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07 July 2008

Saddam Hussein's Long Lost Letter to America ...

Remember Saddam Hussein?

Two years ago today (7th July 2006) Saddam Hussein sent a hand written letter to 'The American People'.

We doubt many of them even received it, let alone ever read it.

So here's their second chance -
since we have said letter right here - in it's absolutely uncensored entirety.

Isn't it somewhat surprising though that so many Americans, along with plenty of others,
were so easily able/allowed to see something as shocking as this?

Anyway, can we sincerely suggest everyone starts asking themselves some (very relevant) questions?

The above photograph of Saddam, by the way, was taken just five short months after he wrote his letter.

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Anonymous USA said...

So here we are again.

So what?

1:14 am  

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