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19 March 2008

For What It's Worth : Our Own Online "BLOGSWARM" Anti-War Contribution

"Suffer little children to come unto me." Eh?

We came pretty late to this "Blogswarm" project, since we first learned of it just a couple of hours ago - courtesy of our good blogger-buddy, Gordo at 'Appletree'.

But better late than never, eh?

Anyway, seeing as it's already toward the end of another long day here in great British GMT-land, here's hoping we're allowed to cheat a little by being short on the words (again), but a bit 'bigger' on the pictures. After all, you know what they (and us), always say about every picture telling a story and how each one is worth a thousand words.

However, where real, raw, war photos are concerned [like those collected by Canadian,
Roedy Green], each image is worth - at least -10,000 words - or more.

Fair warning though, if your sensibilities are easily offended, your stomach's at all sensitive or if you've got heart and/or blood pressure problems then believe us, you'd be far better off forgetting the following link.

Final Warning : these photographs are graphic -- total 'Shock and Awe' graphic.

If they don't immediately ram right home how truly hellish (all) war really is, then nothing ever will.

Have a nice day.


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Anonymous bluey said...


To repeat one of the phrases you so often use:EVEN THE STONES CRY OUT.

11:55 pm  
Blogger Chunklets said...

Those photos are stunning... Thanks for giving us a look at what war really is.

12:12 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

God damn to hell, all those responsible for all this ongoing unspeakable and unforgivable suffering.

And everyone knows full well who's responsible. Bush, Cheney and all their war profiteering partners in crime.

They should all be brought to (international) trial and WHEN (not if) found guilty be dealt with as war criminals are traditionaly dealt with.

12:44 am  
Anonymous bootlean said...

There we have it then. Pictorial definitions of cannon-fodder and collateral damage.

Nothing like video games, TV programmes or war movies is it kids?

Richard, thanks again. PLEASE NEVER STOP BLOGGING.

1:12 am  
Anonymous R J Adams said...

Once again, Richard, you've provided me with a "Hot-Link". Not many Americans will ever see these pictures, but I'll do my bit to ensure just a few more do.

1:29 am  
Anonymous gordo said...

Sorry about not giving you a heads up about the blogswarm, but I only became aware of it just before the deadline.

1:48 am  
Anonymous a Scottish ex male nurse said...

Bootlean - Bingo!!

The look on that American retarded delinquent's face as he poses and points to that Iraqia severed arm just about sums it up for me.

You can put as smart shiny uniform as you like on a gobshite, and you can programme him to march as straight and tall as possible. You can try to present him to his parents, relatives, friends and neighbours and such as a hero. You can lie all you like about his loyalty, patriotism, bravery.

The one thing nobody can do is disguise the fact thugs are still thugs - uniforms or.

If he's still alive or still whole it's a great pity that he's not paid a price. If he or any others of his ilk make it back home to be let loose on innocents in his own country -- good. I'm sure it's more apt that he's forced upon his own. After all, he was Made in the USA.

3:04 pm  
Anonymous whoever said...

Written all over that little jerk's name is one thing and one thing only ... GLEE.

What's the betting he was a perfect NOBODY before he signed up? And what's the betting that no matter how long his sorry life lasts ... he'll always be a NOBODY ... or less?

5:53 pm  
Anonymous whoever said...

OK, I meant - written all over the little jerk's FACE.

6:15 pm  

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