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25 January 2008

The Lamentable Latest On The John & Natasha Hogan Tragedy ...


While we've never, ever been branded 'agony aunts' by anyone before ...

No one with even half a heart could fail to have been moved by the saddest of sad stories re:the devoted dad driven to the deepest depths of despair, John Hogan. More than that, the man was actually driven (officially), out of his mind.

Remember? The father who, while away abroad with his wife on holiday, flung himself headlong from an hotel's high balcony - cuddling both his beloved kids in his arms.

Remember? Against all the odds, he and his darling daughter lived - but his lovely little lad lost his life.

And as if that terrible tragedy wasn't agonisingly awful enough in it itself, today we learned a little (or should we say a lot?) more about John's wife (and mother of their children), the two-timing Natasha.

Well, we know what we think. We wonder what you think?

Here's a quick couple of clips from today's remarkable revelation by the 'Mirror'.

Read this and weep.

... The court heard how Hogan snapped as he and Natasha rowed while she was packing her bags - intending to return home to Bristol with the children early. However Tracey added: "The Hogans should never have had a row in front of the children. She knew John had depression. She should have just picked up the kids and walked out."

Tracey said she was glad that Hogan, who along with Mia miraculously survived the 50ft fall from the hotel balcony, would be getting proper medical treatment rather than a prison sentence. She added: "I do not condone what he did for one moment. He will have to live with the fact he killed his son for the rest of his life.

"John acted in an extreme way - he snapped. It's so hard for anyone to imagine how they would react to such devastating news. He has punished himself more than any court could."


" ... 'It's not my fault her husband went mad and jumped off a balcony.' It was shocking, he just totally pushed it away. He had got what he wanted - Natasha."


Tracey said she was shocked when nurse Natasha announced her new relationship with paramedic Richard just weeks after the terrible events of August 2006.

And she said she was even more amazed when she learned they were to marry only days before the start of Hogan's trial.

Tracey said: "How could they get married just a week before Natasha had to give evidence and hear about how her son was killed and face John again?
Read the rest of this heartrending report.

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Anonymous bootlean said...

Whe I watched her on BBC TV news ouside the court after the sentence was passed, I thought ~ now THAT's pure vindictivness.

The man was being sent to a secure mental institution ~ yet she was ranting and raving that that wasn't goo enough ~ she wanted him jailed ~ or worse.

I thought at the time, What bloody good would that do anyone?

5:33 pm  
Anonymous Charles said...

It's not just the dad who has to live with this ... it's that mother ... and her 'bit on the side'.

And that's how it should be. Nobody is with blame in this case ... though two of the parties were certainly of sound mind throughout.

6:00 pm  
Anonymous Charles said...

Damn! I meant nobody is WITHOUT blame here.

6:02 pm  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

How little this father valued the lives of his children. Let's not lose the core of the matter in all the tossing of words around this.
He threw his son off a balcony and followed with his own jump holding his daughter? MURDERING HIS HELPLESS SON?
This is so common amongst men who are jilted. The urge to violence and hurting the woman who dared to do this to them. The implicit ownership they feel over the lives of their families.
A sudden onset of mental illness? More likely rage, more likely his power was threatened. Leave all the extraneous bits out (her saying she was leaving him - free will, the bitter ex-wife of her lover - well, duh) and you are left with the violence, the horrific crime perpetrated by this MURDERER as revenge against his wife.
Appalling. Behind bars. Throw away the key.

6:33 pm  
Anonymous r.r. moore said...

It's different when your kids grow up and can fend for themselves, but as far as "children" are concerned -- all parents should always put their children before themselves.

If they don't -- then they're worse parents than those parents who do. Period.

8:20 pm  
Anonymous pimpernel said...

Fact: It took three grown adults to bring about this pitiful scenario that resulted in a childs death. No they all have to live with that. Rightly so, as none of them should escape their individual guilt by attempting to pass a greater share on to any other party. The only innocent parties involved here were those two children.

This kind of selfish adult behaviour "always" ends in tears.

12:35 am  

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