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25 June 2008

OLD Mates: 90 Year Old Nelson Mandela and 82 Year Old Queen Elizabeth Get Together Again ...

Today, Her Most Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 of Great Britain (phew, what a mouthful), and her old friend the marvelous, magnificent 90 year old Nelson Mandela got together once again:in London, in Buckingham Palace.

Incidentally, for those among us who weren't aware or had forgotten, it's now 13 years since the former, personally bestowed upon the latter, the coveted 'Order of Merit'. (The sovereign's personal gift - as shown below.)

But back to the present.

Mandela meets Queen on UK visit

Nelson Mandela has met the Queen as part of a week-long UK visit marking the former South African president's 90th birthday.

They had a private audience at Buckingham Palace.

The statesman will also host a dinner party fundraiser later for celebrities and world leaders, with Prime Minister Gordon Brown expected to attend.

Mr Mandela arrived in the UK on Sunday ahead of a birthday concert in London's Hyde Park on Friday.
Read the rest here and see and hear the "must watch" BBC video of their meeting. But be prepared to be surprised, since Mr Mandela's age appears to have caught up with him;sadly, rather suddenly.

Now, before closing this blog post, we can't possibly pass up the opportunity to remind everyone that Nelson Mandela had the rancid, reprobate Robert Mugabe well and truly figured out almost a decade ago.
Witness what follows, from the Namibian Times in the year 2000 ... but first peruse the following quick cut & paste.

Mandela expresses anger at Mugabe

CAPE TOWN - Former South African President Nelson Mandela has slammed Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, labelling him a tyrant who has held on to power for too long.

Mandela, who launched the global partnership for Children of the United Nation's Children Fund with his wife Graca Machel in Johannesburg on Saturday, said some African leaders had liberated their countries, but had then overstayed their welcome.

"They want to die in power because they have committed crimes. The tyrant of the day can be destroyed by you and I," he said.

He said leaders like Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Pompeii, and Adolf Hitler had also been brought down by the ordinary masses.

Asked by reporters whether he was specifically referring to Mugabe, Mandela snapped back: "Everybody here knows who I am talking about".
Talk about giants and pygmies, eh?

Talk about the good, the bad and the ugly, eh?

Oh, by the way ... have a very happy birthday, Mr Mandela!

And may you have many more of 'em, mate.

1st Update:Queen strips Mugabe of knighthood.

2nd update: Nelson Mandela spoke [today] in London of "the tragic failure of leadership" in Zimbabwe.

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Blogger kid said...

Mugabe just like Bush could have been a great man (he was at one time). Now he will be forever known as a tyrant.He could have been like Mandela.It is better to be loved, than feared.

4:42 pm  
Anonymous whoever said...

Good to have you back, Old Brit. As ever I see your finger's "still" on the Mugabe pulse. I just searched online for details of Mugabe's history and this one of yours, from a year ago, came up pretty near the top of the heap.

7:59 pm  

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