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27 June 2008

New Labour's Horrific Humiliation in Henley Election ...

Good God, Gordon!

Bloody hell, Mr Brown!

Perishing poll booths, Prime Minister!

Petrified politicians, Premier!

So it's come to this then, eh?

New Labour forced into fifth flamin' place in the latest bloomin' by-election?

'Strewth, sunshine! Some are going to say you've shit it ... for certain.

Labour fifth as Tories win Henley

Conservative leader David Cameron has hailed an "excellent result" in the Henley by-election, which saw Labour beaten into fifth place.
Read the rest re;this shock(ing), shameful shambles.

But best to look on the bright side. Since things could, so easily, have turned out even bleedin' worse.

At least you beat the barmpot Bananaman Owen -- and his
Monster Raving Loony Party.


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Anonymous bootlian said...

H won't face up to it but it's stiil a lot about the war. People thought when he said withdraw from Iraq that he meant bringing our boys home - no just cutting Iraq placements there, but then increasing numbers in Afghanistan.

Bottom line is that people don't trust him already, it's clear even now that he's really only Blair 'lite'.

He was a good chancellor - he shoild have stuck at it. Especially as his replacement is such rubbish.

7:24 pm  
Anonymous gordo said...

I'm just amazed. 5th place! And Brown still resists all calls to change course.

It's really painful to see Labour self-destruct like this, because the conservatives are so bad on so many issues.

1:07 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'...a good Chancellor...'? He was a taxoholic - How much cheaper is it to live in Turkey, Rick, or anywhere else for that matter?

Well, he did so much want to be Leader. He can't complain now; he's made his bed and must lie in it. The only problem is, it's the ordinary Brits who are suffering (and dying) because of his and Bliar's covert Right-wing policies.

I'm proud to write that I've got a healthy contempt for them both.

*sweetoldlady* (Socialist)

3:33 pm  
Anonymous gordo said...

That's new... a socialist complaining about high taxes.

7:05 pm  

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