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05 April 2008

A Bit About Some of the Amazing 'Money Mysteries' Of American Politics ...


Funny old world ain't it?

Isn't it interesting (wacky, weird and wonderful even), the way so many things 'wealth-wise' work out and all?

Or don't.

Especially, across in the States.

And isn't it simply astonishingly surprising, how so many of those people least able to afford to, so often seem set on needlessly losing themselves (still more), money by blindly buying into so many politician's (so often so patently), phony packaging, posturing, promises, premisses, philosophies, and ....

Oh, never mind .....

Clintons made nearly $109M since 2000

WASHINGTON - Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and former President Clinton made nearly $109 million since they left the White House, capitalizing on the world's interest in the former first couple and lucrative business ventures.

Money magazine estimates John McCain's net worth at $40 million.

If the media were to apply the same standards to John McCain that they applied to John Edwards and Hillary Clinton, they would report (endlessly) that John McCain, a very rich man, is embracing tax cuts that even John McCain has said unfairly benefit the very rich. And they would be demanding that he release his tax returns so voters could see how much money John McCain would...

Measuring Wealth of the '08Candidates

Perhaps only one word can be used to describe all of the leading presidential contenders: multimillionaire.

Not only that. With one exception among the three leading Republicans and three leading Democrats, the contenders each appear to be worth tens of millions.

The exception: Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.).

Huge Job Losses Set Off Recession Alarms


It's no longer a question of recession or not.

Now it's how deep and how long.

We wonder which of the presidential candidates pictured will eventually be elected as the one most wanted to move into the White House this time? Elected by hundreds of millions of Americans, in the belief that 'that' particular person is much more likely (than either of the other two), to do the right thing by them - and the best thing for them - and for their families of course. Eh?

Well, we certainly know which contender we're (completely), convinced will. And their name definitely doesn't begin with an M. Nor does it start with a C.

But as we said at the outset, isn't it interesting, wacky, weird ...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

.... those people least able to afford to, so often seem set on needlessly losing themselves (still more), money ....

Yes, I know. That's something that never ceases to amaze me.

As we say where I come from: "There's nowt as queer as folk."

3:06 pm  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

Of course there is no mention of all the pro-bono work of the Clintons and their huge charitable donations?
Here, Richard, we are at completely opposite ends of who we think will make the best president.
I think Obama far too inexperienced and too rhetoric driven. Words are so cheap, as we know.
But to each his own, this election is going to be very interesting.
My bets as per my previous post on this is on John McCain as we watch the disintegration of the Dems from within...and then watch out world....

7:13 pm  
Anonymous martha said...

I'm still undecided.

But until one of them actually gets the presidency and is put to the acid test isn't it all only rhetoric from them both?

11:49 pm  
Blogger Twilight said...

Comparing Obama's fortune to the two Clintons' joint fortune or McCain's is hardly fair.

Give him time! He's nobbut a lad. He already lives in a million $ mansion which he acquired with dubious assistance, no doubnt more will be revealed as the Rezko trial proceeds. there's more going on with St. Obama than meets the eye - mark my words!

In any case money is irrelevant to the question of who will make the best US President. It's as irrelevant as John Edwards' hair-do.

12:57 am  

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