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15 January 2008

US President Richard Nixon Calls Vietnam Ceasefire: Special 35th Anniversary Edition


It's thirty five years ago .... to this very day .... since ....
15th January, 1973: Nixon orders ceasefire in Vietnam

President Nixon has ordered a halt to American bombing in North Vietnam following peace talks in Paris.

The decision comes after Dr Henry Kissinger, the president's assistant for National Security Affairs, returned to Washington yesterday from France with a draft peace proposal.

Well, now.

That was mighty big of the (then) United States President, Tricky Dicky (I am not a crook) Nixon, wouldn't you say?

Remember the My Lai massacre of innocent women, young and old? And of their innocent children and babes?

And some thought American "shock and awe" was invented by Donald Rumsfeld, eh?

Then there were those special sorts of shock and awe, saved exclusively for home consumption - cum execution.

Such as the shooting dead at Kent State, of (American-as-apple-pie), innocent college kids.

Simply for having the damned audacity to stage some student war-protesting -- on their own campus.

Of course, after another 35 years of civilization things have changed a lot in the States. Things are different these days in the Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free.


Not sure?

Then ask a long standing, dear old American mate of ours, Noel Adamson.

Noel's a Vietnam veteran. Noel's the right stuff. Noel's a proper American patriot.

And, much more to the point -- Noel knows.

* (Cross posted at Appletree)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

35 extra years of civilization to change? Ha, ha. That's a laugh. 35 hundred maybe. Though even that is doubtful. Didn't you know? It's what America DOES.

10:36 am  
Anonymous dutch said...

Oh, it's changed all right.

The corporate control of the American economy has been dramatically consolidated in the last 35 years with upper management and board of director controls increasingly consolidated in the interlocked hands of a very few extremely wealthy, wealthy who are both financial and industrial dynasty based tycoons.

There is certainly a broadly based minority share oriented stock market, but that is not ownership so much as speculation, since most stock owners do not begin to vote their shares, nor would they have enough votes to make a difference in the first place. The actual control is in the hands of a few dynasties, many of which are intermarried, sometimes through multiple levels of corporate disguise. These are the same dynasties whose ancestors financed the rise of European fascism which in the mid-30s derailed a civilian led economic recovery that was in place at least in the US.

There is even a previous connection, since these dynasties are also connected both by business and marriage into the European industrialists that smuggled Lenin across Germany in WWI to subvert the revolution in Russia that overthrew the Czar. Many of them then also subsidized the founding of the USSR. The major effect of WWI was the disappearance of Imperial surf populations around the world, into national movements that fed literacy and technological sophistication into the masses to turn them into effective industrial employees and consumers.

Under the myth of no American nobility, we have allowed the establishment of a corporate feudalism in which most Americans rely on employment either directly or indirectly with the descendants of those dynasties. Massive corporate structures have been installed (coming to a point of massive business domination in the last few decades) to subvert the original purpose of corporation, a very legitimate pooling of private resources into long term business structures, into a buffer than protects the ultimate managers from most responsibility for business wrongs.

This process goes back a lot farther than just 35 years, but it should be noted that the killing of 4 students at that point, 2 of whom weren't even protesters in the first place, marked a major turning point in the disallusionment of the post WWII US generation.

FWIW it is now virtually impossible to establish a proprietary US business. All must follow a corporate pattern that is invariably either a franchisee or a contractor with core major corporations. In a very real sense private enterprise in the US and in most of the rest of the world has given way to top down managed major corporate direction. Without incorporation the US tax system is massively oppressive on small business making corporate employment far more financially attractive than self-employment. There is no more labor equity established new business here, only extended credit almost all of which traces its origin to major holders of large corporate real and actual equity management. It is no accident that Americans are mortgaged to the hilt. In a very real sense we are controlled by the credit that we are forced to live on.

This has been a long time in developing and is closely related to western industrialist efforts to convert imperial serfs around the world into just such credit based consumerism. The results are simply farther matured in the US than in some other places.

The last generation of the free and the brave in the US was pretty much the one following the end of WWII, and we allowed ourselves to be bullied into a subverted corporate based submission which replaced true private enterprise with the omnipresent paycheck. The final stages are in progress as more and more small businesses disappear or are replaced with franchisee corporate extensions.

11:47 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's an offshoot of that same 'shock and awe':

Who are these paramilitary 'policemen'?


12:25 pm  
Anonymous bootlean said...

dutch, thanks for articulating so fantasticaly well what I'd dearly love to have been able to do myself. Everything you said is bang on the button.

You're especially right when saying that America is not alone in all this ~ they excell and outperfom most places at this due to them having much more 'practical' experience gained in mass murdering so many 'easy-meat' poulations throughout the world. You're equally right that this filthy 'disease' is fast spreading through other countries.

curious sweet old lady,

I know exctly what you're saying. I have personally seen the way we the people are criminalyhandled and treated by so called oficers of the law if we dare to try excercising our human rights ~ in so many, many different ways.

I fear that it's almost too late already to change things for the better. Unfortunately I'm of a generation that's now too old to actively try to change things.

I'm saddened -maybe more like- ashamed that the bulk of both generations that came behind me seem to have entered this world 'ball-less'.

12:56 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does everyone here know that among those dead bodies shown at My Lai include the poor souls shown in the picture before it?

That's how human beings look when they have only minutes to live, folks.

Makes you proud to be a member of the same species (never mind country) doesn't it?


Here's something else you should know. Even before Nam, Korea civilians had the same treatment dished out to them by the yanks too.

1:32 pm  
Anonymous Tx said...

Awful. I don't know what to say, other than I'm ashamed of some of my countrymen.

4:54 pm  
Anonymous bluey said...

No one can argue with anything said here, Richard. But there's a very importan thing nobody has mentioned.

The actual killers are not the powerful corporate types. Agreed, that type instigates and profits but it's supposedly ordinary\regular men who do the dirty deeds.

These men\murderers are alwaysthe sons, fathers, husbands, boy friends, brothers, cousins, neighbours, collegues of everyday people. They're not robots or aliens from outer space. They're human beings, no more no less. As are their pitiful victims. How can they do it? Why do they do it? Why will they carry on doing it?

In the cases of troops\police\etc turning on their own it's perhaps even more difficult to comprehend why fellow countrymen will so easily treat their own countrymen and women as being less than human. As though they're no more than base animals.

What's the reason for that? What's the answer to that?

5:31 pm  
Anonymous phil said...

What about Agent Orange?

What about Napalm?

Both used continually and indiscriminately ~ against civilians.

How come you didn't mention them, my mate? Not like you to forget things like that, Richard.

It's the younger generations that need to enlightened most ~ maybe for the first time in their lives.

7:43 pm  

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