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10 March 2008

Special 'Short, Sharp, Shock' Sorta-Semi-Sacred Supplement ...

Here's the shortest, torturous thousand word picture post we've ever published.

And we give TEN thousand thanks to Gordo across at Appletree, for originally writing the remarkably wonderful words which inspired us.

So, we wonder if the phony, self appointed & anointed, pontificating prick, Tony Blair will be teaching this particular parable when he takes up his (latest) 'God-given' (well paid) position at America's Yale University?

Yeah, sure he will.

As surely as we're touch-typing this article on an ancient abacus, with our respective pairs of black & blue big toes. Which, by the way, have both been bound tightly behind our backs, since our last (shared) Sunday supper in September 07.

And incidentally (as well as almost miraculously), we're accomplishing all these amazing acts as we're actually 'ascending'.

Here endeth the lesson.


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Anonymous whoever said...

Re: torture.

The main difference between BushCo's military doctrine and Hitler's (and Stalin's) is that BushCo speak (slightly) better English.

2:49 pm  
Anonymous bootlean said...

Don't forget that these three criminal regimes have another thing in common. The inhumane, cold calculated infliction of merciless collective punishments carried out against civilians as a matter of course. For example - remember Falluja? [Spelling?]

3:55 pm  

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