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24 June 2008

Gormless, Goofy Generals? Or Godamned Greedy Others?

Some time ago, an extremely powerful world leader learned the hard way, just how costly it is to ignore one's own military generals.

Yet even now, there are still some world leaders who can't/won't either face facts nor, learn from others' catastrophically, costly cock-ups.

White House denies Army's pitch for more brass

By Richard Lardner, Associated Press Writer, Mon Jun 23 2008

WASHINGTON - The Army's march to overhaul its tarnished contracting system has been slowed by an unlikely foe: the White House.

The Office of Management and Budget, President Bush's administrative arm, has shot down a service plan to add five active-duty generals who would oversee purchasing and monitor contractor performance.

The boost in brass was a key recommendation from a blue-ribbon panel that last fall criticized the Army for contracting failures that undermined the war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan, wasted U.S. tax dollars, and sparked dozens of procurement fraud investigations.

So, is THIS sheer stupidity or is this sheer stupidity?

Well, they got THAT right. Ike WAS right.

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Anonymous Rex said...

Long time no see. Glad you're ok. I was getting a bit worried.

Also, I liked Ike too.

12:03 pm  

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