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12 March 2008

UK Top Cop Michael Todd's Sudden Death : Further Questioning Required?


Simple straightforward question for Home Secretary, Jaqui Smith (seen below).

Seeing as stuff such as we've clipped & pasted below is starting to surface in public (concerning the Chief Constable of our country's second largest police force), what we want to know is how and why he was able and/or allowed - by you - to remain in the job regardless ?

The BBC has also learnt that Mr Todd suffered from bouts of depression, and had previously threatened suicide.
Shouldn't you, being his boss, now be (to coin a phrase), brought in for questioning?

And, wouldn't you concur, the quicker the bloody better?

And what about your boss, Brown?

Shouldn't he too be required to say something suitably sensible and plausible on such a serious score (of scandalous proportion), as this shocking story so obviously is?

And, shouldn't he be standing up and saying it as soon as sodding possible?

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Anonymous Rex said...

You make an extremely good point. One I'm not aware of anyone else having made, Richard.

12:05 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Richard, it just keeps getting weirder. Now thee are reports that no suicide note(s) were found, and the post-mortem examination found "no obvious cause of death"

No obvious cause of death for police chief

Scandals must be radioactive or something - if you get too close to one, your chances of dying mysteriously go way up...

3:33 pm  
Anonymous phil said...

Ok, so now we're hearing he'd been quite the 'ladies man' for some time and had several affairs over many years. But he and his wife had split up some time ago - so he was in effect a 'free agent'.

Anonymously, one senior officer colleague has told the press thie case definitely needs further investigation, as Dodd was not the type of man to have ended his own life over any affair.

Also, suddenly the claims that he had a history of depression seem to have disappeared from the latest reports.

4:56 pm  
Anonymous whoever said...

If the man did regularly suffer from depression doesn't that mean he had a mental illness? And if it's true that this was known.... by anyone .... then some heads must roll. When a man with a mental illness holds such high and powerful office it puts both the members of his force and the general public at large at terrible risk.

The public must be assured in one way or another that this kind of thing can never happen again. And isn't the best assurance to replace the person with ultimate responsibilty in this department?

8:14 pm  

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