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03 April 2008

Raving Religious Nutter War Criminal And Tall Story Teller, Tony Blair, And His Horrific Heights Of Hypocrisy ...

If any Brits believed George W. Bush's blood brother and partner in (war) crime, Tony Blair had finally effed off out of it, for good ... oh boy, have we got bloomin' bad blinkin' news for them.

First off, Tone isn't permanently relocating to Rome's Vatican City to reside with his most recently discovered best bosom buddy, Roman Catholic Pope Ratzi the Papal poxy Nazi.

Nor, it hurts us to have to tell you, will he be spending most of his time strutting about the States - amongst, of course, his crazy, extremist, fundamentalist, kindred spirits. Be they belonging to a bona fide or completely counterfeit, cracked cultist crew of so-called Christians.

Nor will he be making magic in the Middle East while spending most of his self proclaimed precious time strutting his shitty stuff and showing off - trying to come across as some sort of fantastically supernaturally-successful, special ecumenical peace envoy for the people. Particularly, some poor, seemingly serially put-upon and persecuted, innocent Palestinians.

Holy tea & toasted teacakes on the lawn with the vicar!!

Crumby fresh crumpets covered with butter!

Jesus H. Christ. Good God. Heaven help us. Saints sodding preserve us. Father flamin' forgive us. And may (any one's), Lord almighty show us some sort of so & so mercy.

Oy, vey. Hear our prayer. Holy mother. Sacred heart. Amen. Assorted similar expletives. And several etceteras too.


Blair to urge key role for faith

Former prime minister Tony Blair is to call for faith to be given a central role in tackling the world's problems.

In a speech at Westminster Cathedral, Mr Blair will say failure to engage with religious groups will drive believers to apathy or fundamentalism.

Mr Blair, who recently converted to Catholicism, will outline the role of his Faith Foundation for young people.

Anti-war protesters from Stop The War Coalition have pledged to drown out the speech with a "wall of sound".

Catholic peace group Pax Christi also plan a silent protest before the speech.
Two things, Tony.

A big pat on the back to 'The Stop The War Coalition' - and may perfect peace permanently be upon 'Pax Christi'.

Read the rest of this ridiculous religion related report, right here.

Listen, mister bloody Blair, if you're even an average example of your particular religion's faithful effing followers -- we strongly suggest you just take it and shove it.

So help us.

*(Cross posted at appletree)

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Anonymous kiwi said...

Wow, Richard. But why don't you tell us what you really think?


9:24 pm  
Anonymous pimpernel said...

Rick, you're a riot! :-)

12:05 am  
Anonymous bootlean said...

Ha, ha, ha. Richard rocks!

Seriously though, I wonder whether Blair is truly going insane?

12:23 am  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

Religion is insanity.
The Bliar and The Rat stroking each other's egos. And ain't that another aspect of it all too?
Egotistical blowhards, they're the ones with all the solutions.
Us poor godless sheeple haven't a clue.

2:17 am  

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