currently seriously sick state of Israel is following in it's faithful friends' foul smelling footsteps.

White phosphorus being used solely for 'innocent' smokescreens?

Yeah, sure.

What the whole world's witnessing right now in Gaza is most certainly not the sort of smokescreen that the/their/our putrid politico-pricks - nor the despicably complicit western mainstream media make it out to be.

Far effing from it, in fact.

(Commercial [sorta] break)

Since we've never, ever been the slightest bit embarrassed by anything we've ever written - which a couple of hopelessly humourless, grammar-police-goofs have emailed us about - we're not about to start to be now.

In fact, if there are any who read here regularly who still haven't gotten their (big, swelled) heads around our particularly personal prose - tough shit. We sincerely suggest they start trying to understand the meaning of actual 'poetic' and/or 'artistic' license. Then, maybe, just maybe - when we say "smoke and mirrors screen" - it'll make some sense to them.

(Commercial break over)

Back to the seriously bloody business in hand.

Below, we've purposely chosen to show in all it's gory glory, our very own version of some 'shock and awe'.

Death by 'smokescreen'.

(Pause to puke)

When you've stopped spewing, see this.

Then read this.

And take a look at this, too.


What TF is war good for?

And who TF is war good for?

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Anonymous kiwi said...


And the Great Black Hope?

Today Obama spake thus:"The US economy is very weak."

I say again, ugh!

2:06 am  
Anonymous R J Adams said...

Israel always follows the way of America. It learned well from the mistakes the US made in Iraq. God alone knows when this lot will end, and what will be the outcome.
As for the sick bastards who support these actions, a good dose of burning white phosphorus might help them change their minds. Not that you'd catch such big-mouthed cowards within miles of a war zone. They might get hurt.

4:16 am  
Blogger Gert said...

Keep up the good work, Richard.

War, what is it good for? Listen, first the powerful oppress the weak and steal everything the weak need: land, resources, water, oil, what have you. Surprise, surprise, the weak then usually have the temerity to put up some weak resistance. Now, we can't have that now, can we? So the powerful then launch all-out war on the weak, eventually obliterating them or perhaps turning them into a dependent client state. The (rich) friends of the powerful then also get richer, win-win or what?

Silly Billy, what's there to understand!

On a serious note, to me the battle for a Palestinian state is over. Israel is set on a course of self-destruction (in the very long run): it will not give up an inch of the OTs and will eventually start throwing out all Palestinians. Its own Left (or what's left of it) can't even see it. The US, the UK, France and the rest of the harlots will justify it in the name of the War on Terror. Palestine and the Palestinians will become a footnote in history.

Deeply troubling but true...

9:31 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

At the very least, this is ethnic cleansing. Less p/c people are calling it genocide.

I for one wouldn't argue with either description.

11:28 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't have to look at the pictures Richard. Im no longer shocked nor suprised on what humans will do to each other. We are a sad species...

I agree with Gert and fear for the Palestians... nothing was learnt from Sept 11. To oppress another to these extremes, to 'have' and yet still stand by while the 'have nots' are murdered, then I fear the repurcussions will be incredible...

I watched the news here tonight, I dont usually but I asked my daughter to call me if the Gaza was mentioned... If I knew no better, going by our commercial media Israel is under attack... Every sanitised word from the video Peace and Propoganda spoken...

It was filmed in Israel, An elderly woman treated for shock as she had heard a rocket... nothing mentioned of occupation nor the Israeli attacks, nor Palastinaian deaths.... I was sick to my stomach at my own country men... the media feeding of each other and following in the American medias footstep, then I realised the media here is still owned by Rupert Murdoch

2:26 pm  
Anonymous Sally said...

The wiki article on White Phosphorus that you've linked to, and which I read not two days ago, has now disappeared. The ADL-JIDF has unleashed its own assault on internet sites to ensure the record of Israeli and Zionist atrocities, and associated references, are obliterated. The link you provided to the Daily Mail article had some of the most callous comments I have ever read in light of the article and photos preceeding them: sayeth one "Well done the soldiers of the brave IDF, I say! Hamas and the Palestinian terrorists need to be taught a harsh lesson!" Commenter after commenter blames Hamas, which has to be one of the bravest resistance defenders in the modern age.

Dear friends at Richard's site, we are witnessing the celebration of slaughter, with an ecstasy and joie de vivre associated with psychopathic rapist-murderers, by what appears to be mostly those of European-descent. How is this any different to what the Jews accused the Germans of?

Is this latest and grossest carnage by the Israelis going to be delegated to the same memory hole as Deir Yassin, Sabra&Shatila, Jenin. Outside these pages, of course it is.

5:34 am  
Anonymous bootlean said...

Three words only.

Crimes against humanity.

11:24 pm  

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