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09 April 2008

Bill O'Reilly Attacks Martin Luther King, Jr.

This was supposed to be a parody, but Bill O'Reilly made it real (click to inflate)

It's hard to see why Bill O'Reilly has the most popular show on the
White Supremacy Channel. On a network that features an endless parade of racists, O'Reilly's hate speech doesn't really stand out.

I used to think that O'Reilly drew more viewers than his colleagues because he was smart enough to hide his bigotry in coded language and the spurious logic of the White Supremacy movement. But he's
not as crafty as I thought he was:

On the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King, O'Reilly distills the legacy of King down to one question. The question O'Reilly considers the key to understanding King's life-long work is whether or not King despised America. And how does O'Reilly's respond?

"That question is very difficult to answer precisely."
That's a really outrageous smear of the greatest American leader of the last half century. But O'Reilly wasn't through:

He also denigrates the whole of the population for which King fought and died. In discussing African-Americans and others who defended the reputation of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, O'Reilly used his Talking Points Memo last Friday to disparage the very people most harmed by the sort of prejudice that is still with us forty years after King's death.

"Now there is no question that millions of Americans do despise the USA. I hate to say it, but it's true. And they see themselves as victims of oppression from a corrupt government and system."

In context, there is no question that the millions to whom O'Reilly refer, who despise America and see themselves as victims, are African-Americans.
The irony, of course, is that it's not King or Wright or those who admire them who hate America. It's O'Reilly who hates America. He hates the music that most of us listen to. He hates our favorite movies. He hates out literature. He hates "multiculturalism", which means that he hates most American subcultures. And he hates the women, Hispanics, and blacks who are offended by the way he scapegoats them for everything that goes wrong in this country. If you add up all the people O'Reilly hates, you find that he hates a substantial majority of Americans.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Rupert Murdoch will burn in hell for putting this pig on the air.


The folks at
Brave New Films point out that the filth that's broadcast on Fox tends to spread like a virus to the rest of the mainstream media:


I can't wait until CNN and ABC News pick up the "MLK hated America" meme.

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Blogger fromwembley said...

For one to think Martin Luther King was a great leader is absurd. If you adore King so much then how about Osama bin Laden? He is a violent, deceptive, anti-American fanatic. And bin Laden is still alive. So how about make him your hero.

Martin Luther King was a wanna-be. That's it. Ultimately he failed. He led no one out of poverty. All he did was mislead Whites about blacks' human nature. King's legacy lives on in the rantings of Reverend Jeremiah Wright and in the terrible epidemic of black-on-White crime in America.

I celebrate every April 4th as the day Martin Luther King's neck exploded as he received justice.

7:39 pm  
Anonymous bootlean said...

I'd suggest you go straight back to Wembley, mister. To you rascist BNP meetings.

7:56 pm  
Anonymous Rex said...

From Wembley,

Bootlean's right about you being racist but I'm betting that you're not from Wembley, London, England.

Any real Brit would quote the date as 4th April - NOT April 4th.

You're an American racist. You're spewing venom at a [deceased] fellow American, via an article written by another fellow American.

I'd say you're a real ... ah, forget it .. you're not worth the effort.

8:27 pm  
Anonymous gordo said...

Wembley is the same idiot who commented on this story over at my site. On his website, he talks about his admiration for the Ku Klux Klan.

It's certainly ironic that a person who admires a terrorist organization like the KKK would compare an explicitly nonviolent leader like King to Osama bin Laden. Until the 9/11 attacks, the KKK had murdered more Americans than any other terrorist organization in the world, and there's a lot of evidence that the Klan still holds that distinction. Wembley doesn't know that, of course, but racists have never been known for their brain power.

Lack of intelligence is probably the reason that he gets his facts backward. He says that King was violent, when in reality King followed the path of Gandhi. He says that King failed, when in fact King succeeded in ending Apartheid in America. He says that King lifted no-one out of poverty, but the poverty rate in America is now less than half what it was when King first rose to prominence, and we now live in the first era in American history in which most black people do not live in poverty. And of course, the silliness about black-on-white crime is nothing more than a figment of his racist imagination.

It's like I've always said: you don't have to be an idiot to be a racist, but it sure helps.

1:31 am  

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