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09 April 2008

Beijing, China, Olympic Games and Gordon Brown ...


Good for you, old el Gordo!

PM not attending Olympics opening

Prime Minister Gordon Brown will not attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, Downing Street says.
Read the rest of the report right here.


The capital city of the
People's Republic of China?

Hosting the next
Olympic Games?

What sort of sick sodding joke was this idiocy in the first place, anyway?

We say the entire sordid shower of self serving shysters on the Olympic committee who (so shamelessly), cast their votes for such stupidity at the outset, should be unceremoniously sacked - at the very least. And, sacked straight away - if not sooner.

Well, we'll tell you this for free, friends - they would be if we had our way.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There should be a boycott like there was in South Africa years back.

3:41 am  
Anonymous bootlean said...

Sadly, the Chinese rulers won't give a damn whether protests or boycots take place or not. Competitors and spectators will, but NOT the powers that be. Jeeze, they don't even care how many fellow countrymen they kill.

5:01 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although the situation in China isn't perfect but they are much better if you compared it a few decades ago. Anyway, who is perfect. I guess the drastic improvement/changes in China can be seen in most areas. It is unfair to blemish China when some protesters do not fully aware of the culture, history and having an UNbalance views. Change takes time and China is changing everyday and not the opposite. Probably, some changes go in lightning speed and some don't but one can be assured that it is still changing to the better. Thus, the showing of the photo (a man and the tanks) only justify their biased mentalities. Nowadays, Chinese students can travel freely and studying thoughout the world and not the opposite. Do you think this happen in 1989 or do u see mass defection of chinese students overseas nowsday. Do China Govt use tanks to stop Chinese from going overseas nowadays. No! Thus, stop making baseless remarks and go to China to see it for yourselves.

Perhaps, the protesters or human rights activists can enlighten me with the following :-

1. No Religious Freedom in Tibet!
- i.) But why there are so many monks , monasteries left in Tibet and the no is getting bigger.
- ii.) Not allowing religion to be used as a political tool and separatist's cause are against humans rights and must be condemned???

2. Destoying Tibetans cultures
- 1.) does it mean building railway or airport to connect Tibet to the rest of the world?
- 2.) or does it mean China had introduced TV, mobile network, sport events, electronic appliances or even Coca-cola to all Tibetans. Bringing Tibetans closer to the rest of China with Mongols, Koreans ,Uighur & other ethnic groups is called cultural genocide???

8:24 am  
Blogger xian said...

you may want to know why this old brit doesn't want to go there:

Or you may want to see this:

I am a fellow countryman in China, and there are billions over there. I've never seen any single countryman is killed by the government. I guess you have seen it in person, and prove it to me. The government has many problems like in US, Britain. But this time, billions Chinese fellowmen only want to host a game. You have your choice, to go or not to go~~, and we have our lives. Just leave us alone!!

8:24 am  
Anonymous peter england said...

Of course not everyone is the same - in any country. There are good and bad everywhere. It's good to see that things are improving so quickly but most major changes are historicaly brought about by people protesting in one way another.

Surely though the Tienneman deaths are one piece of proof of ruthless governement.

Is legitimate dissent tolerated? No way. Totalitarianism is still totalitariansm nor matter how some things may have improved lately. I suppose things DO seem pretty good to many Chinese people, especially the older ones, as everything is as Einstien said "relative".

I for one wish you all [the regular] people well. However I still wish the genuine peaceful protestors well. The more protest around the world the better, in my eyes, for everyone concerned.

Incidentally, has everyone see this yet?

MEPs call for EU Olympics boycott

By Oana Lungescu
BBC News, Brussels

MEPs want EU leaders to take a tougher stance over the Olympics

The European Parliament has adopted a resolution urging EU leaders to boycott the Beijing Olympics' opening ceremony.

MEPs want China to begin a dialogue with the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama by August.

The resolution firmly condemns "the brutal repression" by China in last month's crackdown on Tibetan protests.

It also calls for a UN inquiry into the events. Although non-binding, it will increase pressure on EU leaders to take a tougher stance towards China.

Full BBC report is here.

12:34 pm  
Anonymous bluey said...

Who said the tanks were used to stop Chinese students going overseas? Nobody but you. You're spinning. You're twisting what happened. Tanks were used against peaceful protesters on the streets of there own home city - that's a fact. Naturally, no one can guarantee anything but it's a pretty safe bet that under the same circumstances the same response would ensue.

Would you like to stake your life on the belief that it wouldn't?

12:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks a lot pal, that's very big of you. I mean to give me the free choice - go or don't go. As for leaving you alone, I have done all my life. But don't try to tell me [nor anyone else] not to have an opinion and not to voice it - as loudly and publically as I choose to.

Where do you think we are here? In a totalitarian blogosphere?

1:00 pm  
Anonymous bluey said...

Here's some more news re expected top men "absentees".

The UN secretary general has told China he may not attend August's opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, a spokeswoman said.

Asked whether Ban Ki-moon would not be attending the Games, spokeswoman Marie Okabe said in a news conference: "Yes. That's correct.

Read more here.

1:08 pm  
Anonymous gordo said...

Thanks for the info, bluey. It's nice to know that some world leaders have a bit of decency and integrity.

2:29 pm  
Anonymous martha said...

I'll throw in just one word for our new Chinese friends, and it's is NOT sarcasm. Also I'd genuinely welcome some honest responses.

My one word ... Elections.

2:45 pm  
Blogger xian said...

To Anonymous,

I said you have the choice but didn't say you could afford the "choice". Of course, you can speak as loudly as you can. I never doubt it since I always believe there are much freedom in western world, so much that a guy could attack a young disabled Chinese lady publicly, in your great, romantic and free Paris! I guess guys here would never have a chance to know these news, that how ordinary Chinese are hurt by "peaceful" protesters.

I'm really big since I'm using your language to express my opinions. Or we can have a chat using Chinese?

Well there are so many top men who would not be attending the game or opening. But the odd is they didn't say a wold about the reasons.

7:24 pm  
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