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05 March 2008

Arizona's Answer To Increasing Campus Gun Crime? Increase Guns On Campus ...

Holy mother of many!

Is 21st century Arizona America seriously suggesting returning to the darkest days of the old Wild West? Or what?

The extraordinary Mrs Karen Johnson (shown above) certainly appears, to us, to be an excessively busy woman.

As well as being a (Republican)
US State Senator for Arizona she's mother to 11 children and grandmother to 28.

While we freely admittedly, don't personally know the old deranged dear well enough to label her a loony, she certainly seems susceptible to some seriously barmy brainwaves.

Arizona Weighs Bill to Allow Guns on Campuses

PHOENIX — Horrified by recent campus shootings, a state lawmaker here has come up with a proposal in keeping with the Taurus .22-caliber pistol tucked in her purse: Get more guns on campus.

State Senator Karen S. Johnson of Arizona is the sponsor of a bill permitting firearms on campuses.

The lawmaker, State Senator Karen S. Johnson, has sponsored a bill, which the Senate Judiciary Committee approved last week, that would allow people with a concealed weapons permit — limited to those 21 and older here — to carry their firearms at public colleges and universities. Concealed weapons are generally not permitted at most public establishments, including colleges.


Ms. Johnson, a Republican from Mesa, said she believed that the recent carnage at Northern Illinois University could have been prevented or limited if an armed student or professor had intercepted the gunman.

Read the rest of this report.

Suffering college campuses' killings, Senator!

Holy heavens to Murgatroid, ma'am. Mama mia, mommy. Good gracious, grandma. God's truth, missus.

Dare we say it?

Would it be fair to say it?

Only in
Arizona America?


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Anonymous pimpernel said...

She probably tries putting out fires by emptying buckets of petrol on them. Honestly, what way to run a bloody railroad.

4:58 pm  
Anonymous gordo said...

The carnage would have been prevented if a BYSTANDER had been armed? How about if the shooter hadn't been armed?

Of course, this lawmaker's concern for the students at Arizona's universities doesn't extend so far that she'll push for increased funding for campus security. Funny how quickly the priorities change when there's money involved.

5:19 pm  
Anonymous whoever said...

Apparently her husband can't work himself due to a bad back.

Ha. Is that any wonder. She probably broke his balls too.

5:32 pm  
Anonymous bootlean said...


She needs to be commited - as in sectioned.

5:47 pm  
Anonymous R J Adams said...

Utterly crazy as it sounds, this is the standard response to school and campus shootings in America. In particular, states such as Arizona, Texas, Nevada, - the 'Red' states - advocate more gun usage, not less. This mentality has wider implications, of course. It's all part of the aggressive, vengeful, psyche that pervades this country. It gave us the Iraq war - an attack against an innocent nation merely to satiate American bloodlust of the time.
Don't look for more gun control in America. They'll shoot anyone who tries to impose it.

11:18 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with her on this issue. I trust myself more than the US government, and that includes for my protection. As for the "old west" comment, do some statistics. The percentage of death vs. guns was very low. Tombstone on a bad year had only a couple dozen shooting deaths, including accidents and law enforcement.
I foster no fantasy of living forever so I say live as you want. If you don't want guns, so be it. But your choice, for your life, should not effect me. And mine shouldn't effect you either. So, don't try and shoot me and you won't know I have a gun.

6:41 am  
Anonymous Derek said...

Wow... I see a lot of internet ignorance in the comments posted here. Why shouldn't we consider other options to this growing problem? Everyone seems so certain that taking away guns is the answer. Sure maybe... it hasn't worked yet, but ok maybe it will someday. How can anyone say it won't work? Has anyone tried it? Look up crime statistics in gun shops. Criminals, would be murderers and such don't want a fight so they search for easy targets not armed citizens.

What you are suggesting is in line with current gun control thoughts. With that in mind I would suggest this. It's already illegal to commit or attempt to commit murder. Why would anyone assume that if someone had already made that decision to commit violence that they would take even one second to consider any law limiting the use of a gun?

I say try having guns on campus. I don't think it can fail any more than the current laws have.

9:53 pm  

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