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22 June 2008

The Latest on Zimbabwe, Mugabe, Tsvangirai, Mayhem, Maiming, Murder and More ...

This time, our questions are definitely NOT rhetorical.

If our own dear leaders here in the west are, as they consistently tell everyone who's sufficiently stupid enough to swallow their shit, are remotely interested in spreading true democracy -- why aren't they zeroing in on Zimbabwe? And why aren't they practising what they preach?

You know, like giving ordinary everyday people their freedom.

Like enforcing regime change(s) where and when they're so obviously needed

Like ousting, without delay, some of the world's worst, w*nkers of despised dictators of the day.

Like actively working at making the world a better place, by rapidly removing from power all (patently) mad, monstrosities of men like Robert Mugabe.


We'd really like to hear some (sensible) answers this time.

Honestly. Truly. We want to know.

For example, why don't they help, in every possible way, people like Zimbabwe's opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai ? Indeed, why haven't they already?

And why in the world won't they take some genuinely serious, steps to stop such scandalous stuff as is increasingly being suffered in certain areas of Africa?

Mugabe rival quits election race

Zimbabwe's opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai says he is pulling out of Friday's presidential run-off, handing victory to President Robert Mugabe.

Mr Tsvangirai said there was no point running when elections would not be free and fair and "the outcome is determined by... Mugabe himself".

He called on the global community to step in to protect Zimbabweans.

The decision came after opposition supporters heading to a rally in the capital Harare came under attack.

The opposition Movement for Democratic Change says at least 70 supporters have been killed in recent months.

Incidentally, the brave Mr Tsvangirai himself knows only too well, from past painful personal experience, what it's like to even be 'lucky' and to get off lightly, when it comes to being on the receiving end of madman Mugabe's evil enforcers. As is shown below.

Read the rest of this latest BBC report on the fast worsening situation in Zimbabwe.

Then shudder at the sight of the sick, sadistic, soulless, despotic scumbag shown above.

Then strive -- strive and strive again -- to shame some of our own 'dear leaders' into some sort(s) of appropriate action -- soon.

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Anonymous bootlian said...

We've had years and years to deal with this man, and so many reasons to but haven't. If only he had oil, eh?

7:24 pm  

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