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06 April 2008

Latest Shocking O.E.C.D. Story: Special Shameful Sunday Starvation Supplement...


We think this particular post is what's classed as a photo-essay.

Most of the Western world's politicians should be ashamed.

And so should some of ourselves.


"These figures leave us in no doubt that the world's richest countries are failing to meet their promises to the poorest countries, especially in Africa," said Max Lawson, policy adviser at Oxfam. "The human cost is huge."

The EU's spending target on aid of 0.7% of national income by 2015 also looks badly off track, with aid from the world's richest countries falling from 0.31% in 2006 to 0.28% in 2007.

The OECD report shows only seven countries met or surpassed the 0.7% target, with Norway (0.95%) and Sweden (0.93%) topping the chart.

Though the United States made the largest donation ($21.75bn), it contributed lowest percentage of national income, coming bottom of the charts at 0.16%. The US spends the equivalent of $73 per American each year on aid, but $1,763 a person on defence.


Read the rest of this report right here.

Now, here's the start of our short photo essay.

This is an African child.

This is another.

This is an English kid.

These are American kids.

This is an Englishman.

This is an American.

Oops! Sorry, we suddenly have to dash.

So we're stopping posting this piece at short notice. Since the missus has started shouting us to come and sit and eat.

And seeing as it's Sunday, as usual it's set to be especially scrumptious.

'Cos it's a whopping, lip smacking serving of the best of British roast beef. Served with, of course, a mouth watering mixture of steaming mixed fresh vegetables, a lovely large Yorshire pudding and naturally, it's all absolutely smothered in a sumptuous, rich, thick, hot tasty gravy.

But please don't allow any of that stop your good selves from saying something.

Portal to The Organisation for Econonomic Co-Operation and Development. "O.E.C.D."

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Anonymous kiwi said...

It's awful, Richard.

We all get used to our politicians lying to us - telling us what they know we'd like hear and making such loud noises about their solemn promises -- that they hardly ever keep.

But to brag about their big hearted good works at meeting of the G8 and the like - and then to reneig(s?) on them -- well - they should all absolutely DIE of shame. Really.

Sadly, we know the bums won't though.

10:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what do you want we should do?

So what do YOU do brit? Blog?

11:28 pm  
Anonymous mechanic man said...


So what do YOU do, smart ass?

Make snide comments on blogs?

12:01 am  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

Food and fairness of distribution is such a complex matter, Richard, and driven by the usual Big Corp Agri-business, heavily subsidized by governments.
The food of our grandparents's time is all but eliminated and faux food in shiny packages full of chemicals is now offered to people who build their cars to hold the gear to hold the frankenfood dropped in by the local macpimp.
there is very little reaching out to the starving of Africa as the obese people here are themselves starving also.
I shouldn't have started, I should do my own post.
I support Stephen Lewis financially in what he is doing for Africa. He is a saint.
I'll stop now.

5:44 am  
Anonymous peter england said...


My understanding of Richard's point is that [A] nothing like the CASH amounts publicly promised [with grea fanfare] have even been released. Until that happens, everything said has been a lot of hot air. Except for the [as usual] honest Scandinavians.
[B]Contrary to the regular PR spin traditionally used by most of the west, pretty well all that the people in need have received is WORDS.
[C] Contrary to the line the US government regularly feed to it's own ill informed people about it's great generosity -- percent per person-wise, it's actually bottom of the heap.

[It has been for many years, btw]

11:39 am  
Anonymous bootlean said...

Anonymous: As mechanic man asked... what do YOU do besides act smart?

As for me, I regularly support Oxfam and Cafod - and I'm not even Catholic - just acaring human being. Don't you yeat realsie that you, me, them, all of us are just small parts of "the whole"?

3:14 pm  
Blogger Jenifer D. said...

Nice man-boobs on the English guy!

3:49 pm  

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