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01 July 2008

Obscene Israeli and American Political Hypocrisy:See and Hear This Evidence for Yourself.


We have it!

The height of the shocking, seedy, sickening, shameless US & Israel political PR hypocrisy.

First -- fair warning.

We promise that this, without doubt, is as entirely excremental an example of 'please pass the puke-pail' viewing as you're ever likely to have the misfortune to witness -- this side of Satan's special, personal place.

Starring famous world (so called) statesmen such as -- Clinton, Peres, Sharon. Accompanied by several similar, slimy, politicial shits, and supported by some unsuspecting innocent Jewish kids.

May these (excuses for), men's respective false gods forgive them, for we, for two, never shall.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

No Palestine hyprocracy? No Israel criticism? No fair and balanced?

You never do.

6:15 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kick start, fighter launch
Throttle set to full
Speed king, race to win
Afterburners roaring

Ghostlike counterstrike
Takes them by surprise

Score 307
Israelis rule the heaven

Jordan attacks
Israel crush that
Futile attempt
Control Jerusalem

Drive back, surprise attack
Take the western wall
Next day, make them pay
Over river Jordan

Syria last in line
Head for Golan Heights
Strike without a warning
See the Syria forces falling

Syria attacked Israel
Crushed their lines of defense
Ruling the Golan Heights

Six days of fire, one day of rest
June '67
Taught them respect
Control Jerusalem

Three nations fallen in six days of war
Traitorous neighbors
Received as deserved
Under the sun in the dust of the war
One nation standing stronger than before

First into Egypt and
Sent them to Hell
Then returned their forces to Jordan
Climb up the mountains
Where Syria awaits
Break them in hours
Protect Holy Land

btw—I got Liberal Avenger shut down. OWNT LOL

1:16 am  
Anonymous surprise, surprise said...

Hardball? Or what, punk? You decide.

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2:51 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL, I can appear from many places.

BTW—reporting another web site's spamming to their provider isn't illegal. Since being a prick is against neither the law nor's AUP, you'd be hard-pressed to do anything of substance about it.

Nice try though.

4:50 am  

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