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25 March 2008

Admiral Fallon Testimony : 'Voters For Peace' Action Appeal Alert ...


We're publishing this exactly how it came to us, without comment.

It comes FROM Americans and is mainly FOR fellow Americans, but we believe it helps others everywhere to better understand that, just as everywhere else, all one nation's people are NOT the same.

Dear Rick,

I am writing to you again so quickly because there is an urgent need for action today.

The Pentagon has decided not to allow the outgoing Commander of the U.S. Central Command, who was responsible for the overall military strategy and actions in the Middle East, to testify before Congress. See article below for details.

This is a time of critical foreign policy decision making and the American public needs to have testimony under oath from Admiral Fallon. News reports indicate Admiral Fallon left due to disputes with the White House over whether a military attack on Iran should be pursued.

The U.S. should not move toward a military attack on Iran without public discourse on the subject. These should include congressional hearings where people like Admiral Fallon testify under oath about whether opening a third front of combat makes sense at a time when things are going so poorly in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

We request you do the following (doing all three will take less than one minute!):

(1) Forward this by email to people you know.

(2) Contact the Pentagon; tell them that they should let Admiral Fallon testify. The American public needs to hear the views of the most senior military official for the Middle East.

(3) Contact Congress and tell them to subpoena the testimony of Admiral Fallon. They have the power to require Admiral Fallon to testify. This is a critical juncture for U.S. foreign policy. The U.S. is already fighting a two-front war - and failing on both fronts - and should not be adding a third front in Iran.

Thank you for your time. We appreciate you taking action on this important request.

Sincerely, Kevin Zeese

Executive Director "Voters For Peace".


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Anonymous R J Adams said...

Interestingly, the conservative Washington Times opined that he was "pushed to resign because he failed to prevent foreign fighters and munitions from entering Iraq", after taking over from Abizaid."

The New York Times, however, said: "Admiral Fallon had rankled senior officials of the Bush administration in recent months with comments that emphasized diplomacy over conflict in dealing with Iran, that endorsed further troop withdrawals from Iraq beyond those already under way and that suggested the United States had taken its eye off the military mission in Afghanistan."

The Administration knows if they allow Fallon to give evidence, he'll say nothing good about them. He may have "officially" resigned, but in truth his position had become politically untenable.

9:54 pm  
Anonymous pimpernel said...

Since day one, any brass not completely kow-towing to Bush's none uniform wearing "military experts" has been pushed out -- including battle hardened and multi decorated generals.

Dies anyone know if any blog, site or anyone on the web has actually kept count and a list? I'd love to see it, and for it to be widely publicised.

4:35 pm  

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