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20 June 2008

A Cure for Cancer?


From the Guardian:

A patient whose skin cancer had spread throughout his body has been given the all-clear after being injected with billions of his own immune cells.

Tests revealed that the 52-year-old man's tumours, which spread from his skin to his lung and groin, vanished within two months of having the treatment, and had not returned two years later.

Doctors attempted the experimental therapy as part of a clinical trial after the man's cancer failed to respond to conventional treatments.
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Anonymous R J Adams said...

If all the money used for barbarism and aggression were funneled into this type of research, what a different world it might be.

3:58 am  
Anonymous gordo said...


I can't tell you how frustrating it is to think that my own country is triggering a global arms race by insisting on spending as much on the military as the rest of the world put together. Like you said, think what we could accomplish if we redirected some of that money.

7:13 pm  

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