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30 March 2008

Chief Constable Mike Todd's Recent Suspicious Suicide : "Spook" Stories Suddenly Start Surfacing ...

In the interests of saving coincidence theorists any time and trouble, we strongly suggest they stop reading right here.

Remember top cop, ex-Met man Michael Todd [BBC personal profile], Chief Constable of Greater Manchester - the UK's second largest force?

Remember what we wrote when publishing this piece re; the string of strange/suspect circumstances/stories surrounding his recent supposed suicide?

Well, here are some of the latest spooky revelations courtesy the 'Sunday Mail' regarding the man's sudden, premature demise half way up Snowdon in the middle of the mist shrouded, gale lashed mountains of North Wales.

'Suicide' police chief: Why didn't they call us earlier ask rescue services?

00:37am on 30th March 2008

• Mountain rescue chief says they could have saved top policeman on Snowdon

• Mystery of dark suited 'spooks' waiting at bottom of mountain

• Chinook helicopter appeared above body - but could not land

• 'Champagne was in police chief's rucksack'

Lonely death: Mike Todd [Wikipedia] had a half empty bottle of gin and a bottle of champagne with him when his body was found on Snowdon

The police chief who died on a blizzard-swept mountain might have survived if rescue services had been alerted earlier, according to the expert who masterminded the recovery of his body.

Peter Walker has provided the first detailed account of the hunt on Snowdon for Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Michael Todd.

His claims raise a series of disturbing questions about the death of Mr Todd, who was tipped as a future Scotland Yard Commissioner.

So, we strongly suggest investigating further for yourself.

But remember, all aspiring Sherlocks, spies, spooks, special agents and such, it's only recommended reading if you're not a crazy coincidence theorist.

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Anonymous pimpernel said...

Don't worry yourself about the doubters, Richard, you're not the only one with the T shirt. Dare to use your own inborn intelligence wheneve it comes to 'intelligence' and you're bound to attract all manner of nay-sayers.

Most people just can't bring themselves to believe things like this. I'ts something that's too scary for them to cope with.

8:12 pm  
Anonymous phil said...

The only thing I'm not sure about is whether it was arranged by MI5 or the CIA. Or maybe a joint operation?

8:31 pm  
Anonymous whoever said...

These days in the UK it's the S.I.S., Phil.

10:06 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If all that they're now claiming was known about Todd really was know prior to all this, does anyone think he'd have gotten as high up as he did? No way.

Also, if even an ordinary beat plod had his kind of supposed KNOWN [to collegues and so on]history - he would not have been allowed to continue. He'd have at least been on "leave". Enforced leave of course.

Bottom line is that whether we know all the details or not, somehting here definitely stinks. Stinks to high heaven too.

11:05 pm  
Blogger arbie said...

I called this murder ages ago on this post

2:24 pm  

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