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22 March 2008

Abu Ghraib's Infamous Lynndie England : Unmissable 'Stern' Interview ...


Remember the whole wide world's revulsion regarding a certain candid-camera kind of compilation?

Remember Lynndie England?

An American soldier who - by her contemptable complicity in the torturing at Abu Ghraib prison - shamed, disgraced and disgusted so many members of the human race? You know, one of the (so called), Christian soldiers sent by George Bush & Co from the United States -- supposedly to set the poor Iraqi people free from their sufferings under Saddam?

Well... if you thought that by now, especially since she became a mother, she must have become seriously and sincerely contrite... well, judge for yourselves.

The snips which follow below are from an amazing (recent), interview with the German magazine 'Stern' - and while we like to believe that any article we highlight here is well worth reading - we genuinely believe this particular one is, in a word, brilliant.

One might, in all honesty, even say "unmissable"

Thousands of Americans?
Both. I guess after the picture came out the insurgency picked up and Iraqis attacked the Americans and the British and they attacked in return and they were just killing each other. I felt bad about it, ... no, I felt pissed off.

If the media hadn't exposed the pictures to that extent then thousands of lives would have been saved.


But you took the photos.
Yeah, I took the photos but I didn't make it worldwide. Yes, I was in five or six pictures and I took some pictures, and those pictures were shameful and degrading to the Iraqis and to our government. And I feel sorry and wrong about what I did. But it would not have escalated to what it did all over the world if it wouldn't have been for someone leaking it to the media. Hell, I was at Fort Bragg when the pictures came out and I had no idea.

Can you tell us about the day you heard the pictures had been made public?

The pictures came out on a Thursday, April 27 or 28. I called my Mom on Saturday. I was pregnant at the time, I didn't have a car, I didn't get the newspaper, I didn't have a TV, I didn't have a radio. I called my Mom from a payphone and she said, "There's a hundred reporters out in the front yard. You're all over the news, your face is in the papers, on CNN." I just said, "What are you talking about?" I didn't believe it. She started talking about the pictures and describing them. And I'm like, "Oh shit, how did they get out?"

Were you scared when you realized the pictures were out there?

I didn't really believe it. It was kind of like I was still in shock. I was like "No, me?"

But you knew at that stage that the investigation had been underway since January?

Yeah, but I didn't know it was so public with America, or even the world. So I went to this buddy I knew in the barracks, and I looked it up on the Internet and thought, "Oh my God." I couldn't believe it. And then I started getting paranoid. I was really getting scared at that point and thinking somebody's gonna beat the shit out of me. And I was only three months pregnant and I wasn't showing so they could beat the hell out of me and I could have lost the baby.

See 'STERN's amazing (seven page), Lynndie England interview in it's riveting entirety.

And discover some (special), others she says she blames.

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Anonymous R J Adams said...

I don't doubt for one minute that Rumsfeld knew about Abu Ghraib long before those pictures were published. It's unlikely anyone will ever be able to prove he gave the orders, but such atrocities weren't limited to that prison. They've been an integral part of the whole Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The arrogance of the US military, their indoctrinal belief any 'enemy' is not worthy to kiss their boots, condones such acts with a total lack of any sense of common decency and humanity.

7:51 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

RJA, I agree completely.

NOBLE warriors everywhere, of any rank, without exception both know and show MAGNAMINITY - always.

I doubt that even this woman's "Commander in Chief" could spell that word, let alone understand it.

8:25 pm  
Anonymous pat mac said...

she's trailer trash

9:20 pm  
Anonymous xxx said...

Keep 'em hungry and keep 'em stupid if you want to keep a big standing army.

3:33 pm  
Anonymous gordo said...

RJ Adams--

Of course, you're right. Rumsfeld knew about the abuse, and deliberately continued it. The abuse started not at Abu Ghraib, but at Guantanamo.

Gen. Geoffrey Miller had been in charge of Guantanamo while some of the worst abuses were going on (during the time when the Red Cross was denied access to many of the prisoners), and he was sent to Abu Ghraib with orders to "Gitmoize" the prison.

If it weren't for the political implications of the case, Rumsfeld, Bush, and Cheney could all be convicted of war crimes just on the circumstantial evidence, without the need to refer to the mountains of testimonial and documentary evidence that has piled up over the past 5 years.

9:38 am  

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