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02 March 2008

Ali Hassan al Majid (aka Chemical Ali) Sentenced To Swing ... Sans A Single Shameless US Accomplice, Enabler, Aider and/or Abettor

We see Ali Hassan al Majid - aka - Chemical Ali is shortly set to swing, just as surely as his cretinous cousin, Saddam Hussein swung.

Serves him so & so right - we won't lose a wink of sleep - neither as, nor after, the trap door's tripped beneath the turd's feet.

Incidentally, shown above is the same smug schmuck, in his hay-day.

What a shame that some of the sickening sod's past US enablers, accomplices and aiders & abettors shan't be sharing the slimy sob's fate.

Well, whatever.

Onward, ever onward.

You may remember that we ended our last post with the words "Don't forget." Well, we're reminding you again: Don't forget.

Now, see this snippet from an old
'Counterpunch' piece, penned by ELSON E. BOLES.
You may feel disgusted by the hypocrisy of US plans to make war on Iraq and sickened at the inevitable slaughter of thousands of people. But if you could only vaguely recall the details of how deep the hypocrisy goes, then read on.

The US not only helped arm Iraq with military equipment right up to the time of the Kuwait invasion in 1989, as did Germany, Britain, France, Russia and others, but also sold and helped Iraq to integrate chemical weapons into their US-provided battle plans while fighting Iran between 1985-1988.


... while making his case against Saddam, President Bush said "He's used poison gas on his own people." Bush deceives because he hides the fact that US officials, including his father, had no qualms about helping Saddam gas Iranians.


US policy makers, financiers, arms-suppliers and makers, made massive profits from sales to Iraq of myriad chemical, biological, conventional weapons, and the equipment to make nuclear weapons.


A PBS Frontline episode, "The Arming of Iraq" (1990) detailed much of the conventional and so-called "dual-use" weapons sold to Iraq. The public learned from other sources that at least since mid-1980s the US was selling chemical and biological material for weapons to Iraq and orchestrating private sales.

These sales began soon after current Secretary of State, Donald Rumsfeld traveled to Baghdad in 1985 and met with Saddam Hussein as a private businessman on behalf of the Reagan administration.
Surprised? Shocked? Stunned?

You certainly should be, as you read the rest of this positively puke-inducing piece.

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Anonymous R J Adams said...

Personally, I'm totally opposed to the death penalty, however wicked the crimes. Saddam's execution was an exhibition in inhumanity, and no doubt Ali's will be no better. It will do little to help unity in Iraq, given the guy's a Sunni, and they already feel oppressed by the Shia majority (even more so after today's much vaunted visit by Iran's Ahmadinejad!). While both he and Saddam were vicious thugs, as you rightly point out the weapons they used, first on the Iranians and then on their own people, were supplied by the Americans, who knew what was happening in Iraq after the first Gulf War and did nothing to stop it. Indeed, it could be argued that Bush 1 instigated it all by urging the Kurds to rise up against Saddam and then leaving them to their fate, while the US troops flew home from Kuwait.

2:18 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should remember that Britain wasn't much less blameless then than it is now. Margaret Thatcher worked hand in glove with Regan and his mob in helping bring about "the new world order" that led to all these ongoing troubles in the first place.

I know it's a well worn phrase but it's still as true now as it was then.

It's all about the OIL. America will stop at NOTHING in order to steal it where ever and how ever they can.

11:17 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been a "bleeding heart" liberal for nearly all my life but, over the last few years I've found myself more and more being swayed towards reintroducing capital punishment in cases of certain premeditated, cold blooded, and mass murders.

Regardles of the principals, I wion't be losing any sleep over this man eventually being called to account.

1:28 pm  
Anonymous bootlean said...

Richard, you have to remember that business is business after all.

How else would a poor billionare be able to run his private jets, huge estates and so on?

12:19 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boles doesn't know what he was writing about.

8:04 pm  

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