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26 March 2008

War, Peace, Illegal Invasions, Ensuing Occupations, Poxy Politicians, Suffering Soldiers, Innocent Civilians, Lies, Lives, Deaths, Bloody Body Bags...

Honesty is the best policy. Hand on heart and hope to die. Honest to God. Unto thine own self be true. Tell the truth and shame the devil. Cheats never prosper.

Right? Remember?

Well, we don't know about you but they're just a few examples of the things we, when we were kids, regularly had hammered home to us by our 'elders and betters'.

Ha. Father Christmas climbing down our chimney, the Tooth Fairy peekin' under our pillow, Jesus wanting us to be one of his personal sunbeams.

Scoffing stale bread crusts, so as to best try sprouting some Shirley Temple type curls. Pick your nose and you won't be taken to the Sunday School 'Treat'. If you're squinting your eyes when the wind changes suddenly, your cheeky little freckled face will flippin' well stay that way - for certain - for ever.

Clouds with siver sodding linings, raining perishing pennies from heaven, ruddy great gargantuan rainbows - resting on our skinny shoulders? With bleedin' big pots of gold at the end of 'em, to boot?

Etc, etc, etc.

Oy, vey. O.M.G. 'Strewth! And, W.T.F?

Sheesh. The stupid stuff we swallow when we're bright eyed, bushy-tailed simpletons innocent youngsters.

By the way, before anybody begins berating us for our serial sarcasm, we strongly suggest first sussing out how
a certain other old Brit blogging buddy, sees barefaced shameless bullshit.

But (even if it was for the very first time in his low-life), Dick Cheney wasn't lying when showing his (sincere) complete contempt for 4,000 slain US soldiers -- by almost sneeringly saying - So? They all volunteered!

And don't ever forget Barbara Bush, both wife and mother to US presidents. She was being honest when she made no attempt to stop herself saying (totally truthfully), how she sees things -- when, very early on in her braindead brat's illegal war, she came straight out with this sickening shocker ...


Which reminds us. There's something we've been meaning to mention to big bad Babs for ages.

Hey, you, witch!

Here's why you/we/everyone should hear about body bags -- and here's how and why body bags most definitely are bloody relevant.

See what we're saying, you stupid sick old sow?

So sodding often, for so many sad souls, body bags are the only bloody thing that is relevant.

Understand what we're saying, you cretinous old crow? Comprendo, cow?

Those remains are American. And, thanks to your lying, sleazeball, scumbag, sociopathic son's entirely inexcusable and completely uncalled for illegal war -what we see above is all that was left of some other US mother's, far less fortunate, son - after dying while fighting your fat-cat family's filthy-lucre inspired, fucking war for you.

Beautiful mind? Barf!

Listen missus, you'd be better if you blew it away.

As most of the rest of us would be ... if you did ... we dare say ... if we were honest ... and telling the truth


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Anonymous R J Adams said...

Well said, and thanks for the link. Barbara Bush is a disgrace to the human race. And her son inherited all her bad traits.

By the way, you forgot the one about going blind if you...........didn't eat your carrots. ;-)

12:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bravo, old Brit.

1:08 am  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

Thanks for this, Richard.
BTW ~ Any hairs on the palms of your hands?

5:25 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

What everyone said, Richard. Well done.

It's shock treatment such as you use to hit folk right between the eyes ~ and ears ~ that's so underused on the net. Too many folk try being too 'nice+proper' ~ but it isn't working. If it was, there wouldn't be a day that there wasn't a street march+protest in every large city of the US and UK.

8:25 pm  

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