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01 April 2008

A Bit About Some Brand New Freebies For We Old Mature Brits ...


Neither of these nice news items re; we more mature Brits, is an April fool prank.

Neither are either of the two meant in any way to upset any of our American readers, nor any others from elsewhere in the world who wish they were as 'well off' as we are when it comes to freebies - socialist style.

Incidentally, regarding the free rides mentioned, my pass and my wife's both arrived in the mail this morning -- automatically -- unrequested and unapplied for.

Nice, eh?

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Anonymous R J Adams said...

You poor bloody sod. Whoever thought that up want their arses kicking. I just had to post a sympathy blog over at my place. Next, they'll be handing out free prescriptions to pensioners!

3:07 am  
Anonymous peter england said...

It's sad that most Americans haven't any idea how different socilaism is to communism. But that's the way succesive US governments and their big money backers have fought so hard to keep things.

Remember "Better dead than Red."?

12:35 pm  
Blogger Twilight said...

Peter England said it !

'Muricans are brought up to think of socialism as downright nasty, wicked & evil.

Even Good old Kucinich had to call his health-care plan "single payer", if he'd called it socialized medicine he'd have been booted out even more quickly than he was - he'd probably be in Gitmo now!

6:25 pm  

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